Who is the Beast?

Revelation and Daniel both speak of a coming “Beast.” Who is the Beast? How will we recognize it and prepare to face it?

Before we begin, I ask that you first empty your mind of preconceived notions of what or who the Beast will be. We need to put the UN, the EU, Obama, Erdogan, and anything else associated with the Beast out of our consciousness. Instead we need to focus on what scripture says not current events. Then using scripture only, we can access what the Beast truly is.

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Where in the Bible is ‘the Beast’ Found?

Revelation actually speaks of two “beasts” and Daniel speaks of four “beasts” so we need to specify who THE Beast is. In Revelation we learn there is the “Beast from the sea” and the “beast from the earth” also known as the False Prophet.

I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns were ten diadems, and on his heads were blasphemous names . . . Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb and he spoke as a dragon.  He exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence.  (Rev. 13: 1, 11-12 NASB)

The “sea” symbolizes gentile nations and the “land” or “earth” is Israel. So the first Beast arises out of gentile nations and the False Prophet (who most likely will say he is the historic Jesus) will appear to be from Israel. It is the first “beast from the sea” that is the focus of this article. For further information on the second beast or the False Prophet see the recent article on the Purpose of the Four Horsemen.

There are four, main relevant chapters in scripture that identify the Beast: Rev. 13, Rev. 17, Dan. 7 and Dan. 2. Proving these scriptures are all referring to the same Beast is an easy matter. First he is identified by his heads and his horns.

A fourth beast, dreadful and terrifying and extremely strong; and it had large iron teeth. It devoured and crushed and trampled down the remainder with its feet; and it was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns. (Dan. 7: 7 NASB, emphasis mine)

Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns were ten diadems, and on his heads were blasphemous names.  And the beast which I saw was like a leopard, and his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion.  (Rev. 13: 1-2 NASB, emphasis mine)

I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names, having seven heads and ten horns. (Rev. 17: 3, emphasis mine)

We can also identify it by its actions:

A fourth beast, dreadful and terrifying and extremely strong; and it had large iron teeth. It devoured and crushed and trampled down the remainder with its feet; and it was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns. (Dan. 7: 7 NASB, emphasis mine)

Then there will be a fourth kingdom as strong as iron; inasmuch as iron crushes and shatters all things, so, like iron that breaks in pieces, it will crush and break all these in pieces. (Dan 2:40 NASB, emphasis mine)

From this analysis we can see that these four chapters of the Bible are all describing the same thing: the Beast.

The Beast has a 3-part Nature


Identifying who the Beast is from scripture, however, is not as easy. Commentators have poured over the relevant scriptures for 2000 years and there are still misunderstandings and questions. Part of the reason is that it appears that the Beast is multiplex; that it has various aspects to it all at the same time. I am presenting the theory here that the Beast is at once 1.) a spiritual demonic being: an ARCHON, 2.)a political empire, and 3.) a human ruler: the Antichrist. I think that scripture supports this 3-part make-up of the Beast. When scripture refers to “the Beast” it can be referring to any one aspect or all three aspects at one time. This causes the concept to be complex and leads to some of the confusion.

In Daniel 7, we are first introduced to four beasts,the fourth of which is THE Beast. We are immediately told what they are:

These four beasts are four kingdoms that shall rise up on the earth. (Dan. 7:17 LXX)

These same entities (the beasts) are described in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream as four kingdoms as well.

An additional aspect of the fourth Beast of Daniel 7 is also mentioned in Rev. 17:

The beast that you saw was, and is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss and go to destruction(Rev. 17: 8)

From this passage we learn the Beast comes up out of the “abyss” which is a holding area for demons. It is referred to in this way in Luke 8:31, Rev. 9:11, Rev. 11:7, Rev. 20:1, 3 as well. Thus the Beast is obviously also a demon.

Finally, we see from the same passage in Rev. 17 that the Beast is also an earthy king:

I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names, having seven heads and ten horns . . . the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits,  and they are seven kings (Rev. 17:  3, 9-10)

The passage shows us that the seven heads of the Beast are symbolic; they are both “mountains” and they are kings. This immediately proves the multiplex nature of the Beast; its heads are two things at once. “The seven heads are seven mountains and seven kings.” As we know, this passage is explaining Daniel 2 and Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. In Daniel 2:35 we learn that “mountain” is a symbol for kingdom. Therefore using the direct reference to Daniel 2, the passage in Revelation is saying the seven heads are seven kingdoms and seven kings. This makes perfect sense because a “head” is a symbol of authority just as Jesus is the “head” of the church. Thus the heads of the beast are its sources of authority which are seven kingdoms and seven kings.

This is very straightforward analysis of the verse. Unfortunately, historically many Bible scholars have claimed the seven mountains are seven “hills” and that the verse refers to Rome. Nothing could be further from the truth. Why a “head”, which is a symbol of power and authority, could ever be considered a symbol of a “hill” is beyond me.  But it is a commonly held misconception.

Scripture also describes Satan as having these same seven heads:

Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red (Gk: PYRROS, meaning “fiery red”) dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems (Gk: DIADEMATA, meaning “kingly crowns”) . . . And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world. (Rev. 12: 3,9 NASB, emphasis mine)

From this passage we learn that the dragon is Satan himself. He is identified as being “fiery red;” the color associated with Esau and Edom. We see he also has seven heads and ten horns. Finally, we also see that the dragon is “of old.” He is same creature who appeared as a serpent and deceived Eve in the Garden.

We now know Satan and the Beast each have seven heads which are seven kingdoms or empires that have existed on the earth and that have been used by them to further their evil purposes. A question must arise in your mind right now: “why does the Beast exhibit the exact same seven heads as Satan when the Beast itself is only one of the heads?” This is a very good question. The answer is that the Beast incorporates all the previous empires (heads) into one. We will explain that below in more detail.

Identifying the Seven Heads

As we attempt to identify these seven heads, the problem is how to choose only seven kingdoms from the hundreds of earthly kingdoms that have dominated world affairs. Scripture must interpret scripture for us; the Bible must provide the answer. By referring back to Daniel 7 we will find the solution. In that chapter we have learned of four wild beasts. How many heads do these Beasts have between them?

And four great beasts were coming up from the sea, different from one another.  The first was like a lion . . . And behold, another beast, a second one, resembling a bear. . . and behold, another one, like a leopard, which had on its back four wings of a bird; the beast also had four heads, and dominion was given to it. After this I kept looking in the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast.(Dan. 7: 3-7 NASB)

Mark Davidson in his landmark book, Daniel Revisited, has rightly shown The Lion,  the Bear, and the fourth Beast each have one head while the Leopard has four heads. Between them, the four Beasts have seven heads.  We can easily identify the heads of the Leopard. After the death of Alexander, the Hellenistic Kingdom (the Leopard)was divided into four sub-kingdoms: Macedonia (modern day Greece), Asia Minor (modern day Turkey), the Seleucid Empire (Syria and much of eastern Asia), the Ptolemaic Empire (modern Egypt). The final seventh head will be the seat of the Beast Empire.

