Many readers are familiar with Mark Davidson who developed the Signpost theory.  This theory is clearly articulated in the posts DECEPTION, WAR AND FAMINE  and CH- CH- CH- CHANGES on this site.  The following is guest blog by Mark himself.  This is a great blog about God’s provision through “pruning” us.  Please read all the way through it.   After Mark’s Blog there is an incredible “and now for the rest of the story” moment.

How the Signpost Message and Davidson Got Tied to the Shemitah

Truth, we find, is stranger than fiction. Some things that happen to us when in relationship with Christ no writer could make up. And I am amazed continually at what our God does in my life and in this world.

The message of the Four Signposts as written about in my book Daniel Revisited is solidly Biblical as my readers can attest. It is a message of four signs to come prior to the Tribulation.  And these are signs and not dates. These signs tell us where we are in God’s plan to show us how close we are to Antichrist’s coming, but more importantly, where we are in Jesus Christ’s glorious return. The Pre-Trib Rapture would take place toward the end of the Fourth Signpost, since at the end of that Signpost, the Tribulation begins. The First Signpost (with Iraq and its democratization) has already occurred and the Second Signpost (with Iran and its invasion of the Middle East) is what is next.What happened to me on September 24th, 2014 took me a few weeks to come to terms with – taking much prayer. And I have come to the decision to break the silence on this event in my own life for it is far bigger than this author. I may also be risking my reputation as a more level-headed person, but I am stepping out in faith as this is what my Lord would have me do.First, let me explain the term Shemitah (or, Shmita) in the title of this post, for those who do not know. The Shemitah is the seventh Sabbath year in the seven-year cycle found in Leviticus 25:1-10. I credit Jonathan Cahn and his book The Harbinger for bringing this little known passage to light. Not only did he point out that 9-11 was on the last day of a seven-year cycle, but the worst day of the 2008 Financial Crisis happened at the end of the next cycle. The end of the cycle after that falls on September 13, 2015. This is the date that supposedly portends a terrible shaking of this nation.

In this post and this post I suggest it is an event connected to the Second Signpost, for that Signpost will indeed shake America and single-handedly has the ability to bring this nation to its knees.

Our God is a God of timing – exact timing. In my own life since Christ grabbed me in 1997 and showed me He has to be my God, He has shown me who He is, the way He is, and His goodness, and His love. His perfect timing has been demonstrated to me personally again and again and again. In 1997 with my finances a shamble there was a material need for clothes for the kids. For the first time in my life I saw the Bible says “do” not just “know” so I laid the $37 concern on the altar of Philippians 4:6. Two days later a rebate check showed up in the mail from the utility company in the amount of $37.

Another time I was on a mountain, learning to listen to Him – how to sift through thoughts whether they were from Him or my own. I was confused, and asked in prayer to give me a sign to show me whether these thoughts were His or mine for I was leaning toward it just being me. At the instant I said “Amen” at the end of my prayer, a bicyclist showed up on the path (I literally hadn’t seen anyone all day), passed by me and said “…and you thought you were all alone, huh?”

A few years later, after seven confirmations (I needed lots of assurance) that He gave me I was about to go down to a car dealership to buy a car and I knew I had a $200 per month shortfall in the budget. I stepped out in faith and as I was leaving to pick up the car, my central manager called me to tell me I was getting a raise out of the blue – the amount came to $200 per month.  These events are three of many.

So now God has shown up yet again. After I left the radio studio at KPOF in Denver, I went to my day job as usual. I was laid off that morning. I’ve had many who are close to me say in the past that God would transition me from my day job to fulltime writer and speaker – I just thought it might be later when the Second Signpost strikes. But it was Nelson who pointed out to me the exact and amazing timing of my layoff. At that time the sun had just set in Jerusalem. It was the first hour, of the first day of the seventh, Shemitah year of the current seven-year cycle. Having learned how my God operates, I felt He was speaking to me saying, “Mark, you are now free to spread the message fulltime. You have one year to spread it. GO !!!!”  As for this author, yes, I am ready.

