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Here are the latest books from author Nelson Walters and the Gospel in the End Times!

These books represent an exciting new outreach to our followers, as each book is a compilation of transcripts from videos which Nelson has previously released on the Gospel in the End Times YouTube Channel.  In this way, we provide access to many wonderful end times teachings previously available only on video,

Each book presents exciting new biblical insights from Nelson Walters, as he proves once again why he is regarded as one of the top end times theologians in the world today! All three books are available on Amazon in paperback and are also available in Kindle format.

Check out these exciting new titles:

According to a recent survey by the Barna Group, 73% of Evangelical Christians believe that we are living in the end times right now.  So what are they doing about it? Many are hearing about the end times, but most are doing precious little to prepare.  How to Prepare for the Last Days is an instruction book of sorts for the Last Days, based upon Jesus’s commands, so that Christians can become doers of the Word, not just hearers of the Word. Come learn what God’s purposes are for the end times, and join him in the greatest Evangelistic effort of all time.

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Dawn of a New Day is a collection of articles that had their beginnings as transcripts in 20-plus videos about the Tribulation, the Rapture, the Second Coming, the Wrath of God, and just about everything else you might want to understand about what scripture has to say about these and other critical end times events. Make no mistake:  If you are even a little bit concerned about your last days on earth and your eternal future, then this is a book you must read.  And you must share it with those you love and with those in your church.

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Why read yet another commentary on Daniel? After all, the secrets of Daniel have been known for centuries, haven’t they? Well, maybe not.  Consider just one verse from Daniel’s last chapter:

But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.  (Dan 12:4)

As we see, Daniel was instructed to hide the words of his prophecies and seal the book — for the end times.  If we are now in the end times — as we believe — is the book of Daniel now finally unsealed so that we can finally understand the Daniel prophecies?  Read Daniel Unsealed for some of the most profound scriptural insights ever revealed about the book of Daniel!

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Nelson Walters is Director of Gospel in the End Times Ministries, which is dedicated to helping the Church fulfill its God-ordained call in the last days.  He is the author of Revelation Deciphered, Rapture: Case Closed?, and six other books on the end times.  In addition, he encourages hundreds of thousands on his YouTube Channel and via his blog, The Gospel in the End Times, which has been voted a Top 25 End Times blog.

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