An Unlikely Choice

nelson walters[1]

Nelson Walters is the Director of The Gospel in the End Times Ministries, an international ministry dedicated to assisting the Church live out the Gospel and the love of Jesus in light of prophesied future events. Nelson is a popular blogger, a conference speaker, and has written three books: Are We Ready for Jesus? (2015), Revelation Deciphered (2016), and Rapture: Case Closed? (2017).  He is a bi-weekly contributor on Red State Radio’s “The Watchmen” and a regular guest on the AFR Radio Network’s “The Moral Dilemma” and on Joel Richardson’s “The Underground.” By means of his blog, “The Gospel in the End Times. Com,” and his books, Nelson has reached an audience of over 925,000 readers.

Sometimes I believe God chooses the most unlikely person you can imagine to do His work, someone totally un-gifted by nature. Into that person he pours his spiritual gifts so that there is absolutely no question that the work is of God.

This website and my books are an example of that principle, and I am the one totally un-gifted by nature. At the time I began this process, I had never written a book, created a website, or prepared a piece of prose in my life. When God gave me the vision that I needed to assist in awakening the church, I felt like Moses before the burning bush – totally unworthy of the task ahead. Fortunately, He is worthy. He has provided everything I needed, from the revelations of scripture to advisers with the technical skills necessary to present my material. Praise to you Lord, Jesus!

That is all you need to know about me. I was willing to be used. I pray that as you read and hopefully apply the scriptures and other works on this website, the same can be said of you — that you were willing to be used.

Yours in the Gospel of the first and second coming,

Nelson Walters

One thought on “An Unlikely Choice”

  1. Like your humility. Also the expression “Gospel of the first and second coming”. Too many Christians have either forgotten the second coming or put it in a pre trib. context as the next thing to happen.

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