What Does Your Church Need to Know About End Times?

If you had to describe the most important factor the Church needs to know about End Times, what would it be? This is mine; my entire ministry is centered on this one crucial aspect. So what does your church need to know about end times?

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Here is the video on this teaching; the summation of why I do what I do:

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What Does the Church Need to Know?

In summary, the church needs to know that  it can stop arguing about whether there will be a Pre-Trib Rapture or a Post-Trib Rapture. The reason is that unless an individual is 100% sure of a Pre-Trib Rapture, it is the moral imperative to prepare to face Antichrist.  It is not just your own personal life at stake but the lives and souls of everyone you teach and come into contact with.  What could be more important? Yet the Church seems to continue to drink the Kool-aid that everything will “pan out;” this is called the “Pan Rapture Theory.” Those who believe it say it will all just “pan out” in the end. To this I say, “tell that to those that fall away.” 1970’s Christian singer Keith Green used to say, “pray for Pre-Trib., prepare for Post-Trib.” This is sound advice.

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    1. Steve, thanks for sharing, but this website does not support date setting of any sort (at this point.) Once the Abomination of Desolation is set up, then we will have a better sense of the date, not unitl.

  1. Hi Nelson a question for you,I,m trying to share pre wrath position with a individual. He keeps bringing up rev 3:10 as a proof verse of immanent return, what is your response to that? Or do you have another post I could go to that deals with this issue. And is there another verse they often use to prove the pre-trib position on the rapture.thanks for you work.

    1. Rev. 3:10 does not exist in a vacuum. It is part of the letter to the Church of Philadelphia. So if we don’t understand what these letters to the Churches are about then it is impossible to rightly determine what Rev. 3:10 means. I spend a large portion of my new book Revelation Deciphered explaining what the letters are about and what they aren’t about.

      * Many believe they are historic letters with advice useful to the the church now, much as the epistles are. (This is not true but requires a lengthly proof.) But if this were true then Rev. 3:10 was advice for a historic church not a modern one.
      * Many others believe they are prophetic of coming church ages. This isn’t true (for many reasons too lengthly to explain), but if that is true then there isn’t an “immenence” because these Church Ages were prophecies waiting to be fulfilled.
      * Rather the letters are prophecy to THE CHURCH which will endure the first six years of the 70th Week of Daniel, each one being advice to the Church on each of the Pattern of Seven Events. The Letter to Philadelophia IS about the Rapture, but its the one that occurs at the end of the sixth year of the 70th Week; that is why the Letter to Philadelphia is the sixth letter in the sequence.

      This is a very complex explanation I realize. It took me 560 pages for my new book to explain it and prove it undeniably. However, that is the explanation of the passage in my mind. There isn’t a pithy, short slam dunk explanation. Especially since nearly the entire Church misunderstands the Letters to the 7 Churches IMO.

    1. Good4U, I moved the rest of your comment to the Iron and Clay article because that is where it belongs and I answered it there and addressed some of Alan’s concerns as well. We should keep this comment section for discussion of this article.

  2. I did go back and look at my comments on your “iron/clay” theory post and my position has not changed. And since the iron/clay entity is still future your broad spiritualized theory is as good as any other at this point, Nelson. We just don’t know since it has not materialized yet.

    However, I personally still tend to give more credence for consistency with the statute itself as being earthly kingdoms under Satanic influence who do their best to thwart God’s plan by eliminating God’s people to both Joel and Mark as the lower part of the statute of iron/clay mixture as the Islamic umma with internal opposition between Sunni/Shia that has marked Islam since the death of Mohammed, its founder, to be the most persuasive in my mind.

    We shall see though and why we need to watch and pray on this subject.


    1. I prefer to call it scripture interpreting scripture, rather than spiritualized. The symbols of iron and earthenware come right out of Psalm 2. Now whether I interpret the meaning in Psalm 2 correctly is up for debate, but I’m pretty sure it is not Sunni/Shia. Iron is the metal of the fourth kingdom, the fifth kingdom (toes) mixes the fourth kingdom’s metal with something else. Sunni and Shia have existed for as long as Islam. Plus they have zero to do with Psalm 2.

  3. I don’t know about Keith Green’s comment!!
    It reminds me of a feel good psychology preacher who only preaches that positive thinking will help you overcome all the worries you might have in your physical life.

    How about, ” Pray for repentance, and prepare for pre-wrath redemption”.

    We should never pray for pre-trib, and we should consider it Joy when trials and tribulation come our way. Only trials and God’s discipline draws us back to lifetime of repentance and sanctification.

    Pre-trib is perfect for those who only believe in a once upon a life time moment of repentance. A Christian life should be lived with the attitude of, “with much suffering you will overcome sin” and our lives should be lived out in continual repentance from worldliness until we reach our physical death.