Though I look for work as many would require me too there are no prospects out there for what I do. So in the meantime I have already begun to meet with pastors and lay people in the Denver area to a level that would have never been possible.

Many people who I know have expressed sympathy for my plight. Though it is appreciated, I say not to worry about me. I am right where God would have me, and therefore I am fine. Be concerned about yourselves, learn the message of the Four Signposts in Daniel 7 and 8, and prepare.

The Rapture is not next – three of the Four Signposts are what is next. We may have years to go watching these signs. We may need to prepare physically for years – how many I do not know. I do not think it will take another forty years, but I do not believe it will all happen in one or two years either. This is just speculation on my part but if the Second Signpost does indeed start at a new seven-year cycle it might be possible for the Second, Third and Fourth Signposts to occur in a single seven-year cycle.

I do not know if this message will hit a national show. I do not know if the book will ever become popular. But what I am doing is partnering with our Lord, doing what I can in my weaknesses, and watching Him work. My goal is for the Church to wake up and realize that when the Second Signpost strikes, it is the call that says “Christ is coming!”

You who are Christ followers and have read the message and it resonates in your soul as truth, spread the message and prepare. You who are fence-sitters – during this year and the Signposts to follow it is now time and your last chance to get off that fence and follow Christ wholeheartedly.

May our Lord keep us and help us overcome the world.

-Mark Davidson


Now For the Rest of the Story

I know this aspect of the tale very well because I lived it!

The concept of someone possibly quitting their job in response to the Shmita year first entered my brain about 9 or 10 months ago.  I knew immediately that it was a God thing.  Of course, I thought it was about me.  Don’t we always think everything is about us?

I prayed about this quasi-word from God and got no definitive answer whether I was to quit my job or not.  So I put out a fleece, if God provided for my family in the manner prescribed by scripture I would quit my job.   It was at this point that I informed Mark about this “word” from God and my fleece.

In the intervening months I saw my income increase greatly but not nearly to the point designated by scripture.  Scripture indicates God will provide enough for 3 harvests so that the land can remain fallow for the Shmita.  I still had not gotten a definitive answer about quitting my job and because the fleece was not answered either, I continued to work my day job.  I am using this excess income to fund the publishing of my new book Are We READY for Jesus? due out in 2015.

Then at the end of the Hebrew year, Mark was laid off.  My mind immediately snapped to the “word” I had received from God.  I knew instantly it was about Mark and not me.  Further questioning revealed Mark was laid off at the exact moment the sun set in Jerusalem to mark the beginning of the Shmita!

Could this be coincidence?  The odds of being laid off in any given year within the first hour of a Shmita year are 1:60,000 +.  What are the odds of being laid off in a Shmita year when one of your best friends in the Lord received a word about giving up your job at that time?  Then add the odds of having a God-ordained mission (awakening the Church) awaiting you to accomplish in the extra time.  The odds now reach infinity.

“Less is more.”  This secular phrase assumes new meaning when we think about what God might do through Mark this year.  Pray for Mark.  Pray for his provision, but more importantly pray for his mission.

And in all things may God receive the Glory!


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  1. Praise our Father. I was convicted to observe the feast of Trumpets and Atonement this past September in anticipation of the Shemitah. It was heavy on my heart and still is. I have been trying to quit my job (lol) for over a year now but the provision just wasn’t there (wife and 2 young children to care for). Reading Daniel Revisited last March was major confirmation for me I had been waiting for – going back 14 years. I just blogged today about September 13 and see it connected to the fall of Damascus. Perhaps it is Iran who destroys it…

    1. Perhaps. I know Mark feels very strongly that Iran’s invasion of the middle east will be timed with the end of the Shmitah. I take the position that Daniel 8 has no time markers, no dates. We know the invasion precedes the rise of the AC, but that is about all we know. I choose to watch as our Lord commands. More important to me than when is what. What does the church do in response. I see Joel Richardson is speaking this week on Prophetical Evangelism in response to this upcoming war in Daniel 8. Praise God! That is to be our approach. Point the lost to the fulfilled scripture before their eyes. The fields are white to harvest.

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