“Revelation” by Marquis Laughlin

For those who don’t know him, I’d like to introduce you all to my good friend and fellow bondservant, Marquis Laughlin.

As you will soon see, Marquis is an extraordinarily gifted actor and speaker. He also has an incredible memory having MEMORIZED the books of Genesis, Exodus, Daniel, John, Acts, and Revelation. Yes, brethren, MEMORIZED. He presents these books in a one-man performance in churches around the country. This week he is presenting Daniel to my old home church in Pittsburgh. Here are some excerpts from Revelation. Be sure to share this link on the web:

Set down what ever you are doing and call your pastor to book Marquis and be blessed by this incredible ministry, Acts of the Word.

Marquis’ and my lives have intersected in amazing ways. First, after I left the cold clutches of the Pennsylvania winters eleven years ago, I left a wonderful intercity church. Almost immediately after I moved to North Carolina, Marquis moved to Pennsylvania and joined the same church I had been attending. He now sits under the teaching of the same pastor that baptized me.

Marquis also used to host a wonderful radio show on one of the major radio networks in America. Weekly, his voice went out to over two-hundred channels. He has interviewed me on that show several times about Revelation Deciphered, Rapture: Case Closed?, and 70 Times 7. Unfortunately church politics ended his stint on this network. Powerful teachers of the Pretribulation Rapture Theory complained to the radio network that Marquis’s Prewrath teaching was causing their listeners to doubt them and their “feel-good” theory.

Money and power talk. Marquis’s stint at this network ended in July. In this way, Marquis joins other Prewrath luminaries like Rosenthal, Cooper, and Lenard who have lost positions due to their believing and speaking the truth. Sometimes the greatest religious persecution happens WITHIN the church.

However, Marquis’ main ministry is his performances via Acts of the Word. You can contact his ministry to book it or purchase DVDs of his amazing talent at work by CLICKING THIS LINK.

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