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Most Misunderstood Bible Verse

What is the most misunderstood Bible verse? There are lots of candidates: “judge not,” “I didn’t come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it,” etc. But in my opinion the most misunderstood Bible verse (and the most damaging because of that misunderstanding) is Matt. 24:36.

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“Are We Ready For Jesus” Interview on Joel’s Trumpet

Joel Richardson and I had a conversation on his show “The Underground” a couple months ago. He posted it online today. You can access the interview HERE

Please support Joel’s site by viewing the interview there and leaving comments there as well. Joel has been doing interviews with a number of like-minded teachers over the past two months and I recommend you view all of them. It is highly educational. I don’t miss an episode. It is a wonderful service to help awaken the Church and advance the Kingdom.


Mockers and “Propheteers”

Can we know with certainty that Jesus is coming back soon? Or will it always be a mystery? This is an enormously important question.

I recently received a comment to another post. I realize that few of you will read the thirtieth or fortieth comment to a post, but this comment was highly significant, so I thought I’d answer it in this post.

The comment was more like an advertisement for a book that criticized prophecy teachers who claim Jesus will be returning soon. The comment called many of these teachers “Propheteers,” and implied most were making their claims for financial gain.

Financial gain aside, the question I asked at the beginning hangs in the air, “Can we know with certainty that Jesus is coming back soon? Or will it always be a mystery?”

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What About the Blood Moons?

This morning while I was walking my dog I was able to observe a blood moon.  This was the second of four blood moons to occur in 2014 – 2015.  These have become known as the Blood Moon Tetrad on popular prophecy sites and in books by Mark Blitz and John Hagee.

I can certainly see why the ancients would become spooked as the moon slowly turns red before your eyes.  Nowadays of course we realize that the red color is the result of the bending of light.  This same effect causes harvest moons and red sunsets.

The question on everyone’s mind this year is, “do these four blood moons all falling on Jewish feast days mean anything prophectic?”  If you read the books by Biltz and Hagee, they certainly believe they do.  I am unsure.  They might and they might not.  Let’s first look at why they might not have any significance.

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