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On Friday and Saturday August 9 and 10 you can join Joel Richardson, Marquis Laughlin, myself and numerous other Bible teachers at the third annual Understanding the Times Conference.

Here is short promo video

We expect a full house, so if you think you can fly, drive, row, swim, or walk and get there. We’d love to see you make it.

Joel and I will be part of a roundtable discussion about Dan 8 which will prove to be very exciting.

If you come, be sure to stop by my table and say ‘HI’

Nelson Walters to Begin Regular Stint as Radio Guest

Nelson has been invited to be interviewed every other week on the the Omega Radio Network. This regularly recurring interview will be featured every other Tuesday at 9:30 AM CST beginning JULY 11. Tune in this week at to listen to Nelson on the show  “The Watchmen” featuring Pastor Vincent Xavier and Co-host Paul Petitte. This week they’ll discuss:

“Does Prophecy Mention Terrorism?”

At the end of most shows there will be time for live questions and answers. If you can’t tune in live, listen to the archives.

New Nelson Update

First, thank you to all who have already prayed.  I am feeling extremely well, but unfortunately my heart was damaged by the infection .  I am currently having tests to see how extensive the intervention need to be .

I covet all of your prayers  and thank my God every time I remember you.  Please continue to be patient with me as I am not in a position to accomplish much right now .

“Are We Ready For Jesus” Interview on Joel’s Trumpet

Joel Richardson and I had a conversation on his show “The Underground” a couple months ago. He posted it online today. You can access the interview HERE

Please support Joel’s site by viewing the interview there and leaving comments there as well. Joel has been doing interviews with a number of like-minded teachers over the past two months and I recommend you view all of them. It is highly educational. I don’t miss an episode. It is a wonderful service to help awaken the Church and advance the Kingdom.


The Ladder and the Lion

In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to share this post about the salvation of my dad.  He came to faith at 84 years young in an incredibly miraculous way: through a dream about a ladder and a lion.  Jesus, thank you for saving him and allowing me the opportunity to be there.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.  And Happy Father’s Day my Heavenly Father.

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