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The Most Neglected Rapture Passage

The most neglected rapture passage in the Bible lies almost hidden prior to its famous sister passage in the next chapter.

The debate between pretribulation rapture followers and prewrath scholars about Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians has been fierce – mostly centered around 2 Thess. 2:3 and the meaning of the Greek word apostasia. I have written about that passage at length in my book Rapture: Case Closed? and have made my thoughts about that passage known. However, very little discussion has taken place about the passage that precedes 2 Thess. 2 and provides its “context,” that is 2 Thess. 1 – the most neglected rapture passage in the Bible.

In fact, I almost never read commentaries or books about this key passage. As most of us know, there were no chapter and verse divisions at the time Paul wrote his letter. The eschatological material in chapters one and two are really one continuous teaching! We cannot understand chapter two without understanding chapter one that provides introductory thoughts on the more  hotly contested chapter.

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Vultures in the Olivet Discourse and the Rapture

The Church’s current understanding of the short one verse Parable of the Vultures in the Olivet Discourse (from Matt. 24:28) requires the misapplication of no less than THREE Greek words. This must set some kind of record for a single verse. When the proper application of those words is made, this somewhat grotesque-sounding verse becomes a beautiful picture of the Rapture.

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What is Daniel 7 About?

I think I’ve seen more diverse interpretations of Dan. 7 than almost any other chapter of the Bible. Nearly all of them focus on the four “wild beasts” found in the first few verses, but the beasts are not, and should not be the main focus of our understanding. What is Daniel 7  about? It is the outline of the entire end times. Let’s dig in.

DANIEL 7: PART ONE: The Heavenly Judgment

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The Two Witnesses – When Is Their Ministry?

Two of the most mysterious figures in scripture are the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11. Let me state a disclaimer right up front: this post does not discuss who the Witnesses are. There are dozens of theories and although speculating on their identities is interesting, this post doesn’t discuss that aspect. I will leave that discussion to other prophecy teachers because from what I can tell its pretty much immaterial who they are. (Please do not leave comments about their identities.)

What is more interesting and meaningful to me, however, is when their ministry takes place.

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How Many Resurrections Will There Be?

This seems like a crazy question, right? Isn’t there just one resurrection? Well, it isn’t quite that simple. The Resurrection is based on the Hebrew harvest (Jesus made this reference many times), and the Hebrew harvest had 3 divisions: a first fruits harvest, the primary harvest, and a final gleanings harvest. The Bible supports this 3-part view. There are those who claim as many as 7 resurrections, however!! Let’s see what the Bible says.

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We Will Be Changed In a Moment

“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye” we will be changed. Most Christians believe this, but have you given thought to what it means? Spiritually it will mean a sinless state worthy of being in God’s presence. It will also mean immortality and the right to eat of the Tree of Life. But what will we look like physically? We had a request from a reader to speculate on what “changed” might mean and what our resurrection bodies might be like.

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