Fear of Guns and the Antichrist

This is not an article about Gun Control. But fear of guns and the Antichrist rise to power may be related.

The rash of recent school shootings have galvanized Americans into two polarized camps – both driven by fear.

  • One camp fears being a victim of gun violence and desires to legislate against guns to protect themselves.
  • The other camp fears not having guns as a personal means of protection from the violence in society, and frankly from the government itself.

Fear is a powerful emotion, and how we seek safety says a lot about us as individuals. Some trust the government and seek safety in its laws. Some distrust government to protect them and seek their own protection. A third group seeks protection in the person of Jesus.

This is not a gun control article, but the drama unfolding before us on cell phone screens and TV screens says a lot about us as a society. Our “gods” are who we ultimately choose to trust.  And in my view, the drama reflects the move away from Jesus to the government as a source of safety and protection.

Fear of Guns and the Antichrist

But rather than discussing gun control in any more depth, I would like to extrapolate this current drama to one that will unfold in the end times.

When he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” And out came another horse, bright red. Its rider was permitted to take peace from the earth, so that people should slay one another, and he was given a great sword. (Rev. 6:3-4)

When the second seal is broken, peace will be taken from the earth.  Much has been made about this word “peace,” whether it is military peace or peace of mind which is taken away.

However, almost no emphasis has been placed on the Greek word translated “sword.” This word is machaira (μάχαιρα) which is not the “traditional” word for a war sword which is rhomphaia (ρομφαία). But the word used here, machaira, is more of a dagger not a sword.

3162 máχaira – properly, a slaughter-knife; a short sword or dagger mainly used for stabbing; (figuratively) an instrument for exacting retribution. (HELPS word study)

Not only is it a slaughter-knife (the type used for religious sacrifice), but the word for “great” in this passage is megale. As we’ve seen in our studies on the “Great Tribulation,” this word can mean “widespread.” So the meaning of “great sword” in Rev. 6:4 may not properly mean “Powerful war sword,” but may now be better thought of as “widespread slaughter knife.”

What might this interpretation mean? These “knives” might be thought of as the types used by Islamic terrorists in beheading their victims; and “widespread” might mean this taking place on a world-wide basis. Might a future Mahdi declare world-wide jihad? Might millions of terrorists take to the streets in most nations? What would be the effect?

In one word: fear.

Is this the same situation as Jesus describes in Luke 21:9?

And when you hear of wars and tumults, do not be terrified, for these things must first take place. (Luke 21:9)

Here “tulmults” can be disturbances, revolutions, or fighting in the streets.  Jesus’s prescription for his followers during this time is DO NOT BE TERRIFIED (by the terrorism). Jesus warns us against the natural human reaction of fear.

Reaction of the World

What will be the reaction of the world to a world-wide Jihad? For a country that has disarmed itself by banning firearms, the danger and fear would be magnified a hundred times. Might this be a lever that the Antichrist could then use to force a treaty that divides the nation of Israel? Or to disarm the world from a nuclear perspective? Or might the Antichrist be able to offer to stop terrorism as a bargaining chip to sue for a peace that is greatly to his advantage?

It is impossible to say what will happen, but it is assured that if the world disarms itself from firearms, it will be much more vulnerable to terrorism on a mass scale.


6 thoughts on “Fear of Guns and the Antichrist”

  1. On a up note I’m about half way thru Rapture Case Closed ? You are right,being taught Matthew 24 was for the Jew only kept me blind to the plain teaching of the rapture. Even while admitting to my self I couldn’t see a pre trib rapture
    Thanks Nelson !

    1. Thanks Tim. What I find interesting is how the leadership of the Church not only is unable to see this but is also unwilling to hold a world-wide academic forum to debate the issue. The first issue is understandable, all of us are mistaken about various things. The second is not because it is willfully keeping literally millions in the dark about the truth. And this truth may lead to the falling away of many.

  2. I have to agree with Tom I see a move toward government too. In fact I believe political ideology is a major deception coming to the church

  3. Excellent article. It is always instructive look at the original languages of Scripture. I had never thought of the “great tribulation” as “widespread”, but it makes perfect sense, better sense.

    In the U.S. we are already seeing numerous “disturbances” and fighting in the streets, with various groups calling for revolution, Antifa, BLM, etc., just like in the 60’s. This is how, among other things, a country becomes destabilized. We also saw this in Europe in the 60’s/70’s and even into the 80’s with the various terrorist groups there (e.g. the Brigate Rosse, Red Brigades, in Italy, where I lived for over four years, and the Baader-Meinhof Group in Germany; but we saw it here as well with the groups like the Weather Underground and Black Panthers in the U.S.). Furthermore, the radicals from the 1960’s are now well entrenched in our academia and government, and elsewhere.

    Also we’ve seen numerous times in the 20th century what happens when a government disarms its citizens: Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, the Ottoman Empire, which went door to door to confiscate firearms from the Armenian Christians. The result is wholesale slaughter and genocide.

    So those who believe taking away guns will bring “peace” are only believing in a delusion.

    But as you say, we are to trust ultimately not in government or guns, but in Jesus. And we know how it ultimately ends: good for us, bad for the enemies of Messiah!

  4. Great article Nelson.

    “Our “gods” are who we ultimately choose to trust. And in my view, the drama reflects the move away from Jesus to the government as a source of safety and protection.”

    This statement jumped out at me as being so true. Every time something happens, “we” want to legislate a solution to it and everything will be fine. During these final days, it will be easy to take our eyes off Jesus and put them elsewhere. Your article is a good reminder where we should keep them. We have to keep the big picture in mind while all these “things” are unfolding.

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