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Most Misunderstood Bible Verse

What is the most misunderstood Bible verse? There are lots of candidates: “judge not,” “I didn’t come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it,” etc. But in my opinion the most misunderstood Bible verse (and the most damaging because of that misunderstanding) is Matt. 24:36.

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God Is Fixing This

I’m sure you’ve seen the recent New York Daily News headline that “God Isn’t Fixing This.”

God Isn't

The Daily’s writer, Rich Schapiro, was making a case for gun control and against conservative politicians who offered up prayers for the victims but not Mr. Schapiro’s flavor of gun control. Mr. Schapiro mocked the prayers of the faithful saying, “the prayers aren’t working.”

My article isn’t about gun control or politics. It’s about the not so subtle suggestion by Mr. Schapiro that God is impotent or doesn’t exist. “How can a loving God permit mass murder and terrorism,” he might have asked.

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What Does Your Church Need to Know About End Times?

If you had to describe the most important factor the Church needs to know about End Times, what would it be? This is mine; my entire ministry is centered on this one crucial aspect. So what does your church need to know about end times?

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Paris is just the Beginning

World leaders were unanimous in voicing their shock and surprise over last night’s terror assault that took the lives of over 125 innocent persons.  Really? They were shocked? Maybe saddened, outraged, sickened, broken-hearted, but certainly they shouldn’t have been shocked. If they were reading and understanding their Bibles they would know that Paris is just the beginning. If they were even honestly reading their newspapers they would know this movement of evil is growing. Also in all the multitude of condolence messages from leaders around the world, I didn’t see one, not one, that referenced a crying out to God to help. Do they think they can control the coming Beast on their own? I guess they do.

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