Overcoming ISIS: The Final Solution

After examing the religious, geo-political, and biblical aspects of ISIS in the articles How Can We Defeat ISIS? and ISIS in Bible Prophecy we are ready to prescribe an action plan.


In our previous article we showed biblically that even after ISIS is defeated, it is likely 2 or 3 Caliphates will arise even more dangerous than ISIS. They will culminate in the Beast Empire. This may seem defeatist, but it is actually liberating. God has shown us the future so we know best how to fight and don’t waste effort in the wrong areas.

Conservative Christians currently seem most concerned with how to politically and militarily defeat ISIS. I am not opposed to political or military actions, but based on our analysis of Dan. 8 in the last article, it is pretty clear to me that eliminating ISIS will not elminate God’s enemies and may even strengthen them. Just as the USA invading Iraq in 2003 eventually created a power vacuum in the region that allowed ISIS to form, IMO the elmination of ISIS will lead to a more dangerous foe filling the vaccuum left by ISIS. Only the physical return of Jesus will physicially defeat this enemy.

So what are we to do? IMO, we are accept the fact that political solutions may not work and focus on the real battlefield and the real objectives of our warfare. We have been focused on preserving the USA , our western way of life, and our personal safety and freedom; all of which are noble goals. But are these goals the highest goals? 77% of evangelical Christians believe we are already living in the end times according to a Barna Survey. If this huge majority of “us” is correct, don’t we have to adopt new goals and objectives? Is our western way of life going to mean anything in 25 years? Can we as individuals really do anything to prevent Dan. 8 from coming true? Do we want to? Wouldn’t that be fighting against God?

So if perserving our western way of life, isn’t our goal, what is it? What is God’s goal? Why hasn’t he already returned and stamped out evil?

The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance. (2 Pet. 3:9)

God’s desire is to save every soul that will be saved; that is why he is patiently waiting to return. Souls are more valuable than the USA, our economies and even our very lives. We are to be REVIVALISTS NOT SURVIVALISTS. This is a very hard pill for most Christians to swollow. In a recent article on 99 SHEEP IN THE END TIMES we discussed this very concept. God’s desire is to save every sheep that will be saved, even if it subjects the 99 already saved sheep to persecution as he pursues the one.

Only the Holy Spirit can impact souls. So we will begin by looking at the Church which the Holy Spirit allows to assist him in his battle here on earth. ISIS doesn’t fear armies; it fears Christians who are Spirit empowered and know their Bible and the Quran.

Knowing the Church

This week I was doing a quiet time in Luke and I came across this familiar verse:

But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you. (Luke 6: 27)

And it struck me that reactions of most Christians to ISIS, the refugee crisis, and the world terrorism crisis ignore one of the two highlighted words in this verse.

  • Those with a liberal leaning ignore the word “enemies.” They fail to see that Islam is the greatest spiritual challenge Christianity will ever face. Some even believe Muslims are “God fearers” and worship the same God we do.
  • Those with a conservative leaning ignore the word “love.” They fail to see that Islamists themselves are the greatest victims of Islamic ideology. They are “souls” and need our love and God’s salvation.

Jesus’s strategy to defeat evil is always counter-cultural! This makes sense because our culture looks at the situation on the earth through fleshly eyes. Jesus always views the situation through spiritual eyes. In the last article we viewed God’s battleplan to defeat Satan:

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death. (Rev. 12: 11)

This battleplan has three aspects:

  • the blood of the Lamb (salvation)
  • testimony of the saints (sharing the Gospel)
  • not loving life when faced with death (fearlessness)

Changing Our World View

To accomplish this battle plan, first all of us need to change our world view from that of American or European or South American citizens to that of citizens of Jesus’s Kingdom. If we view our problems as Kingdom problems, we will view our solutions as Kingdom solutions. I cannot overstate how important this is. If 77% of evangelicals believe we are in the end times (Barna survey), we need to live like it. We are in the two-minute warning (American Football term). Our strategy and approach to our lives needs to change.

We need to view all people as “souls” that Jesus died to save (the blood of Jesus). The Battle that is coming and that is already here is for those souls. Satan will try and deceive as many as possible. We are to work as ambassadors of our Master’s Kingdom to help him save as many as possible. The coming persecution has a purpose:

But before all these things, they will lay their hands on you and will persecute you, delivering you to the synagogues and prisons, bringing you before kings and governors for My name’s sake. It will lead to an opportunity for your testimony. (Luke 21: 12-13)

Testimony is the opportunity God is giving us by allowing persecution. Interestingly we view persecution as a negative, this verse shows its positive aspects.