In order to further identify these heads with modern nations, we need to refer back to the passage in Rev. 17:9-10:

The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits, and they are seven kings; five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must remain a little while. (Rev. 17: 9-10 NASB)

This passage gives us two clues. First, John writes that the final head of Satan (and the Beast) must “remain a little while” and that implies that this final head will be a long lasting kingdom. Second, John writes that by his day “five have fallen, one is, and one has not yet come (total of seven kingdoms).” This information helps us further identify the seven heads. John wrote during the height of power of the Roman Empire so we know that the sixth empire must be Rome. From our previous analysis of Dan. 7, we predicted the first six heads would be  the Babylon, Persia, and the Leopard (Greece, Turkey, Seleucid Empire and Ptolemaic Empire).  There is a problem with this analysis. The Empire John was told “is” (or was currently existing in John’s day) was Rome. Rome does not exist on this list of six heads.

This dilemma is easily solved, however. It is my opinion that when the Bible refers to an ancient empire or people group (other than the Jews) in prophecy it is referring to the land mass that the empire or people group lived on. The ancient peoples have migrated and intermarried and the empires are no more, but the land mass is still there. The Roman Empire and especially the Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire occupied Asia Minor (modern Turkey) and this land mass is on the list of the first six heads of Satan and the Beast! We should freely substitute “Rome” for Asia Minor in the heads of Satan and the Beast.

In my opinion, there is a “special elegance” in the Bible using Asia Minor (modern Turkey) and not the entire Roman Empire as the sixth head of Satan and the Beast. Although it has made calculating the heads of Satan and the Beast a bit more complex, it more accurately describes the land mass that the Beast will occupy. It entirely eliminates the Western Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire from consideration as part of the Beast! Again, this in another insight that refutes the European Antichrist theory.

Historic Empire Approach

Another approach to determining the heads of Satan and the Beast is to examine all the historic empires of the world and logically examine which six appear to be the ones Satan has used throughout history to persecute the Jews and Christians and also to disrupt God’s plan of redemption. In my opinion this list would be: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Hellenistic (Greece), and Rome. Just as we saw with Rome, many of these “logical” empires for the heads of Satan and the Beast don’t match the heads from Daniel 7. But if we apply the same “land mass” theory we applied above to Rome, an amazing thing happens we have a perfect match!

Historic Empire Heads of Satan and the Beast (Dan. 7) Modern Land Mass Area
Egypt Ptolomaic Egypt
Assyria Seleucid Syria and Eastern Asia
Babylon Babylon Iraq
Persia Persia Iran
Hellenistic Macedonia Greece
Rome Asia Minor Turkey

Placing these kingdoms on a time line we discover a very interesting fact: each of these kingdoms defeated and replaced the previous. This cannot be coincidence. The fact that each historic empire defeated the previous one and the fact that each of these empires occupied the land mass predicted by Daniel 7, leads us to the inescapable conclusion that these first six empires are the correct ones.

The Seventh Head of the Beast

We are now prepared to search for the seventh head of Satan and the Beast. Just as each of the first six kingdoms defeated the previous, an Islamic Caliphate (the Ottoman Empire) defeated the last vestige of the Roman Empire (Byzantine) in 1453 AD. Thus the Caliphate fits this model as well. It also was a long lasting kingdom existing from AD 622 when Mohammed founded the first Caliphate until 1922. The following graphic is from my book Are We Ready For Jesus and details the applicable seven kingdoms:

Kingdom Actions Taken to Thwart God’s Plan of Redemption Who Replaced Them
1.) Egypt Pharaoh attempted genocide by killing Jewish baby boys by throwing them in the Nile. Assyria conquered Egypt in 701 BC (Isaiah 20:1–6).
2.) Assyria Conquered Israel and sent it into captivity, and nearly conquered Judah. Babylon conquered Assyria in 612 BC.
3.) Babylon Conquered Jerusalem and Judah and took them into captivity. Medes and Persians conquered Babylon in 539 BC (Daniel 5).
4.) Persia Haman, in the Persian Court, attempted genocide of the Jews. Greece conquered Persia in 324 BC.
5.) Greece Antiochus IV desecrated the temple and killed thousands of Jews who would not convert to paganism. Rome conquered Greece (the Seleucid Empire) in 64 BC.
6.) Rome Rome crucified Jesus, killed Peter and Paul, killed numerous Christian martyrs, burned the temple and Jerusalem in AD 70, and sent the Jews into captivity. Islam (the Ottoman Empire) conquered Byzantine Rome in AD 1453.
7.) Islamic Caliphate Killed millions of Jews and Christians during empire-building jihads. Crushed the nations where Christianity began, converting them to Islam. Built the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Allies divided the Ottoman Empire after WWI (1922). No other Beast replaced it.

Figure 1: The Seven Heads of Satan and the Beast

These two proofs of the identity of the heads of Satan and the Beast based on Daniel 7 and the historic record give me great confidence these are Satan’s heads of authority.

Make-up of the Beast’s Territory

If the Beast is an empire, what will be the extent of its territory? We are told it will be made up of the Lion, the Bear and the Leopard from Dan. 7:

Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns were ten diadems, and on his heads were blasphemous names.  And the beast which I saw was like a leopard, and his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave him his power and his throne and great authority. (Rev. 13: 1-2 NASB, emphasis mine)

As we have seen these first three Beasts of Daniel 7 encompass the following territories Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria and eastern Asia, Turkey and Greece. This will be the territorial land mass of the Beast Empire based on these six heads. Of great interest to me is where Saudi Arabia is located in this analysis. The answer should be clear. Saudi Arabia is the seventh head of the Beast! It was Mohammed’s original home and his base of operations from which he launched his empire building jihads. So Saudi Arabia needs to be included in the footprint of the Beast.

The Beast is not the United Nations nor is it the European Union. This should be clear from this analysis. No where do we see references to Western European countries or North or South American countries. Only Middle Eastern kingdoms (and Greece) are mentioned.

The Seventh Head is “Slain”

Although the dragon has seven heads, there are actually eight kingdoms. One of the first seven “dies,” descends into the abyss, and then returns to the earth. “The beast that you saw was, and is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss and go to destruction . . . The beast which was and is not, is himself also an eighth and is one of the seven” (Rev. 17: 8,11 NASB). This apparent “death” of one of the heads of Satan is mentioned earlier in Revelation as well:

I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast. (Rev. 13: 3 NASB, emphasis mine)

In November 1922, the seventh “head,” the Ottoman Empire (the Islamic Caliphate that conquered Rome), was “slain” and dissolved by the Allied Powers that won World War I. For decades Satan has not had a “head” on this earth to disrupt the plan of redemption of our God. We know that an Islamic Caliphate will return according to the passage above; the fatal wound will be healed and the whole earth will be amazed. This is an important prophecy insight.

At that point, Satan will transfer his power and authority to the Beast.

And the dragon gave him (the Beast) his power and his throne and great authority. (Rev. 13: 2 NASB, clarification mine)

Where is Satan’s throne? In Revelation 2: 13 we learn it is located in Pergamum in modern Turkey. This is yet another proof that the Islamic Caliphate (based in Turkey) will be the Beast Empire.

The Beast is also a Demon

Up to this point, we have been referring to the Beast as a kingdom and it is. The Beast is also an individual, “the beast which was and is not, is himself also an eighth.” How can this be? If the Beast is a demonic power behind and controlling an empire, it can be both an empire and an individual demon.

We know from Dan. 10 that several of the kingdoms making up the 7 Heads of Satan have had demonic powers controlling them.

I will return to fight with the prince of the Persians: and I was going in, and the prince of the Greeks came. But I will tell thee that which is ordained in the scripture of truth: and there is no one that holds with me in these matters but Michael your prince. (Dan. 10: 20-21 LXX)

The Greek word translated “prince” three times above is the word ARCHON which means “spiritual ruler” and most often refers to angelic powers and rulers, both good and evil. You can see Michael is referred to as an ARCHON as well. If Persia and Greece had an ARCHON isn’t it likely that the Beast does as well?

