Mystery Project Completely Funded

Praise God! And Thank you to all who prayed and gave to make this project a reality. This is a day of celebration!

We are now fully funded ($13,500) to print the 1000 copies of the books and mail them to the 1000 top leaders of the English speaking church.

Prayer and Fasting

We are attempting to tear down a stronghold that without God’s intervention may cause millions or hundreds of millions to fall away from the faith during the end times. This not something to enter into lightly. The opposition to this effort will probably be extreme. As I’ve stated earlier, this may be the most significant Kingdom effort I have been involved in during my lifetime.

Because of this I am asking all of you to cover this project with prayer. The book itself presents a solid (if not irrefutable case), however human exegesis alone will not overcome anything. Only God can open someone’s eyes or awaken them to the truth of his Word.

Personally, I’ve been spending 30 minutes a day, going down the database of leaders and praying for them individually by name.  I ask that you join me in the prayer effort.  Here are specific prayer requests that I ask you join us in praying for generally:

  • God to supernaturally allow the books and DVDs to reach the inbox of each leader and not be “filtered” out by a secretary.
  • God to supernaturally prepare the mind of the leader so that he/she is convinced they need to read the book personally.
  • God to supernaturally open their eyes to the truth of God’s Word whether that is what I’ve written or not. May God’s truth reign supreme.
  • God to supernaturally soften the heart of the leader to receive the truth of God’s Word and to act upon it.
  • God to help the leader overcome any selfish personal reservations they have to implementing the truth, be that pride or position or materialism or relationships that may hinder them from acting.
  • God to prepare the hearts of all the leader’s “flock” to receive this message as well.

Personal Requests

When Marvin Rosenthal went down a similar path in the early 90’s, he was vilified for his views and fired from his position as Director of a major ministry. All because he dared challenge the pretrib. rapture.

Although Rosenthal and VanKampen’s works were fundamental and theology-shaking (our little book does not rise to that level), the challenge that the Mystery Project presents to the pretrib and post-trib camps may be even more severe! Sending books directly to the 1000 top leaders (even if those books take a collegial and gentle approach) is a full frontal assault on the stronghold. I fully expect similar treatment to that received by Rosenthal. Million-dollar ministries and careers may be viewed as at risk if the paradigm shifts. It is probable that I will be lied about in print and presented as a heretic or worse. My views may be distorted and attempts may also be made to damage or shut down this ministry.

God may use some of that mistreatment for good. It may be the means by which debate happens. Vilification may  lead to more attention being paid to this little book than could ever happen otherwise. God knows what mistreatment will lead to good and what won’t.

  • My prayer request for me personally is that God allow all mistreatment that leads to the advancement of his Kingdom and prevent all mistreatment that doesn’t further his truth from advancing.  Your praying for this will make it easier for me to face adversity knowing it is all working together for good.

Books for our Donors

Those who financially supported this effort will be receiving copies of the DVD and the Exclusive Leadership Edition of the book. I am excited for you to read it. The DVDs are already printed. I will be sending the books to the printers shortly and everyone who sacrificially gave to this effort should expect their copies within 30 days. (depending on printing times)

There were two individuals who gave in excess of the top threshold amount and I am already in conversation with them about the private teaching opportunities for their churches or small groups.

To everyone who was led by God to support this effort – thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God someday say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

Timetable for Mailing Books to Leaders

I am currently praying about the proper time to mail the books and DVDs to the leaders. As many of you are aware, there is a fallacy in the church that the Rapture will occur on or about Sept. 23rd of this year.  I am trying to decide if it is more beneficial to send the books prior to this date or after this date?

A disadvantage of mailing the books prior to this date is that some may think to themselves, “the rapture is happening in  two weeks, why read this book?” But after that date, there is actually an advantage of being able to say, “The rapture didn’t happen as many predicted, …”

Feel free to leave comments with your thoughts on this issue.

