Movie Review: Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

Last night I attended the one night showing the Tim Mahoney film Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus.  I love biblical archaeology and I love documentaries so it is not surprising that I enjoyed this film.  The basic the question the film tries to answer is: Is there physical evidence that the historic Exodus happened as described in the Bible?

By faith I don’t need physical evidence, I know the Exodus occurred.  The very story of redemption is symbolically written into the Passover where we are saved by the blood of the Lamb.  Jesus, Paul, the prophets, and the Psalmists all mention it.  It also is an end time picture of God’s wrath being poured out and the ultimate deliverance of Israel.  The Exodus is a central belief of faith.  However, finding physical evidence refutes much of the recent secular humanist propaganda.

I give the film the rating of 5 Crosses (the highest rating.)  I think it accomplishes its mission, and the cinematography and computer animations are stunning.  It is a beautiful film.

5 crosses

But be forewarned if you purchase the DVD, the film is long: 2 hours, 45 minutes, but I think well worth it.

Let me describe my night.  I arrived early with my pre-bought ticket and I’m glad I pre-ordered it.  The film was sold-out.  As I approached the check point, I noticed a gentlemen who seemed to be struggling.  His wife had already passed the checkpoint and he seemed oblivious to the fact that he had to get in the long line to reach her on the other side of the checkpoint.  I let him “line-cut” in front of me.  It was then I noticed his Kippah.  I said “Shalom, I bet we’re headed to the same place.”

Once I settled into my seat, I looked around and felt like a youngster.  The average age in the theater was probably 60!  They were a vocal crowd too, it was not unusual for them to comment or Amen during the film.

Mahoney assembled an impressive group of archaeologists and scholars to debate the evidence on screen.   He was careful to balance those who believe the Exodus is a myth with those who believe it happened.  I think this adds validity to the film and makes it a great film to watch with unbelievers.

Mahoney begins with the Bible story as a basis for his investigation.  What a refreshing  place to begin.  His premise is that there are six main Biblical aspects to the story:

  1. the entry of the Israelites into Egypt
  2. the multiplication of the Israelities
  3. the enforced slavery of the Israelities
  4. the judgment of Egypt during the plagues
  5. a period of time where Egypt looses it’s power and status
  6. the conquest of Canaan under Joshua

Mahoney looks for evidence of these six events occurring in this order.  He calls this a “pattern of evidence.”  What he finds is startling.  He finds unbelievable physical evidence of each event occurring in this precise order.  The only problem is the evidence is found at a time in history that doesn’t match the current timeline of historians.  It was almost funny to hear the unbelieving scholars say, “that is interesting but it occurs at the wrong time”  over and over again.  The current Egyptian timeline of historians appears to be a mental block stopping many from seeing the truth.

After the two hour film with a 10 minute intermission, a panel discussion moderated by Gretchen Carlson of FOX NEWS discusses the movie and it’s findings.  You will probably find the names on the panel familiar: Anne Graham Lotz (author and founder of AnGeL Ministries), Eric Metaxas (best-selling author and TV host), Father Jonathan Morris (religious media commentator serving the New York Archdiocese) as well as Dennis Prager (speaker and radio show host).

A highlight of the 45 minute discussion is Anne Graham Lotz presenting the symbolism of the Passover story, which is the gospel.  It was awesome.  Obviously too awesome.  My “friend” in the Kippah and his entire party (6 folks) walked out of the film at that point.  It appears that not only do the scholars have a mental block but a “partial hardening” of our Jewish brothers stops them from seeing the truth in their own scriptures.  Pray for this party and all the Jews who see this film.

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus”

  1. Yep. I happen to have seen the documentary too and yes, you are both right. The audience was definitely an older crowd and I saw quiet a few from my home church and the entire audience was adult. As Chris stated, the theatre was about two-third’s full for me as well and for a holiday evening I thought that was a decent turn-out. Your right Nelson, it is a long showing…three hours! It was hard for me to fight off sleep to completely pay attention adequately, but I got through it. Would like to see it again when I am fully paying attention…morning, perhaps? LOL

    But yes, it deserves a five cross rating!


  2. Amen I had the same reaction. My theater was only about 2/3 full but for the Northeast this is a very good turnout for this type of film. Also felt very young. 😉

    For the 40s and under generation at least, it’s easy to overlook the Bible as actual history and not just “spiritual truth”. This is also the missing ingredient in properly understand Bible Prophecy I think; that real nations will really be destroyed by a real Resurrected man named Jesus Christ and we will really rule the earth with Him for 1,000 years…

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