We are also to change our world view about the value of our own lives. Christians are supposed to be crucified with Christ. That means we have already died to this life (and are alive in Christ). We are to be REVIVALISTS NOT SURVIVALISTS, not valuing our lives as the ultimate “good”. Might the coming struggle cost us our lives? Yes, it very well might, but we will soon be resurrected. We are to live for that Kingdom that is coming. Look at what scripture places FIRST on this list of those who will be destroyed in the lake of fire:

But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death. (Rev. 21:8)

Those who fear for their lives lead the pack of the abominable. Fearlessness , the opposite of fear, is a weapon as well.

If this is true, (and I think you intuitively know it is), then our governments can only protect us against the threat of ISIS (God has given us governments to protect us: Rom. 13: 4). They can’t defeat them. Only those who possess the true book (the Bible) and the true messiah (Jesus) can overcome them. Do I think our governments should do whatever they can politically and militarily to protect us? Absolutely, but if we think they will defeat the threat of ISIS for us, we are badly mistaken. They will not overcome it. Overcoming ISIS is the job of the Church. This explains why the government solutions all seem inadequate. How is the Church going to do that? Let’s start at the beginning.

Love Our Enemies

So the bottom line for both groups of Christians (liberal and conservative) we mentioned at the beginning of the article is to “love our enemies.” That means:

  • First, identifying them as “enemies,” not of us, but of Christ. We must do everything we can to properly identify Muslims as worshipers of a different God. We must not fall into the liberal trap our culture tries to promote that they worship the God of Abraham (and somehow don’t need salvation). Islam has rejected our scriptures and replaced them with their own “satanic” versions. They have rejected the Messiah; God’s only way to salvation. Allah is not YHWH. They have rejected the Holy Name and rejected the name of Jesus (Yeshua).
  • Second, we must not view individual Muslims as political enemies but as “souls” imprisoned within an evil ideological system. Rather than hate them we need to love them.
  • Third, we must avoid the temptation to think we will win politically. We must not look to defeat “Caesar” but the power behind the throne with the blood of Jesus, our testimony, and fearlessness unto death.

Action Ideas

So what should be our practical approach to the Islamic threat?

  1. First, IMO, we need to approach the problems as Kingdom problems with spiritual eyes. Fleshly solutions will not produce Kingdom solutions. It is my opinion that every bit of effort expended by Kingdom people on political/military actions is wasted effort on our parts. There are plenty of Americans who are involved in political activity for us. We need to concentrate our efforts on spiritual solutions. Should we vote and voice opinions? Yes of course, but we won’t solve the problems politically.
  2. We need to help other Christians identify Islam as the enemy of Christ and Muslims as its spiritual and physical victims. I wrote the book Are We Ready For Jesus for the purpose of awakening the Church. One of the awakening needed is that Islam is God’s enemy. Buy two copies of the book at THIS WEBSITE, one for you and one for your pastor. After he reads it, have him contact us about training materials for your church.


  1. Share the video above on social media: get the word out!!

  2. Support missionaries currently working with Islamists overseas. antecessor.org (Balkans/Europe) and therefugeinitiative.com (Kurdish areas of Middle East) are two excellent options.

  3. Learn to become an apologist to Muslims in your own hometown. Christians are incredibly poorly equipped to confront Muslims on why our hope is based on the truth. This will require training. Jesus to Muslims is a great resource as is I2 Ministries.  I have my own copy of the Koran translated by a Christian brother. Be aware that most English translations “hide” the problems with the Koran.

  4. Emotionally prepare yourself, your family and church for what it to come. Begin to think yourself as dead to sin and alive in Christ.

  5. Draw near to Jesus.

Christian Muslim Appologetics

No one article can summarize what Christians need to know about witnessing to Muslims; that is why I recommend you visit the site links I listed. It will take study and application. However, there are some key points as we begin to take on the “Beast:”

  1. We need a spirit of gentleness and humility. We are not trying to win arguments, we are trying to win souls. “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer every one. Colossians 4.6″
  2. We need a spirit of confidence. Most Muslims are clueless about the Quran.
  3. Show respect for Muslims by demonstrating a good knowlege of the Quran and Islamic history.
  4. Use the Bible, it is sharper than any two edged sword. The Holy Spirit can work with the Word you plant. Remember that Muslims view the Torah and Gospels as divine! Use them.

In a future article: WITNESSING TO MUSLIMS we will examine some specifics of this important aspect of our effort to defeat ISIS.


9 thoughts on “Overcoming ISIS: The Final Solution”

  1. All Glory to God

    I know this is off-topic but something was brought to my attention today

    Consider Hosea 4v3
    “Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away”(KJV).

