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ISIS in Bible Prophecy

How Can We Defeat ISIS, PART TWO

In the first installment we examined ISIS, caliphates, and “orthodox Islam.” Armed with that information, we are ready to look at what God says about ISIS in Bible prophecy. Then in the next article we combine all this knowledge to compile a plan to combat this evil.

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How Can We Defeat ISIS? PART ONE

How can we defeat ISIS? How do you overcome an ideological foe? This is a complicated topic and will require a multi-part discussion. This first installment is about knowing and understanding your enemy.


On December 6, 2015 a few days after the massacre in San Bernadino, President Obama outlined his suggestions about ISIS. His plan for defeating ISIS left most Americans looking for other solutions. Presidential candidates Cruz and Trump have let their opinions be known as well, but all these ideas just seem lacking to me. So I have decided to provide the Church with my thoughts on how Christians should proceed.

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Paris is just the Beginning

World leaders were unanimous in voicing their shock and surprise over last night’s terror assault that took the lives of over 125 innocent persons.  Really? They were shocked? Maybe saddened, outraged, sickened, broken-hearted, but certainly they shouldn’t have been shocked. If they were reading and understanding their Bibles they would know that Paris is just the beginning. If they were even honestly reading their newspapers they would know this movement of evil is growing. Also in all the multitude of condolence messages from leaders around the world, I didn’t see one, not one, that referenced a crying out to God to help. Do they think they can control the coming Beast on their own? I guess they do.

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Dr. Ben Carson, Islam, and the USA

Dr. Ben Carson has done this nation an enormous favor by opening a politically incorrect discussion of the nature of Islam and its place in the world. As Citizens we have an open window of opportunity to speak truthfully now before it closes again. Let’s engage the culture about Dr. Ben Carson, Islam, and the USA.

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Refugees and Luke 21

I must admit that I am conflicted about what our response to the Syrian refugee crisis should be as Christians. On the one hand, it is an opportunity to show the love of Christ and for evangelism. On the other hand is our need to protect our families and communities. Let’s delve into this issue and what scripture might say about it.

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