Christian Terrorism?

Is there such a thing as Christian Terrorism? How do acts of terror by “supposed” Christians compare to that of Islamists and atheists?

I knew it would happen. A mentally distrubed individual who claimed to be a Christian would commit a politically motivated crime or murder, and the political left would pounce on this opportunity to demonize Christians and take the pressure off their beloved Islam and their beloved Planned Parenthood.

Now that it has happened, how should we respond?

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Christian Terrorism

First, I think it is highly important that we do respond and that we plan our response! We will hear this objection over and over and over for the rest of our lives. Think about that, we now have our first case of “Christian Terrorism,”  and we will hear that Christians are no different than Islamists. We must be prepared to answer this fallacious claim. In fact, we should be prepared to answer 3 questions.

  1. Is there such as thing as “Christian Terrorism?”
  2. Should we tone down anti-abortion rhetoric in light of the attack at Planned Parenthood?
  3. Is “Christian Terrorism” any different than Islamic Terrorism?

Is there “Christian Terrorism?”

By definition there can’t be true “Christian Terrorism”. Christianity by definition is the real religion of peace. Dr. Michael Brown’s recent post on this subject does a masterful job of explaining this. No where in our scriptures is there a single teaching of Jesus that encourages violence. Quite the opposite, we are encouraged to “love our enemies.”You probably noticed that as a unified front all of Christianity has censured Mr. Dear (the domestic terrorist) for his despicable act. I join them in this censure. Mr. Dear’s actions are the opposite of true Christian reaction to social issues.

The Muslim Times (does this surprise you?)ran this article which picked up. The author interviewed a number of Robert Dear’s ex-wives to determine the level of his “Christianity.” They picture of him as a seriel adulter, a loner, possibly a rapist, and as “odd”. It doesn’t appear he attended church and all of his Christian interaction seems to have come in the form of rants he posted online. Just because someone “calls” themselves a Christian does make them a Christian.

Interestingly, Robert Dear also belonged to an online marijuana forum. No mention of him being a pot-smoking terrorist has emerged yet, although pot can certainly impare judgment. Other domestic terrorists who are mass killers have not been labeled as “Evolution believing Terrorists,” “Secular Humanist Terrorists,” or “Atheist Terrorists” but a very strong case can be made that the lack of moral absolutes in the beliefs of these other mass-killer terrorists contributed to a mind set that could contribute to their crimes.

If we compare Americas three largest religions on this issue:

  • Islamic scriptures encourage violence against non-believers
  • Atheism/Secular Humanism’s lack of moral absolutes don’t discourage violence
  • Christianity strongly prohibits violence

I think it is time that Secular Humanism and its presumption that there isn’t a higher power setting a moral law should no longer be given a free pass in relation to the violence in the world today.

Should Anti-Abortion Rhetoric Cease?

In this article on, liberals are calling for the end to all investigations of Planned Parenthood so as to avoid future violence against abortion facilities caused by inflamed emotions. Should we support this type of action? Heaven forbid! We should do just the opposite. We should hasten all investigations. The government’s dragging of their feet in this investigation has led to a limbo situation where the truth is not completely known. If Planned Parenthood is innocent, let’s clear their name. But if Planned Parenthood is guilty, let’s apply the full weight of the law quickly.

By the way, we do not yet know what incited Mr. Dear to take the actions he did. He has made statements about “no more baby body parts,” but I find it reprehensible that liberals are jumping on this bandwagon assuming that an anti-abortion, pro-life position led to this horrible act of murder and mayhem. Let’s know with certainty before we make claims as to his motives. What has come forward so far is that prior to his act, Mr. Dear didn’t seem overly concerned about anti-abortion issues prior to his act and wasn’t affliated with any anti-abortion groups. What (or who) incited this “weak minded” individual to become a terrorist?

What is the Difference Between This Act and Muslim Terrorism?

