Rapture: Case Closed?

“Will the Church face the Antichrist or be safely Raptured first?” This is the most important and controversial question facing Christians today. We need to know the answer with absolute, biblical certainty.

AMAZON – 5 out of 5 stars

“It’s almost like this book is an encyclopedia. If you’re someone who’s wrestled thru the Rapture issue and have questions, this book addresses them.” – Joel Richardson, New York Times Best Selling Author  “The fact that Nelson had the courage and commitment to send a free copy of his book to the 1000 most influential church leaders in America speaks volumes about how significant he considers his message to be.” – Bob Brown, Amazon 5 stars
“Amazing to say the least … Everything seems to line up precisely with this study … I truly believe this information is as accurate today as we can know.” – Redeemed, 5 stars  “I had been asking the Holy Spirit about things in the book of Revelation and when this material found me I was so thrilled to finally see the things fall in place. It helped me connect the dots.” – Abigail, 5 stars
The best and most complete rapture book ever published.” – Marquis Laughlin Radio Talk Show Host AFR network “Must buy book if you are a pre-trib or post-trib rapture believer … One of the main keys for me was how he supports how long the Day of the Lord is by supported Bible verses.” – David, 5 stars

During September, 2017, copies of Rapture: Case Closed? were sent to the 1000 most influential leaders of the American Church to inspire their discussion and debate. As their conversations with congregations, clergy, theologians, and Christian educators continue, we invite you to join the conversation.  By owning a copy of this historic and dynamic book, you can be a good “Berean” and decide for yourself whether you will face the Antichrist.

If you prefer to discuss this with the other members of a  small group or Sunday School class, we encourage you to pick up the 11 week Small Group Bible Study, as well.


Buy on  Amazon now!

Buy on  Amazon now!

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