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Where Was Solomon’s Temple Located?

Were Herod’s Temple and Solomon’s Temple located on the Temple Mount or elsewhere? The answer has enormous implications on where the Third Temple will be built. And the building of a Third Temple will be an enormous sign to Christians all over the world that the 70th Week of Daniel is ready to begin (or has begun).

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Covenant with the Many

This September the Pope will visit the USA and the UN will be in its 70th session. Many people expect a UN resolution calling for a two state “solution” for the Land of Isarel. Most expect that the USA and the Pope will support this horrid plan.  Will this be the prophetic “Coveanant with the Many” mentioned in Daniel 9:27 that launches Daniel’s 70th Week?

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“Miracle” Rabbi Part of God’s Plan to Rebuild Temple?

Last month a Jihadist fired four shots at point blank range into the chest of Jerusalem Rabbi Yehuda Glick as he left the Temple Mount area. This assignation attempt was barely a blip on the radar of secular news sources. Those who did report labeled him a “right wing activist.” None of the secular sources reported on Glick’s miraculous healing. His recovery beyond all human reason and the unique role he plays makes me wonder: is the “miracle” Rabbi part of God’s plan to rebuild the Temple?

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