Interestingly, many Muslims believe a physical animal known as the “Daabba” will arise during the time of the end. This animal (beast) will mark the foreheads of all believers in Islam so they can be differentiated from “infidels.” They even expect this “beast” will be able to speak. This bears a striking resemblance to both the Image of the Beast (which will speak) and the Mark of the Beast[i]. Will Muslims construct a hologram of an animal or even a seven-headed creature that “talks?” Or will a demonic aberration inhabit a physical animal? Only time will tell.

The Beast is also the Antichrist

Finally, most commentators also believe the Beast is embodied in the physical by the “man of lawlessness:” the Antichrist.

The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits,  and they are seven kings; five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must remain a little while. The beast which was and is not, is himself also an eighth and is one of the seven, and he goes to destruction.  (Rev. 17: 9-11 NASB, emphasis mine)

This passage, one of the most complex in the Bible, shows that the seven heads of the Beast are kingdoms and that each kingdom is associated with a king. We can only guess who these kings are, and frankly it is not that important. There is an eighth king, however. We are told the Beast himself (the demonic ARCHON) is the eighth king and was one of the seven. Does this mean that this demon possessed one of previous kings and will possess the final king, the Antichrist? I think that is exactly what it means.

After all the extensive analysis in this article, we now know that the Beast is the Islamic Caliphate, so the king that the Beast possessed in the past must be the most prominent of all Islamic kings. In my opinion it was Mohammed, and the spirit of that evil individual will also possess the Antichrist. There is a great deal of evidence that Mohammad may have been demon possessed; in fact he even thought he was possessed himself! A spirit being dictated the Quran to Mohammad in a cave. During this dictation the spirit choked or squeezed Mohammad forcibly three times. This experience so upset him he attempted to commit suicide. Only the intervention of this spirit being prevented his death. The spirit claimed to be Gabriel and told Mohammad he would be an apostle of Allah. Despite this reassurance, Mohammad continued to have suicidal thoughts. This certainly sounds like a demonic encounter to me. Was this the Beast possessing Mohammed? Possibly it was.

Will the Antichrist not only be demon possessed but also claim to be Mohammed himself? This is conjecture at this point, but it something to consider. Will this be part of the Great Delusion prophesied by Paul in 2 Thess. 2: 10-11? Again, only time will tell, but it is something to “watch” for. It would certainly be a case of the eighth also being one of the seven.

Will the Beast be Buried?

Knowing that the Beast is the Antichrist possessed by a demonic ARCHON helps us answer some questions that have plagued commentators for some time. Both of the following verses are thought to refer to the Antichrist:

On that day I will give Gog a burial ground there in Israel, the valley of those who pass by east of the sea, and it will block off those who would pass by. So they will bury Gog there with all his horde. (Ezek. 39:11 NASB)

And the beast was seized, and with him the false prophet who performed the signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image; these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire which burns with brimstone. And the rest were killed with the sword which came from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse, and all the birds were filled with their flesh. (Rev. 19: 20-21 NASB)

Many ask how the Antichrist can be both buried in Israel and thrown alive into the Lake of Fire? If the Antichrist (Gog) is a man and the Beast (and the False Prophet) are also demons this is easy to consider. The man is buried and the demon is thrown alive in the lake of fire.

Will the Beast Proclaim himself God?

It is a common assumption that the Antichrist will sit in the Temple of God and proclaim himself to be God. A vexing question is how will devout Muslims accept such a claim?

I think it is doubtful that the Antichrist will proclaim himself God. In Dan. 11 we read:

He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all.  But instead he will honor a god of fortresses, a god whom his fathers did not know; he will honor him with gold, silver, costly stones and treasures. (Dan. 11: 37-38 NASB, emphasis mine)

It is obvious that the Antichrist does honor a god above himself; one of “fortresses” or “strongholds.” I assert this is Allah.

In a parallel passage in 2 Thess., Paul says the Antichrist:

Opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God. (2 Thess. 2:4 NASB, emphasis mine)

Notice that the word Paul uses is “displaying.” The Antichrist doesn’t say he is a god, he portrays himself as God by sitting on God’s throne in the Holy of Hollies in the Temple of God.

Finally in Rev. 13: 4, 12, 15, we  read that the False Prophet causes those on the earth to worship the Beast. The Greek word translated worship is PROSKUNEO which means to bow down and prostrate oneself before a superior. It does not mean worship a god.


In conclusion, the Beast is a demonic spirit who possesses the human who will be Antichrist. It is also an empire encompassing Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Eastern Asia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

[i] “The Daabba,” Discovering Islam, last modified July 8, 2015, accessed September 7, 2015, http://www.discoveringislam.org/daabba.htm


68 thoughts on “Who is the Beast?”

  1. Great article. I just disagree that Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 are equal or the same. The feet were partly weak and strong in Daniel 2 while the 10 horn beast in Daniel 7 was exceedingly strong.

    I believe the feet were struck already in Christ whose kingdom will cover the whole world eventually. Is like the parable of the mustard seed which starts small and then big. The kingdom only can only increase because even those dead in Christ are part of it. If I misunderstood something and this didn’t apply here sorry.

    These four beasts are four kingdoms that shall rise up on the earth. (Dan. 7:17 LXX) I believe Babylon/Persia already had risen and that Daniel 7 four beast are contemporary not successive. That is why it says they shall rise as 4 future beasts.

    1. Thanks for the comments Yahuel.
      Certainly these prophecies have confused Christians for centuries. Can the Dan. 7 prophecy be historic AND contemporary? Yes it can. I don’t think there is evidence that it has to be, but it can be – sort of “then and now” sort of prophecy. So I try not to take too firm a position on that given the complexity of the wording in Dan. 2 and 7.

  2. i didn’t concentrate about your discussion about 70 weeks daniel 9 but when i read i was shocked.

    70 weeks daniel 9

    – 457 BC <—decree to rebuild jerusalem
    – 27 AD <—baptism of jesus
    – 31 AD <—jesus cross
    – 34 AD <— stephen stoned

    the prince is jesus, his people is israel, destruction of jerusalem happened because of israel rebellion (indirectly israel destroy jerusalem).

    end 69 weeks annointed one will be cut off and have nothing (27 AD), this is baptism of jesus, he has nothing (mat 8:20….but son of man has no place to rest).

    7 years convenant from 27 -34 AD in middle of 7 years jesus died (31 AD) and put an end to sacrifice and offering (mat 27:31,mark 15:38). jesus preach to israel 3.5 years and another 3.5 years his disciples then after stephen stoned (act 7:59) salvation offer to gentiles.

    daniel 70 weeks is about jesus not antichrist.

    1. I have seen this interpretation before. There are many, many unanswered questions by this analysis. It is forcing the 70 weeks just to make it fit IMO. Here are just a couple:

      1. What covenant did Jesus strengthen at the BEGINNING of the 70th Week? There is no mention of this in scripture.
      2. What was the Abomination “on” or “on the wing” of the Temple? How does this match the historic model of the Abomination of Antiochus IV?
      3. Cut off means to kill. How was Jesus killed at his baptism?
      4. Who is the desolater that is destroyed at the end of 70th Week?
      5. How does this fulfill all prophecy as predicted in Dan. 9:24? Especially since Revelation was not even written yet?

