Star of Bethlehem Sign Repeats Again This Week

In June 2015, a once in 2000 year conjunction of Venus and Jupiter recreated what many think “may” have been the Star of Bethlehem.  The occurance of this sign just a couple of days after the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Same Sex marriage led me to write this post {click here}. It has turned out to be the most popular of all the posts on this site with over 300,000 views. You may want to re-read it.

This Star of Bethlehem sign is repeating again this week. If you wake before sunrise this week in the USA, Venus and Jupiter will come within 1 degree of separation on October 25-26 high in the eastern sky. Amazingly Venus and Jupiter are again coming into conjunction in the constellation of Leo the Lion near the “King star” Regulus. This is the same exact location (near Regulus) in the constellations that was the site of the original “Star of Bethlehem” conjunction in 3 BC and the conjunction in June 2015. We discuss this in the previous article as well. I find that coincidence  amazing.

I have been watching Venus and Jupiter get ever closer together in the morning sky for weeks now. (I leave for work pretty early). This conjunction will not be as dramatic as the June one, but seeing the two brightest objects in the sky (other than the moon) that close is something to see. In North Carolina (my home state), the skys have been brilliantly clear to view it.

Is there a prophetic meaning to this sign repeating yet again? I don’t know. Certainly the second advent of our King grows closer and closer every day. Is God continuing to send us subtle warning signs for us to begin to “get ready?”


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  1. All Glory to God


    Just to clarify. I don’t believe Erdogan is the antiChrist either. I agree with you that AC is someone relatively insignificant right now. I do believe AC is in politics at the moment but not a top figure.

    I believe Erdogan is the figure mentioned in Daniel 11v15.

    God Bless

    1. Curtis these comments would have been better in some of the articles about Turkey or Erdogan. The first article comes from a speech given by an AKP party official in Toronto Canada. Yes, you read that correctly. I saw a report last night that the new Prime Minister of Canada is not only liberal but is a practicing Isalmist. This makes the AKP report FROM Canada very, very interesting.

      I believe Erdogan “might” become a Caliph. I don’t believe he will be the Antichrist however. He is not a little horn. The Antichrist is someone very insignificant right now.

  2. The date of Messiah’s death is definitely an “in-house” discussion. The one school of thought is the “30 A.D.” which Howard just stated and the other popular date floated is the traditional “33 A.D.” Not sure if this will ever be know with certainty, but we can certainly state that Christ was not born on December, 25th. 😉

  3. I don’t know about ‘most’ scholars, but I am aware of the question.

    What this also goes to show is that if we are so uncertain about the days and dates of the past — Jesus’ birth and death — which have been widely studied and researched, how are we going to pinpoint in advance that which has not yet come, and are told that we can not be certain?

    1. Your point is so well taken Howard. How can we pinpoint what is yet to come without most of the signs Jesus gave us being fulfilled? The lack of these signs actually is proof that it is not yet time.

  4. I did a count-down and count-up and came to this: Jesus died in 30 AD (which is 40 years before the Temple’s destruction; see corroborating evidence from a hostile third party, the Talmud, an unsympathetic source:

    It is widely accepted that Messiah/Christ was 33 1/2 yrs old at His death. Having begun His 3 1/2 yr public ministry when He was about 30 years old, then He was born on the 24th of Chislev, 5 BC, by my reckoning (Hag 2:10-23), being necessary that He was born before King Herod died, whose death is historically recorded as being in 4 BC.

    The magi from the East could have seen His star up to a couple of years before they actually arrived in Bethlehem, Israel. The “Bethlehem Star” is interesting, and may have occurred in near proximity of time to attract attention to the times we live in (much like the four blood moons the last two years at certain Jewish holidays), but God does not give us these signs as perfect date-setters. We have the more sure word of prophecy in the Scriptures.

    1. Howard, this is very interesting material. I don’t put stock in the exactness of historical years. I figure there is a plus/minus 2 year cushion around any historic date. The history of eclipses is more accurate. We know from NASA that a lunar eclipse happened Nisan 14 30AD so that adds credence to your 30 AD date. Was Peter referring to a blood moon on the night of Jesus’s death in his ACTS 2 sermon? Perhaps.

      As for the date of Herod’s death, I think most scholars now accept that a copying error occurred in Josephus in the 1500’s. All manuscripts prior to that date give a 1BC date for Herod’s death.

  5. Steve:

    It’s too early for Shmitah part II theory for Oct. 24th. Haven’t even caught my breath from the 1st one!!!


    I’ve read that the star of Bethlehem was extremly big, bright and visible. Not sure how bright and big the Venus/Jupiter conjunction will show this time around. The one from 4 months ago was not that spectacular, but still is rare for repeating it 2018 years later.

    I am also reminded of Phil Wickham’s song. Listen to this beautiful song and worship our Savior Jesus Christ.

    Vevo for iPhone

    1. I like Phil Wickham as well. The Star of Bethlehem had to be “explained” by the Magi to Herod. It was not something readily obvious to all, but once Herod understood the “sign” of the Star. He believed in it enough to kill the babies in Bethlehem but only after it was explained to him.

      The touching conjunction of Venus/Jupiter in 3BC was one of the brightest objects even seen in the sky (other than the moon) and very meaningful to astronomers like the Magi. Plus it was only one of a series of signs that happened that year (3BC)

      1. I agree Jesse, date setting is dangerous and damaging to the body. It is like crying “wolf.” We can only be wrong so many times before the true signs are ignored. Plus Jesus doesn’t return until the end of the sixth year of the 70th Week, so we are years away at best.

      2. Amen Brother. And Calendar arguments are mostly pure folly, they can’t be proved, we are too far removed. He also said he would remove our Sabbaths and Feast Days because of disobedience, and let no man judge you concerning these things etc.

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