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Are We About to See Iran fulfill Daniel 8? 20141201 Guest Blog Click
Hanukkah and the Future Abomination of Desolation 20150105 Jewish Feasts Click
Hanukkah and the Antichrist 20171211 Jewish Feasts Click
Hanukkah, Israel, and Antichrist 20171215 Jewish Feasts Click
Hannukah and the Great Tribulation 20171222 Jewish Feasts Click
Was Jewish Calendar Changed to Hide Jesus’s Resurrection? 20160418 Jewish Opposition to Jesus Click
Movie Review: Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus 20150120 Movie Reviews Click
The Ladder and the Lion 20150623 Nelson’s Father’s Salvation Dream Click
Is ISIS Fulfilling Prophecy? 20141111 The Fourth Beast Click
What is the “Gospel of the Kingdom?” 20160221 The Gospel Click
Psalm 68 and the Return of Jesus 20161007 The Return of Jesus Click
The Seven Churches of Revelation 20160519 The Seven Churches of Revelation Click
Where Was Solomon’s Temple Located? 20160404 The Third Temple Click
“Miracle” Rabbi Part of God’s Plan to Rebuild Temple? 20141206 The Third Temple Click