      These are five objections off the top of my head. If I researched it I could come up with more. Jesus’s teaching on the 70 Weeks is buried in Luke 21:20-25 showing it is the final week prior to his return. He calls the last 3.5 years the Times Of The Gentiles

  3. All Glory to God


    You are right about the 69 weeks being the cut off point, this is the biblical position. Let me correct my earlier theory

    Israel plays a role as a consequence of the pausing of the end-time clock and a sign that it is about to restart. The Lord sums it all up (IMO) in two verses

    Luke 13 v 9 (the Parable of the Fig Tree)

    “He spake also this parable; A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none.

    Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground?

    And he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it:

    And if it bear fruit, well: AND IF NOT, THEN AFTER THAT then THOU SHALT CUT IT DOWN”.(KJV)

    Matthew 24 v 32

    “NOW LEARN THE PARABLE OF THE FIG TREE; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that SUMMER is nigh”. (KJV). (KJV)

    Summer, as you know, is a reference to the Tribulation. Israel is the center-piece of the end-time puzzle. I believe the Lord uses Israel’s destruction as a sign that the end-clock has been paused. The rebirth of Israel is a sign that the end-time clock is about to restart (for the final week).

    Nelson, I would like to request- if it’s not too much trouble- that you find the original Aramaic translation for Daniel 9 v 26 as well. This may help deepen our understanding. Thanks in advance.

    God Bless

    1. Daniel is a an odd Book of the Bible in terms of original text language. Dan. 2:4 -Dan. 7 was Aramaic. The rest was Hebrew. There are a number of theories about why this use of two languages occurred which you can research on your own. So using Aramaic in Dan. 9 is not indicated, however, using Greek in addition to the Hebrew is. The Greek version of Dan. 9:26 differs from the Hebrew in quite a few areas. BTW, the Aramaic version is much closer to the Greek than the Hebrew. This is one reason I don’t place strong prophetic importance on Dan. 9:26. The other is the possible events taking place outside the 70th Week. For all those reasons I don’t rely on that verse, especially the last half of that verse in my end time theories.

  4. almost similar to my interpretation but with little different. 7th head is early islamic caliphate under mohamed until rashidun (they will rule for one hour – rev 17:12 that’s 41 years from 620-661).

    then one of his head was wounded that’s when first internal islam conflict (first fitna) between muawiya vs ali+hasan+husain, this conflict shown in daniel 7 as little horn subdue 3 horns it’s sunni vs shia conflict.

    little horn/muawiya attacking 4th caliph ali (rashidun caliphate) then after winning he establish first sunni system caliphate which 8th head, this caliphate system last for 42 weeks or 1260 years (660-1920)

    but basically we both agreed that the beast is islam so whatever your opinion it is fine for me.

  5. All Glory to God

    Good4U and Nelson,

    Thanks for the heads up. It is a powerful presentation and historically accurate. However I have one criticism

    Consider Rev 17 v 10
    ” And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and ONE IS, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space”

    The apostle John very clearly IMO identifies Rome as the 6th world power. Islam did not exist at the time he wrote Revelations. Rome was the dominant world power at the time.

    The next question is how does Rev 17 relate to Dan 2? We know that the Bible prophecies about the end times are different parts of the same story or the same story told in a different way. The key similarity is the what both verses describe as the final kingdom upon the earth. Both have the ten kingdoms as the final world power on the earth. Since the Bible does not contradict itself so it must be that what John describes as the 6th Kingdom is the same as the 4th kingdom in Daniel.

    One may ask why does Daniel have 5 kingdoms and Revelations 7? The answer is very straightforward IMO, in Rev the 7 Kings dominated the people of Israel while in Daniel the 5 Kings dominated the people AND the land of Israel. This is why Assyria (which ruled only Northern Israel) and Egypt (which did not rule the land of Israel) are excluded from Daniel’s list.

    This is also why I believe the end-time clock was paused in 70 AD (before Islam was born) when Rome destroyed Israel as a nation and as a people.

    Note Matthew 24 v 32
    “Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh”.

    It is necessary for Israel to come back for the end-time clock to restart. This is why I just don’t think Islam is 4th Kingdom. Of course I will change my mind if these points are addressed.

    By the way…Islam did not break Greece. the Ottoman Turks did not rule all of Greece.

    God Bless

    1. Curtis these are excellent questions. Let’s begin with the differences between Dan. 2 and Rev. 17. First of all you rightly see Dan. 2 has 5 Satanic Kingdoms as part of the Statue. In Rev. 17, however, you miss that there are actually 8 Kingdoms listed. “The beast which was and is not, is himself also an eighth and is one of the seven, and he goes to destruction.” (Rev. 17:11) If we are going to compare, we need to compare the correct number of kingdoms. What we need to discern is why Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is of 5 kingdoms and Rev. 17 has 8. There are 3 less kingdoms in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. There must be a reason. And that reason is that the dream was given to Nebuchadnezzar NOT Daniel. He was only given the interpretation. It does not involve Israel, it is the history of world kingdoms from BABYLON’s perspective! The dream was given to the Babylonian King. Now let’s trace this out to see if it is a true exegesis.

      First the dream begins with Babylon itself and chooses not to show the first two of Rev. 17’s kingdoms: Egypt and Assyria. Why is that? Simply because they didn’t affect Babylon! The dream begins with Babylon. It’s about Babylon. We then see the silver and the bronze and agree that these are Persia and Hellenistic (Greece). We also agree that the ten toes are the Antichrist Kingdom and that these are equivalent to the eighth kingdom of Rev. 17. That leaves one kingdom for the dream statue: iron; and two kingdoms for Rev. 17’s list (the sixth and the seventh.) Now let me show you three proofs of why the iron kindom of the statue is an Islamic Caliphate not Rome.

      In Rev. 17, John includes Rome and Islam, but Dan. 2 only includes one. How can we choose? We choose by which determining which one conquered and “crushed” Babylon and Persia. “as iron crushes and shatters all things, so, like iron that breaks in pieces, it will crush and break all these (the other three kingdoms of gold, silver and bronze) in pieces.” Rome did invade Babylon but only held the city for ONE YEAR and then withdrew. Rome never conquered Persia. Rome does not meet the Biblical requirement for the fourth kingdom. Islam conquered these areas and held them for a 1000 years completely crushing their exisiting culture and religions.

      You have given proof number two to me yourself. You rightly say that in Rev. 17, the sixth kingdom that John lists as “one is” is Rome. But there are two remaining kingdoms: the seventh and the eighth! The Islamic Caliphate is the seventh and the revived Caliphate is the eighth.

      In Dan. 7 we are given a third proof which you yourself have mentioned before. Of the fourth terrifying beast was said “it was different from all the beasts that were before it” (Dan. 7: 7). Rome was not at all different from the Kingdoms that went before it. The Islamic Caliphate was completely different in that it was a religiously based, mono-theistic government.

      You mention that Islam did not break Greece in Dan. 2. That is correct. The reason is that in the more complete list of kingdoms in Rev. 17 where no kingdoms are missing; only there does it matter which kingdom defeated the previous one. We have already shown that Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is an incomplete list. But in Rev. 17 Rome defeats Greece and the Islamic Caliphate defeats and replaces Rome.

      As for the end time clock, I will address that in the next comment.

