Rapture Case Closed?

Is the Rapture case closed?  1000 copies of this book, which examines nearly every proof of every rapture theory, were just mailed to the top leaders of the American church to encourage discussion and debate about the MOST IMPORTANT and controversial question facing the church today, “Will the Church face the Antichrist or be safely raptured first?”  And this book is now finally available on Amazon.


America’s most influential pastors, denomination leaders, seminary professors, media personalities, authors, and teachers will be receiving this book within a week.

Now is the time to pray.

  • Pray that their eyes and hearts are opened to Jesus’s truth, not the book’s truth, but Jesus’s ultimate truth.
  • Pray that they have the courage to act on behalf of their flock once the rapture case is closed with biblical certainty.

They will also be receiving this video:

If you have questions about the timing of the rapture or even if you think you’re sure about it, this book uncovers dozens and dozens of proofs never published before, which frames the rapture debate in a whole new way.

An excellent way to study this revolutionary book is in a small group bible study where you and your friends can interact and discuss the issues this book raises together. An eleven-week Bible Study Workbook is now available as a compliment to the book. ORDER IT HERE


15 thoughts on “Rapture Case Closed?”

  1. How do I get on the list of the 1000 leaders? Are they just TV preachers? If so you wasting your time. The truth needs to go where there is a chance it will be read, heard and accepted. If Jesus was picking the 1000 would HE pick the ones you did? Educated fools?.

    1. Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matt. 19:26)

      Those in this ministry have faith like a mustard seed. What Jesus has planned for this effort only he knows. But this ministry and those who support it have stepped out in that faith to do something. God doesn’t drive a parked car, only one in motion.

      Volunteers helped assemble the list of leaders whom we felt would have the greatest impact. A pastor of a church of 50 might be open to the message, but his impact is slight. It was first made up of 50% pastors of large churches. The other 50% were denomination leaders, Seminary and Bible College presidents and professors, Authors, Teachers, and radio and TV ministries. This project has been ongoing for years and been bathed in prayer and fasting from the start. Jesus gave us this idea, so YES, this is the list he wanted. And no, we don’t expect an immediate turnaround of the church. Did the reformation change the church the day the 95 Theses went up on the door of Wittenburg Cathedral?

      Now that the letters are out we will move to Step Two in the three step process. Those who signed up to follow this ministry by email will be learning about our progress just this week.

  2. Just got the books in the mail! i was happy to be a part of this important funding project.
    I was raised pre-trib but found over the years that didn’t make sense for the simple fact, Jesus didn’t tell us in the Olivet Discourse to expect such a thing. Yet people were saying Paul was the one with the inside skinny on this. Yet scripture is suppose to witness to itself! lol
    I realized it was only at Jesus coming in the clouds with the shout and the trump .. exactly what Jesus told the disciples. But no one would discuss it with me. my own brother will clench his fists when bringing this up and refuses to even consider other options.
    And another thing that always bothered me. Not to sound judgmental but if people really believed in a sudden without warning rapture then why don’t people live like that could happen any moment?? You know live more holy lives knowing you could stand before our Lord at any moment. I think that is the thing that has bothered me most.
    Anyways, thank you for writing this. I pray eyes all over the church will open and we will all be as one.
    blessings and Maranatha

  3. interesting position along with that of alan kurshchnner overturn the doctrine of rapture pretribulacion that doctrine that has done so much damage to the church has it asleep and as jesus says it would be as in the days of noe ate and drank and were given in marriage the whole church is being deceived by that doctrine, fortunately there are very few men of God who are coming out at the end of time to warn the church with you, alan kurschnner, joel richardson, walid shoebat, michael snyder, billy crone

  4. Nelson, it was great to meet you in Tyler and pick up a copy of the book there. I have read the book, and now am going through the Bible and all your references to “see if it is true”.

    When I committed my life to Christ in 1970, I was consumed with the desire to understand the end times. I read everything I could get my hands on to help me understand what the Bible was saying on this topic. I quickly became frustrated that there were so many interpretations, and that the proponents of each were so firmly entrenched, and that the church was still divided on such an important issue.

    I saw holes in each of the interpretations being advanced in the late ’60’s and early ’70s, but at the same time, I couldn’t come up with an holistic explanation where it all fits. For each interpretation, only 2 or 3 fingers fit in the pair of gloves that represented the whole eschatological picture.

    When I realized that much of the eschatological passages were sealed until the final generation who would go through the fulfillment of those passages, I began to wait on the Lord’s timing in order to understand these things.

    I believe you have answered all my previous doubts and questions. All 10 fingers in the prophetic pair of gloves analogy now fit. I’m still working through it all, but so far, I believe you have laid out a compelling and convincing case. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in laying out this extremely complex case in such a way that laymen like myself can understand it.

    Blessings, Frank

  5. Sure hope that the rapture is true. Sadly , do not believe that we are going to escape . This is a false theory and many are going to be so disappointed when they realize that they have to go through the great tribulation. Praying that we christians will be strong to the end. Then, the rapture comes with Jesus coming on the clouds of heaven to take us to himself. My great hope!

    1. Dina,

      It’s interesting how many view “the rapture” as a yes/no question; as if pretrib or post-trib are the only choices. There is another choice, a biblical one, where the rapture comes after great tribulation when Jesus comes on the clouds, yet before the last day.

      Is the fact that so few are aware of this other choice the reason we haven’t solved the rapture case? I hope you enjoy the book and its findings.

  6. This is propsoterous …. you are deceiving many and you will give an account to Jehovah one day … THERE IS NO RAPTURE!!!! STOP USING JEHOVAH’S WORD TO MAKE MONEY!!!!!

    1. Wow, Shaun, you are a speed reader. I realize you are a good Berean (Acts 17:11) and would never criticize a scriptural position without first checking out the scriptures within the book to see if they were so. You would not be less noble-minded like those in Thessalonica and judge without reading. But on the chance you are less noble minded, Yeshua will give you the chance to repent and read the book first.

      Have you considered that you may be making up your mind without having viewed all the evidence? In fact, I guarantee you haven’t seen it all because there are dozens of new biblical interpretations in this book. So I invite you to consider the positions, the 147 proofs, this book lays out. Perhaps your position could be justified until this book came out. Perhaps, now it no longer can be. Have you considered that?

      This book was not written to make money, but to bring guys like you and me to the same table to discuss this issue like brothers in one Lord. It is not acceptable for us to be divided on such an important issue. That is why Yeshua called me to send this book to the 1000 leaders, which many have sacrificially given to support (me included). In fact, all of the vineyard leaders (with whom I assume you are associated) are getting a copy this week. Grab a like-minded brother from your congregation and test the scriptures in Rapture: Case Closed for yourselves. See if what those scriptures say is true.

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