Please Pray for Nelson

As some of you may know, Nelson’s hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina was at the center of hurricane Florence.  Thankfully, Nelson and his family are safe.  However, his home did sustain some damage; and there is no internet service for the immediate future.

Please pray for the restoration of Nelson’s personal home, for the restoration of his hometown, and for the restoration of all areas impacted by hurricane Florence.

Nelson will begin posting new blog articles as soon as he is able.  Also, Nelson wishes to announce that he has recently completed an exciting 8-part DVD series that will be posted free of charge on the internet.  Those of us in this ministry are prayerful that it may be the most important project in the history of this ministry.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Bob Brown, Ministry Advisor to The Gospel in the End Times.

4 thoughts on “Please Pray for Nelson”

  1. I had forgotten that Nelson was in Wilmington. I would echo Howard’s comments as well. I will be praying for you and your family.

  2. I’m so sorry, Nelson. I didn’t realize that you, or anyone else that I know, were in the line of danger of such massive flooding. God help you, and enable you and your family to be a blessing to others. You have had other ‘prep’ times for things to come, and have overcome. I pray that this will also work together for good for you all, and for a testimony of your hope in Jesus and His coming again. Shalom.

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