Do We Make the Blessed Hope Idolatry?

The Blessed Hope is the return of Jesus – it’s our only HOPE.  But, some Christians refer to a “theory” about that return as the Blessed Hope. And in so doing, are they making “the Blessed Hope” into Idolatry?

Many Christians are trusting in man-made theories to protect them rather than in Jesus himself. They are making assumptions about when certain things will happen and choosing to prepare – or not to prepare – for the end times based solely on these theories.

Watch this video to discover why it is important to prepare for the end times regardless of what Rapture theory you believe – even if you believe you might not see those things.

The key phrase above is “might not see those things.” None of us know with absolute 100% certainty whether Jesus’s return will be pretrib., post-trib., or prewrath. These are only theories about when his return will occur. These theories are hotly contested and in no way is there a consensus.

One cannot risk the protection and eternal fate of hundreds of millions on a theory. If there is only a 1% chance of Christians entering the Tribulation period, we need to prepare for that possible eventuality.

Now, most people will admit that there isn’t a 100% chance of any of the three main theories occurring. However, if you think there is no chance what-so-ever of having to face the Tribulation period, there are two things you should do.

  • First, consider that “Tribulation Period” impacts may well happen prior to that period during the Beginning of the Birth Pangs. Can you honestly say you won’t face those events as well?
  • Second, do you realize you may have come to your conclusion without viewing all the evidence? I recommend watching the free online DVD Dawn of a New Day and then make up your mind about whether or not there is zero chance of facing those times. (CLICK HERE TO BEGIN WATCHING)

So in conclusion, trusting in a theory of when Jesus returns by refusing to prepare for the end times is idolatry. All Christians need to prepare for those days regardless of their opinion on the Rapture.

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