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Psalm 83 War: When Is It?

The Psalm 83 War has been on every prophecy student’s radar since Bill Salus’s book “Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Revealed.” (2013) Mr. Salus concludes that this war precedes the 70th Week and makes Israel a superpower. Is he correct? When is the Psalm 83 War in relation to the rest of end time events?

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“Are We Ready For Jesus” Interview on Joel’s Trumpet

Joel Richardson and I had a conversation on his show “The Underground” a couple months ago. He posted it online today. You can access the interview HERE

Please support Joel’s site by viewing the interview there and leaving comments there as well. Joel has been doing interviews with a number of like-minded teachers over the past two months and I recommend you view all of them. It is highly educational. I don’t miss an episode. It is a wonderful service to help awaken the Church and advance the Kingdom.


Nelson Walters on Joel’s Trumpet

You can now buy the book Are We Ready For Jesus as a part of a “bundle” of products on the website Joel’s Trumpet, the web home of Bible teacher Joel Richardson. The bundle is called “The Rapture and the Return of Jesus Bundle.” (BUY HERE) and includes:

In my opinion these are all great resources. I did a movie review of Endtimes Eyewitness earlier in the  year.  You can click on the link above to view it.

Joel and I also taped a discussion he and I had for his TV show “The Underground.” We discussed the immigrant crisis and other topics you may find interesting. This interview will appear on Joel’s site www.joelstrumpet.com before the end of the year. I will alert you when the interview is available.

The Shmitah is Over – Now What?

The convergence of a supermoon “Blood Moon” and a proposed date for the end of the Shmitah (both in September) led many prophecy teachers to wrongly assume the beginning of the 70th Week of Daniel or other prophetic events would commence during the Fall Feasts of 2015. This interest intensified into a fever pitch in the weeks before Elul 29. “Shmitah” became one of the most googled terms world-wide that week. Elul 29 and the Fall Feasts passed without major prophetic events (although some claimed the Iran Nuclear Deal was an “event” even if it didn’t align with any biblical date).  Now the Shmitah is over, what should we learn from this hysteria?

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NEW BOOK! — Are We Ready For Jesus

The timing for the release of my first book (TODAY!) seems appropriate with stock market crashes, blood moons and the end of the Shmita. Although the Church realizes something is happening, it isn’t quite sure what to do about it. The Church is asleep.

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“Islamic Antichrist Debunked” DEBUNKED

BOOK REVIEW debunked

The Islamic Antichrist: Debunked by Chris White

Author Chris White has released a new book which challenges what is becoming the established view on the religion and ethnicity of the Antichrist.  In this book Chris has added some amazing research on the basis for Islamic “holy” writings for which he is to be commended.  Unfortunately his main premise is based on a number of misinterpretations of scripture.   I highly endorse his section on Islamic eschatology but can’t endorse the book as a whole.

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