Dawn of a New Day

Dawn of a New Day is an exciting new series of eight short, 10-minute videos which may offer the most up-to-date, convincing, and scripturally-sound arguments ever assembled regarding the Tribulation, Rapture timing, God’s Wrath, and preparing for Christ’s return. Many of us have based our understanding of End Time Events on long- outdated and disproven ideas. This video series will inspire you to consider new evidence.

First, watch the DVD trailer. Then, view individual episodes by clicking the links in the Index below. You will be amazed to discover what God’s Word has to say about the issues in each episode. Also, be sure to check out the BONUS materials to learn even more.

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1. Won’t Everything Just “Pan Out?”

2. Will Christians Face Great Tribulation?

3. When Does the Wrath of God Begin?  

4. Why God Permits Great Tribulation  

5. Let No One Deceive You

6. Is Your Church Disobeying the Great Commission?

7. Is Matt. 24:31 the Second Coming?  

8. What is the One Sign of Jesus’ Return that Everyone Needs to Know?  

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9. Implications of the Word “Rapture”

10. The Day of the Lord

11. Taken or Left?

12. Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls

13. Resurrections and Rapture Timing

14. The Foundation of 2 Thessalonians

15. The Great Multitude of Rev. 7:9

16. Only Five Wise Virgins?

17. What Direction Do the Elect Go?

18. Is the Great Tribulation Cut Short?

19. The PreTrib Rapture Disproven in 10 Mins.

20. The Rapture Civil War

Regardless what convictions you may have long-held regarding the various scripture passages about the Second Coming, you owe it to yourself to watch this series and to share it with those you love. The End Times will not be a spectator event!  If you are not prepared, then you and those you love will be at great risk for falling prey to falsehood and apostasy.

Nelson Walters is the Director of The Gospel in the End Times, a missionary organization to the Church – to the unsaved who sit in our pews,  and to the saved who are confused about the timing of Jesus’ return.  Nelson is the author of five books and maintains the blog, The Gospel in the End Times, which was selected as a Top 25 End Time Blog. 

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