    2. Curtis. The time clock of the end times from the persective of the Jews and Jerusalem is Dan. 9: 24-27 (the 70 weeks.) This prophecy clearly shows that the clock stopped at the end of the 69 weeks upon the death and rejection of Messiah by the Jews. AD 70 was NOT the stopping of the clock. The destruction of Jerusalem happened after the clock stopped. That is one reason I believe Dan. 9:26 does not refer to AD 70 but rather to events during the 70th Week (or even both). The destruction of the Temple in AD 70 was already “off the clock” in terms of the Jews and Jerusalem. There are reasons it was 40 years later that the Temple was destroyed, but perhaps I will share that in a future article on this topic.

      Now, just because the 70 weeks clock stopped at the death of Messiah, this does not elminate the Caliphate from Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. We have already seen that Rome IS ELMINATED biblically by Dan. 2:40 as not having crushed Persia and Babylon. This convention about the 70 weeks and Dan. 2 kingdoms is not any kind of proof compared to the direct proof from the passage itself.Right now the fig tree has already ssprouted leaves and the Dome of the Rock sits on the Temple Mount. More Christians have been martyred during the the last 10 years at the hands of Islam than all the martyrs in the history of the Chruch!

      1. All Glory to God


        You are right about the 69 weeks. I would however implore you to take a hard look at Daniel 9 v 26

        “And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: AND the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary”. (KJV)

        Note the “AND”. It seems to me that the the destruction of Israel plays an important role in the end-time clock being paused.

        I believe that all the empires listed in Revelations dominate the people of Israel while the ones in Daniel dominate the people AND land of Israel. The 7th and 8th head are included in Daniel (and Revelations) so it means they must dominate the people AND the land of Israel. So it is necessary for Israel to come back for them (7th and 8th heads) to do this. This is the fulfillment of the Lord’s prophecy in Matthew 24 v 32

        ““Now learn a parable of the fig tree(Israel); When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves (Israel comes back), ye know that summer is nigh”.

        I would like to request your expertise in examining and comparing (the original translations) Daniel 2 v 40 and Daniel 2 v 44

        Daniel 2v40
        “And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise”.

        Daniel 2v44
        “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms”.

        I would also like to take the opportunity to encourage everyone who reads this discussion to participate. The Lord can use anyone to shed light where there is darkness

        God Bless

        1. Curtis, in Dan. 9:26 in the Greek the word “and” is DE which is “but” “on the other hand,” it’s a weak conjunction, not a strong linking conjunction. To me the fact that the invasion of AD 70 is the only event in the traditional 70 Weeks interpretation that isn’t part of the 70 Weeks makes me suspicious of that this passage refers to the invasion in the 70th Week. I am not dogmatic about this, I just choose to not base any prophetic theories on the last half of Dan. 9:26.

          In terms of heads of the Beast there are 7 not 8. There are eight kings and the eighth is one of the first seven. In my opinion this will be Mohammed. I don’t think the actual Mohammed returns. I think the demonic Beast that will possess the AC will be the same one that possessed Mohammed. The AC may very well claim to be Mohammed as well. He is the only individual that could unite Shia and Sunni, engender “worship” as well, and will probably allow him to revise and add to the Quran.

          Curtis, Dan. 2 was originally written in Aramaic. I am searching for original translations and couldn’t find any today.

          1. All Glory to God


            Thank you for looking into verses. I suspect Dan 9v26 is connected with the Parable of the Fig Tree

            Consider Luke 13 v 6-9
            “He spake also this parable; A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none.

            Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, THESE THREE YEARS I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground?

            And he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it:

            And if it bear fruit, well: and if not, then after that THOU SHALT CUT IT DOWN”.(KJV)

            The Labourer is clearly our Lord and the vineyard owner is God the Father. The fig tree is Israel, the 3 years refers to the time our Lord was preaching to Israel (“till I shall dig about, and dung it”). The cutting down (destruction) of the fig tree (Israel) is to be directly linked with the Lord’s Ministry and Israel’s rejection of it. Note also in Matthew 24v32 the Lord commanded us to learn the Parable of the Fig Tree.

            Concerning the heads of the beast. Consider Rev 17 v 9-11
            “And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

            And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.

            And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition” (KJV).

            Note the heads are mountains (authorities/kingdoms) and there “kings” to rule these kingdoms. You are right about AC being the 8th king and not the 8th head. I did not see this before, thanks for the nice spot. I believe this is because he(AC) is given the kingdom of the 7th head (the 10 Kingdoms/kings) in Rev 17v13. So AC is the 8th king ruling the kingdom of the 7th king which in turn encompasses the entire territories of the previous 6 kings combined.

            You may be right about AC being possessed by the same demon that possessed Mohammed. I suspect some will call him the Mahdi and he will do nothing to stop them. However, I believe (from the scriptures) that AC is not religious even though he is a Muslim by birth. I believe he will have very strong links to the occult and this is where he draws his spiritual power.

            Nelson, I will always commend you for being open with your blog. This is a great thing that you do. We are all servants of the Lord and we can receive nothing without Him. It is important we remain open so we can receive for He and He alone will choose the means by which we receive.

            God Bless

          2. Curtis, you are absolutely correct that Luke 13: 1-9 is in regard to Israel and the Messiah’s ministry. Whether that passage is also related to Dan. 9:26, I’m not quite so sure. Again, the fact that the destruction in AD 70 is outside the 70 Weeks is an issue that is hard for me to reconcile, but I admit it is possible.

          3. i’m sorry but the mahdi and dajjal are false prophecies.

            one eye dajjal was taken from jewish prophecy about traitor of dan tribe then added with another bible verse claimed that false teacher will bring sword and hurt one of his eye this noticed by mohamed (during his trade with jewish) and combined this verses resulting one eye dajjal story.

            many connect mahdi with antichrist rev 13 and daniel 7, this is way wrong direction. antichrist daniel 7 and rev 13 already appeared so it is not appropriate to connect this to mahdi. story of mahdi was taken from prophecy of the come back of prophet elijah along with mesiah (coming of mesiah jewish version).

            mahdi and dajjal both wrong prophecy and will not fulfilled.

  6. Curtis,

    I wholeheartedly agree with Nelson, here. Your position regarding the lower half of Daniel’s statue is truly obsolete and now irrelevant, I’m sorry. It is painfully apparent God chose for us not to understand the lower half of Daniel’s statute until the time had come for us to understand in a more complete manner. Not only do I recommend you read Joel Richardson’s book, “Mideast Beast” but Mark Davidson’s book, “Daniel Revisited” for in the back of that book Author Davidson chronologically explains the error of how the understanding of Rome/Greek was completely wrong regarding Daniel’s statute. It basically puts the nail in the coffin for that wrong interpretation within biblical prophecy.

    Perhaps you can go to your library and pick up Joel’s book and read it for free, I can at my local library. I strongly suggest you try. Davidson’s book will have to be purchased as it is now a paperback on Amazon.


  7. All Glory to God


    Praise be to God. The puzzle is solved I think. This four groups will be more than just the Middle-East. This is because the Gospel cannot be for just the Middle-East, it is for the whole world.

    I have also being taught to see the prophecies as giant jigsaw puzzle. Each prophecy telling different parts of the SAME story. The key is, with the help of the Holy Spirit (without Him we can see nothing), to link up all the prophecies to get at the story.

    I have received some information about the 7 heads of the beast. I believe the 7 heads to also represent the dominions of the beast. The beast has as its dominion (authority) overall the territories of the previous 7 empires before it. The territories of the first 6 empires are well-known but the 7th isn’t for obvious reasons. However, we know that the beast gets its authority from 7th head (the 10 kingdoms) so this must mean the 7th head has authority over the territories of the previous 6 heads at the very least.

