Dawn of a New Day

The Gospel in the End Times is thrilled to announce the release of our first full length DVD project: Dawn of a New Day: The Timing of Christ’s Return and Why it Matters.

The Gospel in the End Times is primarily a missionary organization – Missionaries to the church; to the unsaved in the pews and to the saved who have misunderstood the timing of our Messiah’s return. In that regard, we have prayed and sought the Lord for ways to communicate His prophetic message to the masses.

Up until this moment in time, we have primarily used the written word of this blog and books such as Revelation Deciphered and Rapture: Case Closed? However, we are excited by the prospects of using the visual , spoken and shareable medium of this FREE video series to reach an audience that up until now we haven’t been able to reach. View the trailer and then read on to learn more about this new series.

The Issues

There are two primary prophetic issues facing the Church today:

• Will Christians face the persecution and deception of Daniel’s 70th Week?
• And if so, how are we to prepare our churches to meet those challenges?

This DVD addresses the first issue. Prayerfully, in future years we will be able to address the second issue in a similar video series. But one only prepares for what they believe they will face, so helping the Church understand that they will face Daniel’s 70th Week is our primary task.

Overcoming the Great Tribulation and the Antichrist will require great faith and preparation. Many of our current American churches are asleep just like the disciples were on the night Jesus was betrayed. Unless they wake up to “watch and pray” millions or even hundreds of millions will fall away to deception. Jesus told us 50% of the virgins watching for the bridegroom’s return never enter the wedding feast. Are 50% or more of those attending our churches at risk? I believe they are.

Hopefully, your heart is stirred to want to help awaken these sincere seekers before it is too late!

Dawn of a New Day: The Approach

But how should these vulnerable churchgoers be addressed?
Only the Holy Spirit speaking through the Scriptures is capable of transforming the minds and understanding. But just handing someone a Bible and saying, “Read this and you’ll understand the timing of the Rapture” simply isn’t all that effect. A medium was needed that is short, simple, and effective.

That’s why we produced this video.

• We divided the material into a series of eight approximately 10-12-minute videos. The videos are short enough to not stress our culture’s distracted attention spans.
• We worked hard to condense this complex material in as succinct and understandable a way as possible. Jesus primarily taught so Galilean fishermen could understand. We’ve tried to emulate that approach as best as we were able.
• The visual nature of the videos re-enforces the message with powerful images and graphics. This is an approach that one simply can’t achieve with a book.
• Finally, we are making the entire series available free on-line so there are no barriers what-so-ever to viewing the DVD or sharing it! You can start by scrolling up this page and hitting the “share” button to share the trailer right now!

The entire series of 8 primary episodes and 9 bonus episodes is available on this website. Be sure to bookmark this page!  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

How to Utilize this Resource

First, we invite every one to view the series of videos online for themselves. After you do, I’m sure you’ll agree that there is nothing like it and that you’ll want to share it with everyone you can.

However, before you do that – stop – stop and pray for those you are sharing the material with. Only the Holy Spirit can transform minds.

Important Friends and Leaders

All of us have relatives, friends, and pastors in our lives who need to see this material. For them, this free online resource is probably not enough. If you only send them a link to the series, will they actually watch it all? Possibly not. These people who are important to you are much more likely to view a beautifully packaged DVD than they are a link.

For that reason, we have also made available an extremely affordable physical DVD on Amazon.com at our cost. We highly recommend you pick up a few copies for this purpose.


Social Media Usage

The online video episodes are perfect, however, to use online. Social media is full of discussions of Rapture topics. Trying to answer a topic in a few sentences is almost impossible. So consider attaching a link to one of these videos as part of your answer. In order to do this you will need to have ready access to the webpage so be sure you bookmark it so you have it at your fingertips.

In addition to the eight primary episodes, we have online links to nine additional BONUS episodes. In total, the seventeen episodes cover almost all Rapture topics.

We are prayerful that this video series become THE online reference for all things “Rapture” related.

Outreach to Pretribulational Leaders

In addition to how you can utilize this video series, the leaders of the Gospel in the End Times will be sharing the DVD one-on-one with many of the most prominent Pretribulation Rapture teachers. Our goal is to engage with them individually and privately.

Please pray for this effort.

Next Installment

In the next blog article, we will begin to explain the “The Matt. 13:33 Plan;” the plan we were given during prayer and seeking the Lord as to how to share the DVD series.

Tell us what you think