    “So then, since Christ suffered physical pain, you must arm yourselves with the same attitude he had, and be ready to suffer, too. For if you have suffered physically for Christ, you have finished with sin.”
    ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭4:1‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    1. Afo, you are correct about not praying for a Pre-Trib. God always chooses what is best for us and the Tribulation of those days is our greatest opportunity as Luke 21:13 says. I included Keith’s comment because it was “pithy” and a reminder to Pre-Tribbers to prepare not just rely on their doctrine.

      1. I read again your article on Iron and Clay Toes. I agree that I do not see it as Sunni and Shite. Sounds good but who is the iron? They both crush.

        But clay is looking more to me like what we have in the UN and much of the world leadership ( including ours ) and the media and all the anti- islamophobia prevalent through out the world. The thing about these clowns are they are without backbone. They have power but stand for no principles, have no character. They are pitiful leaders misleading. I can’t say enough about them. What an embarrassment for so many to have no moral standing, discernment,wisdom or fortitude. they are weak like clay. The woman in Revelation is a system and that system is uniting. Islam is favored and covered by them but Islam will turn against them also in the end.

        Now I know you think for one the 10 kings must come out of Middle East and what Joel says about this is so enlightening. The Lord’s purpose centers around Israel as do all the other kingdoms represented in the image. Hear me when I say that I am weighing all these things.

        Still this clay seems to be the ideal carrier of the Islamic invasion through out the world.

        I read what the Lord says about why He raised up Pharoh in Romans 9 and follows that with how He makes one vessel for glory and the other for destruction. I love verse 22 in light of this.

        Anyway like I stated I am weighing all this as I read the paper.

        1. That verse in Romans 9 was my encouragement verse for 2014. I do you the possibility of your argument. But I think we must use the symbols as scripture gives them to us and not assign arbitrarily modern “headline” ideas to them. That is why I go back to Psalm 2 and the use of iron and earthenware in the same verse there and in Daniel 2.

  4. The iron and the clay is just an opinion. It is what Joel Richardson would call newspaper theology ( can’t remember the term he used). In other words it fits well in our current world situation and it is actually true how Islam is being catered to,protected and promoted by world leaders, the press, pope. This is hard to fathom in light of the astrosities done in the name of Islam every day. But we know there is a deep deception upon the world and it has not escaped the church. In the church it is not a famine of the word of God but of hearing the word of God. A dullness of hearing hearing what the Lord is saying to the church.In Hebrews it speaks of first drifting hearers then doubting,then disobedient hearers and then dull in hearing.
    They failed to enter the land,to go on.

    Back to the iron and clay,I hope I don’t mislead anyone by what I think but until I see what it means in reality I put my opinion in the same category with everyone else that it is just what we think. These end times matters are just beginning to dawn on us. I dare to say 10 years or so ago much of what we see today was hidden.
    I glad for Nelson and Joel and some others and if we and they remain humble we may be given to see more.

  5. I’m sorry to say christianity today in America is something I am ashamed of even in my own life. I knew a man from Nepal whom the Lord used to reach many Nepalese.
    This brother said persecution is good for the church.
    Difficult times will be good for the Testimony in America-no doubt.

    So are you saying the 7 churches in Revelation 2-3 are found progressively during the times spelled out in the rest of Revelation?

  6. Alan, I want to speak to your clay and iron comment in your post from Daniel’s statue in Daniel Chapter 2 imagery for a moment, please. Though biblical prophecy may have many foreshadows or in this case, relevant applications such as you suggest. In the end, imo, there can only be one true meaning which is God’s intention for a full understanding in context which is revealed in the fullness of time. That is a long way of saying, though you comment may be part of the deception there is a larger context that God intended that the church understands regarding the Islam sects of both Sunnis and Shias within Daniel’s statute that God wants his people to know as they watch for His Son’s return.

    I hope this does not offend you, and I think what you have said plays a part of the grand failing plan of deception that the Elect of God will not accept, but the clay and iron imagery has a wider application for the church as a whole. 🙂


  7. Yes, Amen. I just watched the above video. Very foundation,simple to understand and therefore should challenging to those who hold to the pre- trib. What I experience in encountering some who hold to the pre- trib is a dullness of hearing. They can’t hear as if somewhere in their christian walk darkness has already taken them (John 12:35).
    The apostasy I see is a result of disobedience somewhere in their walk.
    Seven times I find this reaction of God when believers defect ( Isaiah 6:9-10, Matt.13:14-15, Mark 4:12, Luke 8:10-11, Acts 28:26-27 and Romans 11:8-10.
    It’s the cry that echoes through out time,”Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” The answer is in that same chapter and it is to those who take up their cross,deny themselves and follow the revealed will of God.
    I can see from how you describe the apostasy that it becomes incredible worse but I see it has been there awhile spiritually.

