Jan Markell Follow-up

As you know Jan Markell was mired in controversy about one of her recent videos. Here’s the positive update.

Please read this PREVIOUS ARTICLE.

I am happy to report that I reached out to Jan, and she and I have been in contact several times since her video.

  • Her video was NOT based on our recent distribution of Rapture: Case Closed? to the 1000 most influential leaders of the church
  • Rather it was based on several very hurtful individuals who have insulted her and Pastor Farag in videos. I viewed the hateful videos, they were not a good Christian witness.
  • She agrees that polite, biblically based conversations about opposing rapture positions are healthy and encouraging. Even a nation conversation as we called for in Rapture: Case Closed?
  • No rapture position is “satanic”

That is a very good outcome. I’m glad we could clear the air.

I have been contacted by numerous media outlets about my opinion about Jan’s comments. I am glad I can now report the story has a positive ending! And we can concentrate on the real story which is trying to encourage a national conversation about rapture timing.


10 thoughts on “Jan Markell Follow-up”

  1. Nelson, In your communication with Jan Markell, has she issued any kind of public apology for that slanderous video or expressed a willingness to have the issue debated on her program?

    1. In our conversations, Jan was clear that the video was not meant to be slanderous to me personally or to others who in general are trying to search out the truth of God’s Word. Her claim was that the comments in the video were directly at some rather unfriendly comments by some post-trib. prophecy teachers.

      I have accepted her explanation and I think others should as well.

      Scott, what makes the situation challenging is that Jan’s video did not say Rev. Farag and she were under attack, but rather that the pretrib. was under attack. And it didn’t say that they had been insulted, but rather that the “attack” was causing confusion among the pretrib. faithful. This obviously left everyone puzzled what the video was about.

      Since her motivation for the video comments was personal, I think it would have been the proper course for her to issued a clarification video, especially since there was extensive media coverage. I was interviewed on a half dozen shows myself about this issue. Also a number of people were offended by the comments. Clarification is what I would recommend. However, Jan has obviously moved on from this issue, and frankly, so have I. Her explanation was more than adequate for me. She further commented that she supports polite, biblical discussions of the rapture. She feels uncomfortable with those taking place on her show, however, and I can respect that as well.

      1. Nelson, I respectfully disagree with your assessment. I went back and reviewed the video again. I do not believe Jan is willing to politely discuss differing views on the timing of the rapture. In the video she indicated unambiguously that she is frequently asked to allow the other views to be heard but she, “does not want to confuse people people with nonsense.” That video, whether intentionally or otherwise, by implication equates those who disagree with them on the timing of the rapture as being Satanically influenced. Just, “moving on” is is insufficient and her reported willingness to politely debate the issue is disingenuous. In other words, I’ll believe it when I see it. Since you have an open line of communication with her, you might want to let her know that her “moving on” is being perceived as ducking the the issue and allowing false accusations to stand.

        1. Hey Scott. Thanks for your input. Was Ms. Markell’s response completely satisfactory? No. Is she personally willing to host a debate on this issue? No.
          Did I bring the matter to her attention in a brotherly way? Yes. To me that is the end of the matter. She is responsible before her maker for her actions and responses.

          And grace on our parts may gain more than pursuing the matter.

  2. That’s great news! I would be prepared for far worse treatment however, especially if the pre-wrath view is correct, as I concur with you on…even if Jan Markell has disavowed attacking you personally, or the pre-wrath view per se, it is a small thing compared to being beheaded in the Great Tribulation after the AOD. The Ethiopian believers beheaded on the south shore of the Mediterranean in Libya by ISIS……sounds like their great tribulation is underway, and it doesn’t pass the smell test that a loving God would not subject His Church to such treatment….

    In fact, the Gospel states otherwise…we should expect to be undergo trial and treatment exactly as the Savior experienced…..

    1. Thanks Sam. If you remember, prior to releasing Rapture: Case Closed? Those who follow this ministry via the email newsletters were asked to pray that if a persecution were to come upon me that did not further the cause of Jesus, I would be protected; but a persecution were to come upon me that furthered the cause of Jesus, I would be given strength to endure it. Obviously the book will stir up persecution. I ask that everyone reading this pray that simple prayer for those of us in this ministry.

  3. I think we should stick to the fact we’re going to have a glorious Rapture and tread gently on the timing (although I’m prewrath somewhere at the 6th seal) and just be going about doing the Lord’s work. You can’t make yourself anymore ready than when you repented of your sins, applied the blood, believed on His name and the whole wonderful message of the gospel of the cross. Sometimes all this debate gets weary. Just sayin….

    1. Thanks Linda, yes sometimes the debate gets VERY weary, especially for those on the front lines. And if it is just an academic discussion you would be SOOOO right. There is no need to divide over something that doesn’t matter. However, if the eternal fate of up to 50% of those attending our churches is at stake, well, then it becomes the most important issue in all of the church. That is my opinion. And I realize I need to substantiate in much more clear terms that just saying it. Look forward to another article/video where I’ll present this case as clearly as I possibly can.

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