When is the Next Jubilee Year?

What is the relationship between Daniel’s 70 Weeks and the Jubilee? Will Jesus return on a Jubilee and when is the next Jubilee Year? This article explores those questions.

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The 70 Weeks Prophecy of Daniel significant because it is, in essence, 10 Jubilee cycles of 49 years each. This was recognized by the ancient writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls as well.  When we analyze it,  we uncover a number of amazing facts about Jesus’s first coming and about his second coming.

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3 thoughts on “When is the Next Jubilee Year?”

  1. The Jewish historian Josephus said that 23 BC was in fact a Jubilee year. Add 50 years since the book of Leviticus says “consecrate the fiftieth year” and you come to 27 AD, the year many scholars believe Jesus was baptized and began his ministry. Also that would be the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius. That same year Jesus proclaimed the acceptable year of the Lord (Luke 4:19). Hosea 6:2 says that after “2 days” he will revive us, on the third day he will raise us up. Jesus did not return 2 days after he ascended up to heaven. So we have to use the day is as a thousand years method. So 27 AD plus 2000 yrs is 2027 AD (next Jubilee yr). That would be 80 years from 1948 which would be 2028 cut short to 2027. 2020-2027 tribulation?

  2. I agree with Nelson that while all other jubilee cycles were dependent on the year 49 years before it, this one has a gap in the cycle of over 2,000 years and the next jubilee year is unpredictable. The jubilees were mostly for regulating possessions like land for the 12 tribes, who haven’t been in Israel or keeping records of jubilee years since the era of Babylonian captivity. FWIW I think the last jubilee year reference may have been Ezekiel’s – for 574 B.C. (I go over this in detail in a chapter on jubilees in my Antichrist book if anyone is really interested in more detail, but Nelson’s video here tells you all you need to know.)

    Ignoring the gap, an unbroken cycle of jubilee years (in my estimation) would have continued into modern times with jubilee years starting in 1975 and 2024. Those dates, and any others someone else may calculate for jubilee years – are irrelevant as Nelson points out, because it hasn’t mattered for millennia.

    Despite the Jewish commentaries in the Talmud stating that “on the last Jubilee the Son of David will come” or Luke 4:18-19 or Isaiah 61:2… There is a gap, and the old cycle means nothing that would allow us to calculate the next jubilee year. There are far better clues in the references to a Second Coming two days (2000 years?) after Jesus’ ministry or no more than about 80 years after 1948 (Assuming that Israel’s re-establishment as a nation in 1948 fulfills the role of the fig tree spreading forth its leaves, and that some of the people alive to witness that are the fig tree generation that will see the fulfillment of all end times prophecy…) I do expect all prophetic fulfillment within decades at most, and possibly much sooner.

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