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What Kind of Love Does Overcoming Require?

This Sunday we have set aside a day to celebrate  and pray for the persecuted Church. Most Christians are familiar with Jesus’s restoration of Peter by the Sea of Galilee where he asked Peter if he loved him three times. There is an aspect of this passage few understand that is related to the persecuted church. Let’s explore it to find out what kind of love does overcoming require.

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Outreach Not Outrage

You have seen the headlines.  Islamic terrorists gun down satirical cartoonists, and 4 million hit the streets of Paris in protest.  Factory worker beheads co-worker, and the nation is outraged.   Jesus’ words in the Olivet Discourse are beginning to ring true:

 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold (Matt. 24: 12 NASB)

But this post is not about what you think it will be.  I used to believe this verse referred to unbelievers.  Now I’m beginning to believe it’s my love that is growing cold.  Maybe it’s your love as well.

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