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What is Daniel 7 About?

I think I’ve seen more diverse interpretations of Dan. 7 than almost any other chapter of the Bible. Nearly all of them focus on the four “wild beasts” found in the first few verses, but the beasts are not, and should not be the main focus of our understanding. What is Daniel 7  about? It is the outline of the entire end times. Let’s dig in.

DANIEL 7: PART ONE: The Heavenly Judgment

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What Does Your Church Need to Know About End Times?

If you had to describe the most important factor the Church needs to know about End Times, what would it be? This is mine; my entire ministry is centered on this one crucial aspect. So what does your church need to know about end times?

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Nelson Walters on Joel’s Trumpet

You can now buy the book Are We Ready For Jesus as a part of a “bundle” of products on the website Joel’s Trumpet, the web home of Bible teacher Joel Richardson. The bundle is called “The Rapture and the Return of Jesus Bundle.” (BUY HERE) and includes:

In my opinion these are all great resources. I did a movie review of Endtimes Eyewitness earlier in the  year.  You can click on the link above to view it.

Joel and I also taped a discussion he and I had for his TV show “The Underground.” We discussed the immigrant crisis and other topics you may find interesting. This interview will appear on Joel’s site before the end of the year. I will alert you when the interview is available.

The Day of the Lord: What is It; When is it?

The ancient Thessalonians were sent a letter that turned out to have been a forgery. This letter caused great concern in their church; in response, Paul wrote an epistle (2 Thessalonians) that forms the basis of much of what we know about the Day of the Lord. The ancient forgery has long been thrown on the trash heap of time, but 2 Thessalonians is a must read section of scripture for every Christian.

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The Two Witnesses – When Is Their Ministry?

Two of the most mysterious figures in scripture are the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11. Let me state a disclaimer right up front: this post does not discuss who the Witnesses are. There are dozens of theories and although speculating on their identities is interesting, this post doesn’t discuss that aspect. I will leave that discussion to other prophecy teachers because from what I can tell its pretty much immaterial who they are. (Please do not leave comments about their identities.)

What is more interesting and meaningful to me, however, is when their ministry takes place.

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When They Say “Peace and Safety”

Most Christians are aware that in 1 Thessalonians Paul tells us that immediately before the Day of the Lord (the Wrath of God), the inhabitants of the world will believe they have entered a time of security. It’s when they say “peace and safety” that sudden destruction comes upon them.  This is a confusing passage to a lot of Christians, and has led to a lot of misunderstandings about what Paul was saying.

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How Many Resurrections Will There Be?

This seems like a crazy question, right? Isn’t there just one resurrection? Well, it isn’t quite that simple. The Resurrection is based on the Hebrew harvest (Jesus made this reference many times), and the Hebrew harvest had 3 divisions: a first fruits harvest, the primary harvest, and a final gleanings harvest. The Bible supports this 3-part view. There are those who claim as many as 7 resurrections, however!! Let’s see what the Bible says.

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Simplified Evidence for Rapture Timing

Pre-Trib or Post-Trib; when will the Rapture happen?

After listening to the awesome debate between Alan Kurschner and Dr. Thomas Ice this week (I recommend you listen too), it struck me how complex many of the Church’s arguments are on this issue. Is it possible to simplify these arguments?

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Pre-Wrath or Pre-Trib?

One of our readers, Phil, sent me a very long comment quoting a blog on the Pre-Tribulation Rapture by Jack Kelly, a leading Pre-Trib exponent.  I’d like to approach answering this as a conversation because Mr. Kelly and I are brothers in Christ and because frankly, all of us see through a glass darkly. No one has all the end time answers. But I also want both sides of this issue expressed so oureaders can make up their own minds. Should they be Pre-Wrath or Pre-Trib?

Many issues in regard to the end times are somewhat academic; the identities of the 2 witnesses for instance. The timing of the Rapture is NOT one of these. It is a matter of spiritual life and death. Let’s find out why.

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