    There is one thing I really wait for you to share and wait I must for your book is not coming out till sometime next year.For if what you seem to hint is true then I have perhaps been deluded myself. It is this, I do not see a corporate testimony,a Lampstand during the tribulation. I see a lot of Christians but no longer functioning members of the Body properly connected to the Head displaying a testimony of Christ on earth as in heaven. Like the Ark in the old testimony which was only in it’s proper place 50 years (we possessed it but a little while-Isaiah 63:18).
    Judgement first comes to the house of God. What remains is a remnant ( sizable I hope but scattered yet clinging to the Lord) Song of Solomon 8:5.

    I do not believe I have deluded myself but who knows they are deluded.
    But I am thankful over time the Lord has opened my eyes to the err that began about 150 years ago with John Darby and the help of Scofield and his Bible with notes. And as of 2008 convinced the anti- Christ is islam and likely a person too. I am glad for your ministry and Joel Richardson and find it an encouragement.
    ( I still think the clay is the progressive minded brainwash and the iron islam. One day islam will slay them too. They are the nieve “train” islam rides that helps with media, authority, and promoting islamophobia and of late immigration ( invasion). The betrayer in office has a lot of clay in him.
    Long post but I have no one to share with. Glad the Lord has giving you an avenue and timely message.

    1. Interesting post, Alan. There are 7 lampstands in the 70th Week, each representing the Church during each progressive year. A Lampstand is a collection of individual lamps and a perfect picture of the Church.

      In the years following Jesus’s ascension, persectuion scattered the Church and it was THEN that it became wildly effective. In Luke 21: 12-13 we see what the effect of persecution of the Church will bring during the End Times: an opportunity for testimony.

  8. Sometimes I just want to make a statement and since I follow this blog, I will declare it here.Nelson is good to respond.

    All those who are truly “saved” are indwelt by the Spirit at the moment of “salvation” and are sealed until the day of redemption.. They spend the rest of their life on earth learning to be “:saved” from their self life. As they also learn to follow the Lord hopefully they decrease and His Life increases. When the same meet the Lord there will be a reward according to the work they allowed the Lord to work in their life. There will also be shame,regret and tears where we have refused the working of his cross in our life.

    Apostasy is no longer following the Lord in an on-going living relationship. Apostasy is experienced by believers not unbelievers.. One can go to “church”,be a diligent Bible reader,pray a lot and do “ministry” and still be apostate.

    The Lord’s people will be in a generally poor state in the last days due in part because these are the most difficult of days. It is the grand conflict of faith with the enemy coming in like a flood.

    I am glad there will be a remnant as there always has been through out time who love not their lives until death.

    I pray to be counted worthy to be found among those who follow the Lamb wheresoever He chooses to lead.
    Song of Solomon 8:6.

  9. Nelson,

    Why is it still considered the time of the “Great Tribulation” if believers have been raptured? Does the wrath of God simply cut short all the violence in the end? Or is the rapture the point at where God cuts it short, for the sake of the believers?

    Also, are the sealed 144,000 Jews (at the midpoint of the 70th week) believing Jews? Will the Jews in the wilderness still be protected after the saints are gone? Will even more Jews be “cut off” after the rapture and before the Day of the Lord?

    1. Jeanne, I think I understand your first question. I think you are asking why is the 2nd half of Daniel’s 70th Week called the Great Tribulation? IMO it isn’t, it is called the Times of the Gentiles by Jesus, see THIS POST This second half of the week is divided into two sections: The Great Tribulation (about 2 1/2 years long) and God’s Wrath (1 year 10 days long.) And yes, I think the Great Tribulation is truncated or cut short. That is what Jesus says.

      IMO the 144,000 are God fearing Jews but not believers in Messiah until they repent at the very end of the 70th Week. I say yes to both of your final 2 questions.

      1. Interesting I always thought these 144,ooo where to proclaim the gospel, during the period of wrath?my question is?Is this period for wrath alone or will there be a harvest of both gentiles and Jews.Or can Gentiles be saved?Revelation 16:15 suggest some will be blessed.Thanks

        1. Mike, the bible says nothing about the 144,000 being saved until chapter 14 when Jesus is already on the earth (after his Physical return/Second Coming). There are three harvests, a first fruits (at Christ’s resurrection), the main harvest at the seventh seal (OT Jews and all Christians), and then a gleanings harvest after the 1000 year Millennial Kingdom. You can read about that IN THIS POST

  10. One question, Nelson:
    Do you think that even ONE believer will be left behind? Will anyone whose name is written in the book of life fall away? Will the Lord leave any of His loved ones when He takes the ninety and nine? I believe the Lord is DETERMINED to get even the very last one whose name is there.

    1. Hey Mark, Thanks for your question. I can see I need to revise the video to address this issue. My thinking on this was fully expanded on in THIS RECENT ARTICLE. Check it out. Obviously everyone written in the Book of Life makes it to heaven. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone in our churches does. A simple profession of faith doesn’t make one saved, I’m sure you agree. And who is to say it isn’t the exact teaching on end times that takes a lukewarm Christian in the pews and helps him convert to saving faith?

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