    I see from your previous comments that you may have sensed this conclusion when you pointed out Rev 13 v 2

    “And the beast which I saw was like unto a LEOPARD, and his feet were as the feet of a BEAR, and his mouth as the mouth of a LION…” (KJV)

    These are symbols of the kingdoms from Daniel 7. However, you did not go far enough. For avoidance of doubt, consider also Daniel 7 v 19

    “Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of IRON, and his nails of BRASS; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet”. (KJV)

    Iron and Brass are symbols of the Roman and Grecian Empires (part of the 7 heads) from Daniel 2. It is necessary to bring together all the prophecies to get the true picture.

    God Bless

    1. Curtis, Thanks again for continuing to comment. I have two observations. First, when you choose to read Mideast Beast by Joel Richardson, you will see how he conclusively proves the “legs of iron” in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream is the Islamic Caliphate, not Rome. “Iron” is Islam. I highly recommend this book, it will answer so many of your questions. Second, you are correct, the four groups of people extend way beyond the middle east IMO. The AC is given authority to kill up to 25% of the world population.

    2. curtis,

      angel clearly stated that 10 horns are 10 kings not 10 kingdoms (dan 7:24, rev 17:12). angel in daniel 7 mentioned 4 kingdoms and 10 kings not 14 kingdoms. 10 kings are mohamed and his companion

      10 horns are 10 kings for one hour will received authority they have one purpuse and will give power and authority to the beast (islam), it is known that mohamed and his companion committing jihad war to spread islam, starting 620 (islam perfected when mohamed ascend to heaven and received allah order to pray 5 times/day) until 661 when ali+hasan+husein subdue to muawiya (little horn).

      here list of 10 horns
      1. muhamad
      2 Abu bakr
      3 umar
      4 utman
      5 ali
      6 hasan
      7 husein
      8 khalid ibn al walid
      9 Abu ubaidah
      10 jafar bin abi talib

      they already gave power and authority to islam long long time ago, this prophecy already fulfilled.

      1. donal, thanks for commenting. You bring this up quite often. Let’s look at it together and see if this theory makes any sense. In Daniel we first see these kings and are told:

        “In the days of those kings (speaking of the ten toes) the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed.” Dan 2:44
        * Those Islamic companions of Mohammed are long dead and Jesus’s kingdom has still not be set up on the earth.

        ” While I was contemplating the horns, behold, another horn, a little one, came up among them, and three of the first horns were pulled out by the roots before it . . .As for the ten horns, out of this kingdom ten kings will arise; and another will arise after them, and he will be different from the previous ones and will subdue three kings. ” Dan. 7:8, 24
        * This shows the 10 horns are contemporaneous with the Antichrist (little horn)

        ” And the ten horns which you saw, and the beast, these will hate the harlot and will make her desolate and naked, and will eat her flesh and will burn her up with fire.” Rev. 17:16
        * We know the Harlot is destroyed in one day. This is not possible is this was a series of kings over centuries.

        For all these reasons donal, the theory that the kings are historic does not work.

        1. i’m sorry my friend but daniel 2 never mention about 10 toes actually only toes, 10 horns are not toes (or 10 toes??) you taking it to the wrong direction. 4 kingdoms are babylon, persia, greece and islamic caliphate, toes represent muslim nations while 2 legs represent sunni and shia.

          angel clearly stated that 10 horns are 10 kings, those 10 islam leaders will life forever in heart of every muslim and because of them muslim will always hate jew and christian.

          many clues already fulfilled (daniel 7 and rev 13)
          – the beast will attack holy people–> islam attacking christian and jew
          – beast will defeat holy people –> fall of byzantium christian
          – will change law –> create own syariah law
          – will change time –> create own hijriah calendar
          – will insult god —> reject jesus divinity
          – will insult god holy place –>building mosque in temple jerusalem
          —-> all this already happened during era of 10 horns+1 little horn

          if you think another little horn will appear then what he will do because all already fulfilled long time ago.

          many muslim scholar believe islam will last only for 1500 years (hadith) now already 1437 hijriah calendar so still 63 years before islam extinct. so when this islam revival (8th head) will happened? not gonna happen !! because 8th head is sunni established by muawiya long time ago.

          many eschatologist making same mistake they all looking to the future 21st century, they think all will poop up at same time and all revealed in near future. but they forget book of revelation written 1900 years ago and talk about the future so 6th and 7th century also future not just 21st century.

          but still our small differences are nothing compare our widely similarity regarding islamic antichrist.

          1. You are correct donal that Daniel 2 doesn’t specify exactly 10 toes, however, it is truly stretching interpretation to say a statue of a human being has any number of toes other than ten. They are specifically refered to as kings as well. For the three reasons I wrote earlier, I still believe that their will be 10 kings in the end times, all at the same time. Now this doesn’t mean that you are also not correct about the historic Islamic kings. Prophecy has a way of fulfilling itself in a “foreshadow” way in the past and in a final fulfillment in the future.

          2. my brother nelson, let’s assume you were correct there are 10 toes and 10 toes are 10 horns and are 10 nations at end of time. it is written that 10 kings (nations) will rule for one hour (short time) if those 10 nations actually currently 10 islamic nations then we have problems because those 10 nations already exist for more than one hour even if we convert that one hour to 41 years (a day equal to 1000 years) those 10 nation already exist longer than that. second problem that islam already very big and powerful (24% world population) what kind of power and authority those 10 nations can give ?

          3. donal, those kings (not nations) are not currently ruling. We know from Dan. 8 that after Yavan crushes Iran in the coming Sunni/Shia War, the resulting empire is broken up into FOUR HORNS. Are these four of the ten horns? Will this be the timing of the formation of the ten horn Islamic confederacy? I think it will be. Those four horns in Dan. 8 are nations that don’t currently exist. Also I don’t think we should assign a time of years to “one hour” as you do above. It is a short time that is all.

          4. so 10 nations not exist yet?means little horn also not exist yet? i’m confuse now bro.

            daniel 8 angel stated that it’s about persia and greece/alexander, the great and 4 horns represent 4 alexander generals. daniel 8 prophecy already fulfilled.

            we both agreed that the beast is islam but after 1400 years you think those clues didn’t fulfilled ?? you are waiting things to happen but i already show you that prophecy clues already fulfilled long time ago

            one hour could be interpreted as normal one hour or 15 days or 41 years, i will stand with 41 years because of historical data.

          5. donal, understanding that Dan. 8 is yet future is one of the most important prophecy insights of our day. My next article ISIS IN BIBLE PROPHECY will detail some of the reasons we can be sure it is future with a past foreshadow by Persia and Greece.

  8. I am new to this group, but I wish to simply state that this is the best discussion group I have ever read. The brotherly affection for truth and each other is very heart warming.

    Thank you , each of you, for delivering your ideas, thoughts and proposals in a manner that embraces the subject rather than tears each other apart.

    I have now subscribed and cannot wait to engage more with all of you.

      1. I see and hear that we have many shared understandings of prophecy. A common friend turned me on to you so I am eager to see how we can assist each other. God bless!

