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NELSON WALTERS is the Director of Ready For Jesus Ministries, an international ministry dedicated to preparing churches for Christ’s return. Nelson has been a Bible teacher, songwriter and speaker for twenty years and administers the blog The Gospel in the End Times. He is co-author of the book The Gospel in the End Times with Mark Davidson (Daniel Revisited).

Nelson Walters on the Radio

As we mentioned a month ago, our ministry will be featured on the several national radio programs this month.

  • Marquis Laughlin’s “The Moral D” on the 206 station AFR network has begun his 6 part interview on Revelation Deciphered. 3 of these interviews are already posted online (LISTEN HERE)
  • The Omega Radio network’s “The Watchmen” will feature an interview this Friday (May 26) at 4 pm EST (LISTEN HERE) with the option to call in and ask questions.

Please check out these interviews.

Will there be a Millennial Kingdom?

Is the teaching that there is no 1000 year Kingdom heresy? If so, fully 1/2 of Christian denominations today believe there will not be a 1000 year kingdom including Orthodox and Roman Catholics, Methodists and Lutherans. Even some Messianic congregations express this belief. So will there be a Millennial Kingdom or not?

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Who are the Elect of Matt. 24?

Pre-Trib. Rapture theorists believe the Elect of Matt. 24 are the Jewish remnant. Pre-Wrath Rapture theorists believe they are Christians. This is not a trivial question. If they are the Jewish remnant, the Pre-Wrath Rapture theory is incorrect. If they are the Church, the Pre-Trib. Rapture theory is incorrect. So who are the elect of Matt. 24?

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