This is the most important of all the questions. Notice how the Muslim Times were very quick to investigate possible “Christian” links to Mr. Dear. This is because they know that Islam encourages terrorism and they want to do everything they can to deflect the blame to others. Let’s look at graphic that examines the differences:

Aspect of Terrorism Islam Christianity Atheism
Scriptures dozens of scriptures encourage violence dozens of scriptures prohibit violence Atheist literature promotes no absolute moral standards leading to no prohibition of violence
Leaders Most Muslim leaders do NOT condemn Islamic Terrorism Nearly all Christian leaders condemn acts of terrorism by individuals claiming to be Christian Nearly all Atheist leaders condemn terrorism
Number of Terrorist Acts 27,000 + attacks since 9/11/2001* possibly one 351 USA mass-shootings in 2015 mostly by atheists**




In conclusion, we must be prepared with an answer. I think the table above is a good reference to keep in mind. I recommend being sure to include the sacred cow of the religion of Atheism in your defense. This will shock those who challenge you who probably have never considered the effect of a lack of faith on violence.

Second, if you agree with this post, share it on social media and share it with your government representatives. If they aren’t aware of these findings, they may believe media hype.

Third, persecution of Christians will exacerbate from incidents just like this that have nothing to do with Christianity. Is your church prepared to face it? Pick up two copies of this book Are We Ready For Jesus (one for you and one for your pastor) to find out things we need to do to prepare for the hard times coming. You can buy it at



10 thoughts on “Christian Terrorism?”

  1. I was recently trying to explain replacement theology and it’s flaws to a Bible teacher. This person believes that the church replaced Israel, but wasn’t familiar with the term “Replacement Theology.” He said he believes that because of people’s free will, only the people who choose to follow Christ (both gentiles and Messianic Jews) are part of the “new Israel.” I tried to explain why the church did not replace Israel, and this person said he thought that what I was telling him sounded “Calvinist” and implied that some people are predestined to be saved while others aren’t. What do you think about this?

    1. Janae,
      In relation to your second point about predestination, God exists outside of time and knows the eternal destiny of each person. All our days are written in the Book before one comes to be. That isn’t predestination, but rather fore-knowledge. Pre-destination, the theory that everyone saved and everyone damned is pre-determined by God, IS Calvinism. Arminianism is the doctrine that man has free will to choose and comes to salvation through faith. Man cannot save himself, it is the work of Christ, but man chooses or doesn’t choose it through faith. When Calvin was asked about his theory and if that made God “evil” by choosing to damn some from birth, his comment was it was a great “mystery.” I don’t agree with pre-determination at all.

      In relation to your first point, my book Are We Ready For Jesus discusses Israel in Chapter Seven. Joel Richardson’s new book (When a Jew Rules the World) does even a better job explaining it. My book chapter is shorter though and to the point, probably a half hour read, so that is what I suggest you give this teacher. The fact that the Bible tells us a jewish remnant will look upon Christ, the one they have pierced and repent isn’t pre-determinism, it’s foreknowledge. Knowing the future in advance is the essence of prophecy.

  2. I recently heard a Christian leader say that in history, the way Christians persecuted Jews was similar to what ISIS is doing today. Is that really true? Were Christians really doing the same kinds of things as ISIS?

    1. Do you think that true Christians ever persecuted anyone? I don’t. I think those who called themselves Christians certainly persecuted the Jews for centuries. It is a horrible page in history. Satan will use twisted theology like Replacement Theology to lead others to persecute the Jews yet again. Another Holacaust is coming and I think luke-warm “Christians” will support it.

  3. I find it interesting, that your current president has often brought up the crusades, and how terrible it was Christians presecuted and slaughtered Muslims and Jews.I don’t doubt he says that to let the world know that Christians are just as bad as Muslims when it comes to terror. What a way to get the world to hate Christians more,by amplifying and lieing about Christian hate crimes. Wait for it,they have to make the world hate Christians some how?

  4. Nelson,
    Do you believe that Christians should join our armed forces and serve overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now possibly Syria. It has been shown that Isis is in all three countries.
    I am of the opinion we created this current problem with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.
    “Blessed are the peace makers?”

    1. The overthrown of Saddam creted a power vaccumm that opened up the opportunity for all we see in the middle east. God has given us governments to protect us (Rom. 13:4). Why shouldn’t Christians be a part of a military? The real problem isn’t lack of Christians in the military, it’s the lack of missionaries going to these countries. Have you read my book (Chapter Four) about these issues Christopher?

  5. By definition..Christina – Following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ.

    Therefore violence, inflicting terror, murder, persecution, et al cannot be christian. A person who professes to be christian and perpetrates any of these evils is a liar, and therefore a follower of satan. But the merciful Jesus Christ will still forgive the perp if he professes Jesus is Lord, asks for forgiveness, and “go and sin no more”.

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