  9. All Glory to God

    I have read the article you cited but it does not make any definitive conclusions about Revelations 13 v7. The possibility that the 10 Kingdoms control of the world is limited does not necessarily negate the scenario I put forward. . . God Bless

    1. Curtis, very little in prophecy is definative until after it is fulfilled. There are even those who deny that Jesus is returning and many who deny he will reign on earth! And I agree with you that the article I attached isn’t definative, but it is close to definative. You have to ask yourself that based on scripture (not the traditions of men) what is most likely? When we are told that Jordan will escape the Antichrist’s rule, I think that is pretty definative that he doesn’t control the entire world. We are told that war will continue until the end, that is pretty definative that the AC doesn’t control the whole world or why would there be war. Now I agree that we see through a glass darkly and everything is not known. The future will probably be different than what I currently imagine. In the same way it will almost certainly be different than what you are imagining. But if we look at the full testimony of scripture, a picture of the main points begins to emerge. The article in quesiton tries to assemble all the relevant passages and see what they are saying in total, not just looking at a verse or two.

      So Rev. 13:7 as explained in the article most likely is referring to spiritual not political authority. This verse quotes 2 words from Rev. 6, “overcoming” (Gk:NIKAO, mistranslated as conquering in your KJV) in Rev. 6:2 and “authority” in Rev. 6:8 which refers to an authority to kill those who don’t worship him. References to other parts of Revelation and to OT and NT texts are SO important to understand Revelation. The biggest mistake commentators make is looking a verse and just guessing what it means based on an english translation without looking at the references and meaning of the words. That is why I wrote Revelation Deciphered to help readers find the hundreds of references in Revelation. So when it talks about warring with the saints in Rev. 13:7 this isn’t about nations warring because there aren’t Christian nations out there. Its about warring with the saints themselves. “Overcoming” them spiritually (NIKAO always means spiritual overcoming: do a word search), and if he’s not able to do that, killing them.

      1. All Glory to God,

        The fact that AC is able to put the saints to death when they do not obey him shows political control does it not? AC having the authority to sentence people to death (legally) is the greatest power anyone can have over his fellow man…usually reserved for the state.

        Also examine the second part of the verse

        “…and POWER was given him over ALL KINDREDS, AND TONGUES AND NATIONS”

        I am interested to know the original translation of this sentence. I would be grateful if you could help with this.

        God Bless

        1. Curtis, let me answer the question about the verse you listed, Rev. 13:7 first. “It was also given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome (Gk: NIKAO, meaning spiritually overcome) them, and authority (Gk: EXOUSIA, meaning authority) over every tribe (Gk: PHYLEN, meaning tribe or race) and people (Gk: LAOS, meaning God’s chosen people) and tongue and nation (Gk: ETHNOS, meaning people group) was given to him. We know from Rev. 6:8 that this authority is the authority to kill over 25% of the earth and that this authority is give to the AC by God.

          Now answering your first question second, no, it is not necessary that the AC be given legal authority to kill. It may be that he exercises his authority over his 1.6 billion followers seeded into every nation on earth to kill those who don’t convert. We have seen this now with terrorists in many countries. Imagine if it isn’t the occasional lone wolf but all 1.6 billion Muslims who become terrorists. Or it may be that Islam may become the world religion in exchange for allowing nations to use the Mark of the Beast currency. These things are not yet clear. But political control over the entire earth is very, very doubtful and not necessary for mass killings.

          1. All Glory to God

            Thanks Nelson for the original translation. However I am confused because I noticed the words “PHYLEN” and “ETHNOS” which you say means EVERY tribe or race/people. It seems to me that this means AC has power over EVERY tribe, race and people… no?

            I plead your indulgence to ask for another original translation Rev 14v6

            “And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, AND TO EVERY NATION, AND KINDRED, AND TONGUE, AND PEOPLE”.(KJV)

            I wish to know if the translation here is the same as the translation in Rev 13 v 7. Thanks in advance for your help.

            God Bless

          2. Curtis, I am excited about your question, this method of looking at quoted words and phrases is how the Holy Spirit has been teaching me to study. YES, it is the same 4 groups of people in Rev. 13:7 and Rev. 14:6. It is also the same as Rev. 5:9, “Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation”

  10. Nelson,

    Daniel 7:8 and 8:9 refer to the AC as a “little horn”, (or as Reggie Kelly says, “a Johnny come lately”). Then in Daniel 11:23 we read of the anti-Christ: “And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people.” The NASB says, “After an alliance is made with him he will practice deception, and he will go up and gain power with a small force of people.” The Living Translation says “a mere handful of people.” But you get the picture. From these descriptions, the AC doesn’t appear to be a major player on the world stage.

    Daniel 11:24 also describes him as dividing the spoils of war (“scattering among them plunder, spoil, and goods”), which is a major motivation for jihad.

    So, the AC is 1) a “little horn” and 2) becomes strong with a “small people”, or a “small force of people”. What might this say about where he is actually from? Could he be someone who arises from the Palestinians, for example? Someone who is already trying to gain some influence? And the other thing I note about him is described in Daniel 11:21: “In his place shall arise a contemptible person to whom royal majesty has not been given; he shall come in without warning and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.”

    In other words, this individual doesn’t inherit a throne, and probably isn’t elected. He comes in by stealth, by intrigue. Perhaps he is installed into power with the help of other world powers, or perhaps he leads a military coup. The U.S., for example, has been involved in the past in installing rulers into power. And getting back to the possibility of him being from among the Palestinians, I would note that there are strong pro-Palestinian contingents in U.S. Government agencies, for example, and I would imagine from other Western powers as well. Just a thought, nothing dogmatic.

    Of course, we don’t know for sure, but I find these passages to be interesting.

  11. thank you very nuch for source have been give a knowledge to me. but ,I didnt know after you give as only heared from people. and ones again I say thank you

  12. Hi Nelson,

    I have been reading your blog for some time, it has been very enjoyable to see other brothers, and sisters are growing in understanding and knowledge of Scripture, and particularly, as related to end-times. I have in the past commented on Joel and Mark’s site, as I also enjoy their work. I really appreciate your reasoning on Scripture and your way of “thinking out the box”, so to say. I myself like to think out the box as well.

    I would like to share with you some things I have studying regarding same subject of this post. If it interests you maybe we can debate on some of the issues, if not, just let it pass by. By the way, I do believe in the same core end-time paradigm as you, Joel, Mark and others.

    As I read in the beginning of this post, I was happy to see someone else understand the 3-fold nature of the Beast. I put it out this way: the beast in the Book of Revelation is has a 3-fold nature: a kingdom-empire, a man (man of lawlessness, son of perdition, Antichrist, etc.) and a demonic evil spirit.

    Regarding the man nature, the Antichrist, I do not have comments to make on this post, since I also believe him to be from the Islamic realm. Regarding the demonic evil-spirit nature of the Beast, it is said in Revelation that the Beast will come out of the bottomless pit or abyss. The bottomless pit or abyss is the abode of the demonic realm, which is a spiritual prison. The fact that the Beast comes out of the abyss is in kind of a release from imprisonment. I have not seen many make this connection, but in the book of Revelation, there is a release of demonic evil spirits from abyss, in Revelation 9. In this chapter, there will be a release of the demonic locusts upon the earth. They have a king over the, which is Abaddon, or Apollyon. I believe this is the demonic evil spirit that possesses the man Antichrist after his death/resurrection, or appearance of, experience. Much can be said regarding this, e.g. the descriptions of the Antichrist as the destroyer or spoiler in the old testament (specifically in Isaiah), the Gog references in Ezekiel 38/39 and Amos 7 (in the Septuagint), etc.