    Check out the links below



    This, according to Hosea, is God’s way of heralding impending judgment. Note that this disappearance is happening all over the world so the judgment being heralded is global. The End is near my friends

    God Bless

  2. I read reports like this every single day,

    Four Muslims Kidnap 7-Year Old Christian Boy And Take Turns Raping Him, They Then Mutilate The Boy To Death

    Right now these beasts can go to hell. I don’t care about them. As for moderate Muslims, well they need to read their Koran, haddith and learn about the beast called Muhammed and come out of that satanic hold.

    Your right, it will only get worse until the Lord come. To me this is worse than the holocost when people dimmi up to them and defend them.

    I don’t care to teach them. I

    1. I certainly understand Alan, and it will only get worse; much worse IMO. Your reaction is always my initial emotional response as well. Then I think 1 Tim. 4:7-10 and “beat my emotional body” into submission. As a culture we need to protect the innocent (not doing a good job), but as an individual I remind myself I’m a “wretch” that was saved. In God’s eyes, I don’t know if he sees us as different than these beasts. UNTIL JESUS. Only then am I worthy of anything but complete and utter Wrath.

      1. Yes, I know I need to see the Lord’s perspective but not there yet. It would be terrible enough if these acts were random but they are breaking out like a plague. What is just as hard to bear is how they are defended and excuse
        I do what I can to understand Islam. I find Bill Warner’s books a good approach. As for a heart to see them know the Lord, it is like black crime. From a distance I hear about it, in part fear it and become upset but when up close to blacks my heart goes out to them. I am not around Muslims like I am blacks. There is grace to be found as exampled in those who are in their lands to point them to the truth.

  3. gezz, it is clearly you don’t understand muslim. have you ever debate against them? i tell you what will happen after you defeat them in debate they will start to insult you, mock jesus, insult bible even threatening you. i have been debating them for long and i seen other christian also doing that, not once i see christian losing against mulsim even debating against the most expert islamic scholar.

    the best you can do is to confront them through internet. to defeat muslim you need to become an expert in islam doctrine, outstanding bible scholar and you need to open google. basically islam doctrine/practice already weak and open to attack, the problem is if they retaliate starting to attack christian doctrine, can you make a solid defend? the key is not to start an open debate but only through internet why?because bible consists of more than 30,000 verses while koran only 6000 so it is harder to defend bible than koran. during open debate it is common for muslim to do widespread attack on bible out of current debate topic so do not do open debate.

    common topic by muslim to debate christians
    1. how can god died
    2. confusing trinity
    3. bible controversy data (usually around book of kings and chronicles)
    4. bible contradict verses

    common weapon by christian to debate muslim
    1. word “i” and “us” using by allah many times
    2. prove of allah pagan origin in koran
    3. ilogical koran verses contradic with sciences
    4. koran contradict verses
    5. hadit and koran prove that allah is satan
    6. no miracle of muhamed
    7. stone worshiper
    8. and many more

    if you know how to defend bible then easy to defeat muslim.

    i remind you that muslim are aggressor, they are enemy of christianity it is better to have gun to defend because the big war is near. the enemy is coming with loaded weapon what would you do?

    1. Thanks donal. Remember we aren’t debating Muslims. It’s more than debating them. Only the Holy Spirit can covert them, not us. We do need to speak truth into their lives, but we also need to show love to them. The Bible clearly teaches that a Great Tribulation is coming and, yes, many of us will die (and be resurrected.) Self preservation is not important in the long run; the Kingdom is.

  4. Now this is great apostolic teaching. Focus on the return of messiah and all of his teachings and sayings. We all need to remember that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…..all things were created by Him through Jesus Christ, the Word of God. Therefore Lucifer, who becomes Satan after iniquity is found in him, was created by God through Jesus. The creation can never become greater than the Creator!! Satan and all of his murderous hordes of humanity can’t take a way our gift of eternal life from God. He is incapable of rising above God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). We are to watch for signs and inform fellow believers when we are certain of their meaning, as given through Jesus. Conjecture, predictions, false accusations, and placing hate before love is of satan. “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Behold, I come quickly.”

  5. Well said and I agree in the main, Nelson. Yet we mustn’t overlook the fact that many Muslims are having revelatory encounters with Jesus. Also, according to the ‘Billy Graham of Iran’ Dr Hormuz Shariat sub-human terrorism is making many question their faith (see http://wp.me/p1Y1yB-7wZ). Also, last September was a turning point, as shown in Mecca and subsequently claimed by those who hear the Lord (see http://wp.me/p1Y1yB-7te).

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