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  1. Nelson,

    I’m sorry I missed you in Tyler. I sent one of your recent videos to Dr. Dykes explaining why I had changed my eschatology. He was kind but said he was sticking with his pre-trib views. Hope he reads your book.

    Changing subjects. SPECULATION ALERT. Next clear prophetic event of consequence will likely be the Iranian invasion of the Mideast. There are two big things holding them back. The military preparedness and the United States of America.

    The military preparedness is just a matter of time but it is close. The USA is another issue. I’m convinced the USA’s military power must be neutralized in order for Iran to move. If I’m right, we here in the US can expect one or more of these: natural disaster”, military assault or financial collapse nationwide. It will have to be so strong that we can’t come back in decades.

    There’s much more to the speculation but Joel Richardson point that the center of the world will quickly shift to the Mideast.

    Evangelism within the US church is critical.

    Just me speculating

    Rick knight

  2. I’ve got a question about something I read in Revelation Deciphered: Everything points to the end times beginning not too far in the future, but when I follow your argumentation about thousand years being like a day,meaning the earth will exist for 6000+1000 years, wouldn’t it be logical that the end times start somewhere near the jewish year of 5993? And since we live in the year 5777, that’s more then 200 years from now. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Thanks Janine, it is the opinion of almost all Biblical scholars that the Jewish calendar is off by at least 200 years. This would mean Jesus returns within the next 23 years, which I would think likely.

  3. Hi Nelson!

    First, let me say THANK YOU for ‘Revelation Deciphered’, which I’m in the middle of reading. After watching your interview with Joel Richardson I immediately went to Amazon and ordered both ‘Revelation Deciphered’ (both print and kindle) and ‘Rapture: Case Closed?’ (print version, and I’m looking forward to the kindle version). And I’ll soon be ordering ‘Are We Ready For Jesus’. This, in my opinion, is the best and most accurate explanation of the Book of Revelation and end-time events I’ve read! And it makes perfect sense!

    As I’m already a pre-wrath believer, I didn’t have to set aside my thinking, but even if I weren’t, your book, which is incredibly detailed (and written in plain speech) perfectly lays out the order of events, and should convince even the staunchest pre-tribulation believers – because you use Scripture to prove all of your views.

    Your charts are extremely helpful, as well. There is one issue with the charts. On page 170 of the print version, Figure 31: Red Horse Related To The Second Event – it appears there is a misprint because it appears to be Figure 30 repeated (both the print an kindle versions). Do you have a correction sheet available as a mail-out (for those of us who don’t have printers) that we could insert into our print versions? And possibly an update (correction) for kindle?

    I plan to purchase additional copies for family and friends as soon as I am able.

    God bless you, brother, for your incredibly in-depth work. I’ll look forward to more!

    Your sister in Christ Jesus,

  4. Is there a reason why some high profile preachers believe you can be saved after taking the Mark of the beast?and why

    1. We can only guess why someone presents a position in direction opposition to scripture! (see Rev. 14:9-11). My guess is that their “theory” is more important to them than the inerrancy of scripture. “Once Saved, Always Saved” is a powerful theory. What constitutes “saved” however, is very debatable. To those that think it is simple, one time, profession of faith, they would have a hard time with the Mark of the Beast, and thus might ignore it. This is a huge end time deception and part of what I’ll be talking about at the Understanding the Times Conference in August.

  5. Dear Nelson,

    Todat I read about some special signs in the sky that will be seen on September the 23th 2017 (just after yom Teruah?). Google it to know what I mean ;). Do you have any thoughts on this?

    Greetings from The Netherlands!

    1. One of our other readers is one of the world’s leading experts on this sign and the other “great signs in heaven” listed in Revelation. I find this sign interesting, but I’m not ready to take a position on it just yet. I’m still praying about it and studying it.

  6. Dear Nelson Walters, I would like to contact you regarding more copies of your super book….Are We Ready for Jesus…for our bible study at church….please “write” me…..!

  7. Just yesterday I began to seriously wonder if ALL of Daniel 11 isn’t futuristic. This is because the vision is framed with descriptors about the time of the end, and the words being sealed up. And it is SO directly associated with the Resurrection!

    Then I “happened” upon your site today and discovered point 3 – the radical futurist’s view of Daniel 11. I can’t help but think that if any 4th Persian king comes along, he’d get at least the 150-billion-dollar windfall of the Iranian deal, to say nothing of the shiploads of trade deals and other pricey perks that Iran will be gobbling up. (And wouldn’t we all sit bolt upright if talk of royal marriage alliances got bandied about!).

    Any way — despite our limited understandings now, we ARE promised that “the wise will understand” as we see God’s future sovereignly unfold.

    “Even so, come, LORD Yeshua.”

    1. Yes, Judith, thanks for reading. I am in the midst of writing a new book, “Revelation Deciphered” in which I attempt to decipher Revelation by discussing all the quotes and references in that book to the OT prophets and the gospels. Chapter Ten of that new book is about Daniel, and Daniel 11 figures prominently in it. But all your insights seem “right on the money” to me. Keep studying and applying His Word.

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