Again, it is a day of celebration! I can hear the stronghold starting to crumble. God is on the move.

“God is on the move, on the move, Hallelujah
God is on the move in many mighty ways
God is on the move, on the move, Hallelujah
God is on the move, on the move today” -7eventh Time Down


23 thoughts on “Mystery Project Completely Funded”

  1. I think you should wait til after the Sept 23 failed rapture date to send the books…seems to make sense it will be a greater impact. Just in case they would just toss the book in the trash and not have it to read later.

  2. I used to read a very popular pre-trib website & asked what is Rev 14:14-16 all about if the supposed “rapture” is pre-trib. You should have read all the nonsense theories that people came up with to explain that “reaping” meant something else. Admin banned me for introducing “heresy & blasphemy” into the message board by asking one question – it was something to see.

    Halfway thru Revelations Deciphered now – seeing the bible in a whole new light. I never realized how inter-connected all the vision, prophets & stories are telling the same story over & over & over. Would love to see Nelson decipher the book of Enoch & what is “jesus’s” real name (there is no “J” in hebrew).

    1. Many of the popular rapture website administrators will be receiving the book and video. Since you have a personal experience with the one you mention, why not start praying for the mind, eyes, and heart of these folks to be opened?

      1. Nelson,

        I’ll see you in Tyler in a few days.

        When will the book be on Kindle or available for us to give to friends?

  3. Follow your heart on this one Nelson. When people have so much at stake in achieving an outcome with 100% certainty and it fails, they rationalize away that maybe they were mistaken. Like the Miller rapture proponents. Did they switch to post trib or discover pre wrath. No, it’s the same type of people generations later, today. Very difficult for head strong people to admit they are wrong. Take the Judeans for example.
    Only something momentous will change the minds of those expecting a rapture on 9/23/17 when it fails to arrive. Besides, the 1000 copies are to church leaders, not the followers of the those leaders. The church leaders who push the 9/23 rapture will continue to persuade their followers to remain and support their community, especially financially.

    1. In addition, there are quite a few blogs, sects of people, who are just as convinced that the covenant with the many, of death and shoul, will be made this fall and begin the 70th week. They base it on the August eclipse this year, the same Virgo sign as the rapture people, and the next eclipse in 2024. Both appear over the USA and their paths intersect near the middle of the country. Therefore, they have a different approach to end times prophecy in scripture.

      1. Hi Ken, yes, I am one who believes the coming celestial events MAY be indicative of the start of the 70th week of Daniel, and not the rapture by any means……it is a prospective test, and the main event that would validate the celestial signs would be an agreement that divides the Land of the Everlasting Covenant. Intriguingly, this article came out today discussing a possible division of sorts of Jerusalem this October:

    2. Ken, you are correct, physical efforts won’t change this, but spiritual ones may! God is in charge of this project, not me. That is why prayer is so important and why I’m spending 30 min per day praying for the leaders by name and for their flock. God has the leaders picked out that he plans to fill with his spirit and change their paradigm.

  4. Good on ya, Mate!

    Weed wacker, Jesus’ real name is in Hebrew, Yeshua, for He is the Savior who will save His people from their sins. In the Septuagint, the same Greek word used in the NT to ‘transliterate’ the name of Yeshua (a shortened form of Yehoshua, or Joshua) is used to translate the same name in the OT. There is no basis to add to His name, such as Yahshua, or Yehoshua, in order to prove that He is YHVH. The Holy Spirit has let us know that Yeshua/Jesus is the Savior, which means that He is YHVH.

    1. I don’t like using the name ‘jesus’ for our savior because it’s not his real name. It’s only been around for about 500 years or so & I don’t like how it translates from ‘son of zeus’ or ‘hail zeus’ in Greek. Names do not translate across languages no matter where you go – if I went to Mars & I tried to teach them my name, I would say ‘weed wacker’ using English.

