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NELSON WALTERS is the Director of Ready For Jesus Ministries, an international ministry dedicated to preparing churches for Christ’s return. Nelson has been a Bible teacher, songwriter and speaker for twenty years and administers the blog The Gospel in the End Times. He is co-author of the book The Gospel in the End Times with Mark Davidson (Daniel Revisited).

How to Prepare the Church to Face Antichrist

If we know Christians will enter the Great Tribulation, we have a sacred responsibility to prepare the church to face Antichrist. But as simple individuals, how can we do this? Join and support the effort to convince the top 1000 leaders of the church! The eternal fate of millions is at stake. What could be more important?

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Was Pre-millennialism criticized by Early Church Councils?

During our recent series of articles on Amillennialism, several comments to those articles  suggested that fourth and fifth century Church Councils denounced the teaching of pre-millennialism as heresy.

Alan Kurschner shared the THIS LINK on his website to a scholarly article that disproves those contentions. I thought this article was extremely well done and will be of interest for those that are willing to wade through the academics of the article.

I consider this article an important addition to our recent article series.


Nelson Walters on the Radio

As we mentioned a month ago, our ministry will be featured on the several national radio programs this month.

  • Marquis Laughlin’s “The Moral D” on the 206 station AFR network has begun his 6 part interview on Revelation Deciphered. 3 of these interviews are already posted online (LISTEN HERE)
  • The Omega Radio network’s “The Watchmen” will feature an interview this Friday (May 26) at 4 pm EST (LISTEN HERE) with the option to call in and ask questions.

Please check out these interviews.