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Democracy Spring and the Red Green Alliance

Communist factions, Anarchist factions, Radical Muslim factions and Black Lives Matter are joining forces for a spring and summer of protests (and possibly terror) in the United States. In a nation where these various left-leaning constituencies are “supported” by the Administration, will law enforcement or military forces be allowed to restrict them? What will be the result of the Democracy Spring and the Red Green Alliance?

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“Are We Ready For Jesus” Interview on Joel’s Trumpet

Joel Richardson and I had a conversation on his show “The Underground” a couple months ago. He posted it online today. You can access the interview HERE

Please support Joel’s site by viewing the interview there and leaving comments there as well. Joel has been doing interviews with a number of like-minded teachers over the past two months and I recommend you view all of them. It is highly educational. I don’t miss an episode. It is a wonderful service to help awaken the Church and advance the Kingdom.


God Is Fixing This

I’m sure you’ve seen the recent New York Daily News headline that “God Isn’t Fixing This.”

God Isn't

The Daily’s writer, Rich Schapiro, was making a case for gun control and against conservative politicians who offered up prayers for the victims but not Mr. Schapiro’s flavor of gun control. Mr. Schapiro mocked the prayers of the faithful saying, “the prayers aren’t working.”

My article isn’t about gun control or politics. It’s about the not so subtle suggestion by Mr. Schapiro that God is impotent or doesn’t exist. “How can a loving God permit mass murder and terrorism,” he might have asked.

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What Does Your Church Need to Know About End Times?

If you had to describe the most important factor the Church needs to know about End Times, what would it be? This is mine; my entire ministry is centered on this one crucial aspect. So what does your church need to know about end times?

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Star of Bethlehem Sign Repeats Again This Week

In June 2015, a once in 2000 year conjunction of Venus and Jupiter recreated what many think “may” have been the Star of Bethlehem.  The occurance of this sign just a couple of days after the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Same Sex marriage led me to write this post {click here}. It has turned out to be the most popular of all the posts on this site with over 300,000 views. You may want to re-read it.

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The Shmitah is Over – Now What?

The convergence of a supermoon “Blood Moon” and a proposed date for the end of the Shmitah (both in September) led many prophecy teachers to wrongly assume the beginning of the 70th Week of Daniel or other prophetic events would commence during the Fall Feasts of 2015. This interest intensified into a fever pitch in the weeks before Elul 29. “Shmitah” became one of the most googled terms world-wide that week. Elul 29 and the Fall Feasts passed without major prophetic events (although some claimed the Iran Nuclear Deal was an “event” even if it didn’t align with any biblical date).  Now the Shmitah is over, what should we learn from this hysteria?

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Refugees and Luke 21

I must admit that I am conflicted about what our response to the Syrian refugee crisis should be as Christians. On the one hand, it is an opportunity to show the love of Christ and for evangelism. On the other hand is our need to protect our families and communities. Let’s delve into this issue and what scripture might say about it.

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