1. Have you ever seen Psalm 153? It is one of, I think 3-4, additional Psalm found in Qumran on the scroll of the Psalms of David. (Quotes are notes I made from the Hebrew.)

    Psalm 153 A Psalm of David
    1 Praise the Lord, all you nations;
    glorify Him and bless Him name;

    2 For He delivered the soul of His Elect One from the hands of death;
    and He redeemed His Holy One from destruction. (Abaddon)

    3 And He saved me from the snares of Sheol;
    and brought me forth from the abyss that is inscrutable.

    4 Because before my salvation (Yeshua) could precede from before Him,
    I almost became two parts by two beasts.

    5 However, He sent His angel and closed from me the gaping mouths;
    and redeemed my life from destruction. (Abaddon)

    6 I myself shall praise Him and exalt Him because of all Him graces,
    which He has provided and is providing for me.

    1. Last year I was fortunate to read a lengthy book on the Qumran scrolls.

      It is believed there were 360 Psalms, one for each day. I view the canon of scripture as the only divine inspired Word. However, the other Psalms, Enoch, Jubilees and other apocryphal works influenced the Biblical writers and have real value in study.

  2. Great! Psalm 50 also. 3 groups defined. Gather my elect who have made a sacrifice fore me, Israel its time to repent and unbelievers watch out. am coming, but not in silence. I believe this psalm to be a Daniel 70th week info. Just found your site yesterday and love it. I am a very influenced by “The Sign” by Robert VanKampen. Thank you, Nelson!

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