Save These Dates: Conference and Radio Series

August 4-5, 2017 “Understanding the Times Conference” in Tyler Texas

June – July, 2017 Multipart series on Revelation Deciphered with Marquis Laughlin on American Family Radio network.

Understanding the Times Conference

August 4-5, 2017 join Nelson along with Joel Richardson and Dalton Thomas in Tyler Texas for a two day conference on Israel, Islam, and the Gospel at the End of the Age.  Additional speakers will include Mark Davidson, Christopher Mantai, and others.

Nelson will be speaking on “Deception in the End Times: How to Recognize and Avoid It.” In addition to speaking, Nelson will be the pastor liaison.

The conference at the 1200 seat Green Acres Baptist is expected to sell-out. Tickets are now available at

Make arrangements now to meet Nelson and the other speakers and participate in this important conference.

The Moral Dilemma Radio Show

Join Nelson and host Marquis Laughlin for a two month series on the book Revelation Deciphered. The multi-part series is tentatively scheduled for June and July, 2017. The “Moral D” radio show airs on the AFR network of 205 stations. (station finder HERE) on Saturdays 7-8 AM Eastern. This show features end time topics and guests familiar to most of our readers. Nelson is a regular listener, and now will be a guest.

I highly recommend tuning in on a weekly basis to hear Marquis  and learn from this like-minded brother in the Lord.

Check out the website HERE for more information.


2 thoughts on “Save These Dates: Conference and Radio Series”

  1. I discovered Marquis Laughlin’s radio show on the local AFR station in NC, shortly after we moved here last August. I really enjoy listening to it on Saturday mornings! Will the conference be live streamed? Wish I could attend.

  2. Yes, I heard you were going to be a break-out session speaker at the Tyler, TX prophecy conference. So excited for you and all the other speakers I am familiar with and follow. Wish it were closer I’d for sure be attending. Please let us know and report back how the conference went and I am not surprised it would sell-out.


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