      All of my fellow employees are from around the world & none of them use their real names – only nicknames at work. Even their own friends & families don’t know about these names they use here at work. I went to a friends party and was calling the host by his nickname – everyone (including his wife) kept asking me who is ‘jo-jo’, we have never heard of this before.

      On the last day, I do not want to be calling for the Lord Yeshua’s mercy/help using the wrong name or a name he finds offensive. If you argue that ‘jesus’ knows what you mean even if you’re using the wrong name, then answer this question. Can I call God by ‘allah’ or ‘baal’ or ‘brahma’ or ‘buddha’ or ‘asherah’ or ‘zeus’ or etc. – since he knows I really mean Yahweh ???

      1. Weed wacker, what if God’s name isn’t Yahweh, but Yehovah? (or maybe not exactly either of those?).

        Jesus is an English transliteration equivalent of the Greek word Yesus. Again, the same Greek word was used in the LXX for the name Yeshua (in the Hebrew) for the high priest who was cleansed and crowned in Zechariah. It is not connected with Zeus. But even if it was, in that language and culture, it makes Him the Son of God. Bible translators are always challenged to make sense of words and concepts, that might not even exist. In one ethnic group, the people do not know what a sheep is, so the Wycliffe team came up with what made sense to them and called Yeshua the Pig of God! Personally I do not understand that, but…

        Allah, Buddha, Krishna, etc, are not in the same category of names, although Arab Christians use Allah as their word for God. Satan has done a good job to “equate” himself with the true God.

          1. I’m with you Howard.

            I did a study on his name after feeling quite inadequate for not reading Greek or Hebrew.
            I came to the same conclusion as your self.

            And I no worry anymore, after reading an article on Hebrew for christians, reminding me that Jesus said to call God FATHER. That ends for me all the discussions about what to call God🙂

            Thanks Nelson

          2. Amen, Linda! That is exactly what I was going to reply to Weed Wacker until I saw your reply.

            And the day will come when YHVH will be one, and His name one. Patience of the saints is called for. 🙂

            Not to mention that even Jesus/Yeshua will have a new name that no one knows, at least not for now!

          3. These responses are a perfect example to my original question – we are not 100% positive & 100% in agreement & 100% in no doubt to jesus’s & god’s real name. I find this frustrating – I want to be absolutely positive that I am calling them by the name that they want me to use & no other. Hopefully Nelson has better research material than I have about this….

          4. Weed Whacker

            Just to politely clarify, I never actually had ant questions about calling Jesus,Jesus, thought I began hearing alot of folk questioning whether or not we should. I actually felt quite sad about this, as I felt it caused unnecessary confusion. A group in our city centre we’re out preaching , using all the Hebrew terms, and to be honest, I don’t thing most people would have had a clue what they were talking about, that’s when I decided to do my study, more to put my mind at rest.

            I don’t believe we should be the slightest bit concerned about calling Jesus ,Jesus, doesn’t his word say: I have magnified my word above all my name.

    2. I’ve been saved and filled with the spirit for over 30 years now. I just recently started studying my Hebrew roots. Even though I now prefer Yeshua, the first 20 years I never had a bit of a problem hearing when I prayed in Jesus name and was healed several times in Jesus name. Main thing is that He knows me and and I know who He is and I believe His word. Kinda like my grandkids. My name is Linda, but they don’t have a bit of trouble getting my attention when they call me grandma. I think it’s all wrapped up supernaturally in your heart because you’re known as He is known by the Father Himself. I’ve got some friends so wrapped up in the correct name, they will only say Father. How sad not to use the son’s name.

  5. I too am in agreement with the post 9/23 distribution, for all of the reasons cited, plus one personal (maybe selfish) one. I am the director of a Bible College connected to a 1400 member church – probably not big enough to make your top 1000 list. i have authored 2 books and have had the privilege of presenting the Pre-Wrath view to an ever-increasing audience. I would love to get a copy of the leaders edition of this new book. Just heard about your ministry and will be looking forward to your blogs. God bless!

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