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By:  David Montaigne

Author: Endtimes and 2019 and Antichrist 2016-2019

Nelson: One of our readers asked a question why the restrainer could not be the Church or the Holy Spirit.  This is a common misconception of those who follow the pretribulation rapture theory.  I promised a post to explain this fallacy.  Another reader, fellow author David Montaigne, provided me with this quote from his recent book which did most of my work for me!  So I am posting it as a guest blog.  After David’s fine teaching on who is the restrainer, I add a few thoughts of my own.


Are We About to See Iran fulfill Daniel 8?

This morning I read that Iran is threatening direct action against ISIS if the radical state damages any “holy” Shia Muslim shrines in Baghdad.  According to the article, it is not clear whether that direct action will involve ground forces.  By means of this invasion will Iran fulfill Daniel 8?

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To the secular world this is just another mideast headline.  Many in the USA, including the current administration, are probably looking forward to Iran playing the role of policeman keeping the “bad boy” ISIS in check.  Many are probably relieved to see the USA not having to get involved.  What the secular world is clueless about however, is the Biblical significance of an Iranian invasion of the Middle East.

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Many readers are familiar with Mark Davidson who developed the Signpost theory.  This theory is clearly articulated in the posts DECEPTION, WAR AND FAMINE  and CH- CH- CH- CHANGES on this site.  The following is guest blog by Mark himself.  This is a great blog about God’s provision through “pruning” us.  Please read all the way through it.   After Mark’s Blog there is an incredible “and now for the rest of the story” moment.

How the Signpost Message and Davidson Got Tied to the Shemitah

Truth, we find, is stranger than fiction. Some things that happen to us when in relationship with Christ no writer could make up. And I am amazed continually at what our God does in my life and in this world.

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