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Movie Review: Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

Last night I attended the one night showing the Tim Mahoney film Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus.  I love biblical archaeology and I love documentaries so it is not surprising that I enjoyed this film.  The basic the question the film tries to answer is: Is there physical evidence that the historic Exodus happened as described in the Bible?

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End Times Eyewitness

This movie receives Nelson’s highest rating: 5 crosses

5 crosses

see the trailer here.

International prophecy teacher and New York Times best-selling author Joel Richardson (Mideast Beast) has just released an eye-opening new DVD “End Times Eyewitness.” Using first person interviews of Mideast leaders and footage from Israel and the surrounding nations, Joel shows eight signs that mark the soon return of Jesus. This is not a sensationalist, “sky is falling” YouTube video, but rather is a thought provoking, biblically solid, “behind the scenes” account of unfolding events in God’s master plan.

Why Should You Buy this DVD?

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