Understanding the Times Conference: A Synopsis

August 3-6, Nelson attended and spoke at the “Understanding the Times: Israel, Islam, and the Gospel at the End of the Age” Conference in Tyler Texas.

Learn more about this awesome conference by clicking the link below. This is an interview of  Nelson on Omega Radio by Pastor Vincent Xavier (who was in attendance at the conference as well). NELSON’S INTERVIEW BEGINS AT 29:45 in this hour length show.


In addition to Nelson, other speakers included Nelson’s friends Joel Richardson and Mark Davidson. The Conference was MC’d by Christopher Mantei of Wings of the Eagle Ministries (Nelson’s friend as well.)

Other speakers included Mideast missionaries Tom and Joann Doyle, Pastor David Dykes, and Dalton Thomas (via video from the Middle East.)

Nelson also facilitated a “pastor’s breakfast” with all the speakers and 25 local pastors and ministry leaders in attendance. Both “Rapture: Case Closed?” and “Mideast Beast” were distributed to those in attendance – a great outreach opportunity.

It was without a doubt, the finest and best attended conference I’ve been involved with. Give the interview a listen.

Thank you to all of you who came out to listen, say “hello,” and to buy a copy of “Rapture: Case Closed?” (We sold out on the first day – sorry for those who missed out.)

4 thoughts on “Understanding the Times Conference: A Synopsis”

  1. That was an awesome conference. I saw you and bought your books but I wasn’t able to meet you in person. Thank you for your inspiring books and website. I have shared some of your articles on Facebook. God bless you. Brian

  2. Hi Nelson, The conference was worth the almost 20 hours travel time and cost from Sydney, Australia. All the speakers had a relevant message for these “last days”. It was great to finally meet up with you. Blessings, Ron

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