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How Can We Defeat ISIS? PART ONE

How can we defeat ISIS? How do you overcome an ideological foe? This is a complicated topic and will require a multi-part discussion. This first installment is about knowing and understanding your enemy.


On December 6, 2015 a few days after the massacre in San Bernadino, President Obama outlined his suggestions about ISIS. His plan for defeating ISIS left most Americans looking for other solutions. Presidential candidates Cruz and Trump have let their opinions be known as well, but all these ideas just seem lacking to me. So I have decided to provide the Church with my thoughts on how Christians should proceed.

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What Kind of Love Does Overcoming Require?

This Sunday we have set aside a day to celebrate  and pray for the persecuted Church. Most Christians are familiar with Jesus’s restoration of Peter by the Sea of Galilee where he asked Peter if he loved him three times. There is an aspect of this passage few understand that is related to the persecuted church. Let’s explore it to find out what kind of love does overcoming require.

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Kim Davis: Right or Wrong?

This seems like a trick question; of course she’s right, isn’t she? Her act of civil disobedience has been compared to Daniel’s act of civil disobedience that landed him in a Lion’s Den for a night.

So can we compare Kim Davis’s modern act of civil disobedience to Daniel’s; are they the same? Is Kim Davis: right or wrong?

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