    Regarding the kingdom/empire nature of the Beast I would like to make some remarks according to my study in Scripture. As said before, if this interests you, we can debate on the intricacies of yours and mine reasoning’s. If not, just let it pass by. No offense.

    In Daniel 7, the angel interprets the four beasts as four kings or kingdoms. So these four wild animals or beasts are a symbolic representation of both a king and his kingdom. Many students dismiss the dual symbolic nature of these beasts. For brevity, the four beasts in Daniel 7 should identified as four kingdoms and the four first/major/outstanding kings of the same four kingdoms. So we have as the lion, Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar; as the bear, Persia (or Medo-Persia) and Cyrus; as the leopard, Greece and Alexander. The fourth kingdom should be identified as the Islamic Empire or Caliphate instead of the Roman Empire. I believe you agree on that. Therefore, as the forth kingdom is the Islamic Empire or Caliphate, Mohammed would be the king associated with the forth, terrible and dreadful beast.

    Now to Revelation. Chapter 12 describes a dragon, a symbolical representation of Satan. This dragon has 7 heads. And according to the proper context of chapter 12, the 7 heads represent 7 kingdoms or empires that sought to annihilate God’s people and purpose with them, and identified as Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, and the seventh the Islamic Empire or Caliphate.

    The next chapter of Revelation describes the Beast, firstly the kingdom nature and secondly the human nature. As the kingdom nature, John describes the beast as coming out of the sea, having seven heads and many other features.

    {section removed to next answer post}

    Blessings, in Christ,

    Perry Brown

    1. Wow, Perry this is a very long comment, but a good one. I am going to handle it in two segments. This first one and a second in which I will copy the rest of your post then respond to it.

    2. Continued from Perry Brown:
      This is where I disagree with many of the bible prophecy students and scholars. The most common identification of the 7 heads of the beast is the same of the 7 heads of the dragon or some variant of that. I believe that these 7 heads of the Beast in Revelation is meant to be identified as very different of what commonly is perceived. The concept is simple, however requires a bit of knowledge on history.

      The idea is that the kingdom nature of the Beast in the Book of Revelation is derived from the Book of Daniel. Most of the descriptions of the Beast in Revelation 13 match the descriptions of the forth beast of Daniel 7, as well as the forth kingdom of the metallic statue in Daniel 2. It is very easy to conclude that the Beast that John saw in Revelation 13 is the same beast, the forth, that Daniel saw in Daniel 7. Both are the Islamic Empire or Caliphate. When I mean the Islamic Empire or Caliphate, I am referring to the kingdom realm set up by Mohammed together with all of the subsequent successions, the Caliphates, including the fracturing of the empire and the rise of new Islamic states and empires, all the way to the restoration of the caliphate by the Antichrist. So what I am saying is that both the forth beast in Daniel 7 and the Beast of Revelation 13 are the Islamic realm of succession of empires (caliphates, sultanates, emirates, kingdoms, etc.). Therefore, the 7 heads of the Beast of Revelation 13, in my opinion, has nothing to do with the old ancient empires of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, rather, 7 kingdoms of the Islamic realm or Islamic Caliphate. But which ones then?

      To identify which 7 Islamic caliphates or empires are to be represented by the 7 heads, we need to understand the descriptions given by the angel to John in Revelation 17. The angel tells John that the 7 heads are 7 mountains, but are also 7 kings. We know that a mountain is symbolic for kingdom, so then, we have the 7 heads meaning 7 kingdoms and also 7 kings. Is there a parallel between both 7 kingdoms and 7 kings? I would say, yes, but not exactly the same. I would not say an exact and perfect match. The angel tells John the 7 heads are 7 mountains (kingdoms) and are also 7 kings. In other words, he tells John that the 7 heads are to be understood of two categories or separate identifications, less he would not give the description that way. He even tells John that to understand in the mind it requires wisdom. Therefore, the understanding is more than simple reasoning.
      One much overlooked phrase in Revelation17:9 is the phrase “on which the woman sits”. The angel tells John that the 7 heads are 7 mountains on which the woman sits on. I will not go in to much detail, but the woman in Revelation 17 is symbolic, among other things, of a city, which reigns over the kings of the earth. This city, I believe to be Mecca, the city that reigns spiritually over many kings of the earth, historically, and even today. The word ‘sit’ is the Greek word ‘kathemai’, which means to sit down or seat one’s self, and allegorically, to have fix abode or to dwell. Therefore, the woman (harlot Babylon), allegorically, has fixed abode and dwells in these 7 kingdoms. If Mecca is the harlot Babylon city, it should abide or dwell within the 7 mountain kingdoms. Which kingdoms are they? To be very brief, these 7 kingdoms are 7 Islamic Empires or Caliphates that had political control over the harlot Babylon city, Mecca, although it reigns or spiritually controls the head of the Beast (Islamic kingdoms). Looking at Islamic history, we find exactly 7 empires that controlled Mecca: 1. Arab Caliphate; 2. Fatimid Caliphate; 3. Seljuk Empire (although it could be disputed); 4. Ayyubid Dynasty; 5. Mamulk Sultanate; 6. Ottoman Empire; and 7. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

      Regarding the symbolic representation of the 7 heads as 7 kings, we should identify 7 kings, more rather “dynasties” of the Islamic Realm, which are called Caliph’s, successors to Mohammed. Also, we need to understand the clue given by the angel, that 5 are fallen, 1 is, 1 has not come, but when comes will remain a little while and the 8th (the Beast, Antichrist). One very common, which I believe, misconception that almost everyone has, is the understanding as the current present tense in the “one” that “is”. Almost everyone understands it as the present tense as in the days of John (late 1st century). Why do most people understand it that way? The whole book of Revelation is talking about future events. Why would the angel explain to John something in the future using a present understanding, if the whole Beast is not the Roman Empire, rather the Islamic Empire, a kingdom that appear another 500 years down the line of history from John’s days? I believe, that the present tense “one is” is to be understood as a present not in John’s generation, rather many, many generations down the line, which would be in the end-times.

      Therefore, I would identify the 7 kings as this: 5 fallen – Rashidun Caliph (the 4 rightly guided ones); Umayyad Caliphs, Abbasid Caliphs, Fatamid Caliphs, Ottoman Caliphs. The one that “is” is the more tricky, and I don’t have a strong conviction, but it could refer to the Supreme Leader of Iran and the Shias, the Grand Ayatollah, or even refer to the 12th Shia Iman that as the Shia belief, is in “occultation”, which he would still “be”, but in occultation. I’m not sure about this, It’s still yet a mystery for me. Now, regarding the other that has not yet come but when it comes will remain a little while, is a hard one also. I have some ideas but not yet sure as well. And of course, the eighth king is the Antichrist.

      There is much more to be said regarding these issues, but as I mentioned earlier, we could discuss this with more detail.

      Blessings, in Christ,

      Perry Brown


      Could you be correct in this assertion Perry? Yes, I believe you could be, however, there is zero in scripture to support it and I’m all about scripture not all about current events or history only. My focus and call are about the application of prophecy and the seven heads of the Beast being Islamic caliphates doesn’t really add anything to application as well. So I respect this position as possibly right and have left it here for everyone to view as it’s interesting. But for me, I prefer the idea that the heads are the same as Satan’s and I show you biblically why. Notice that in Rev. 12 Satan has 7 heads and 7 diadem crowns on those heads. The Beast has 7 heads but the kingship has moved to the ten horns and there are ten crowns. Now if the Beast heads were caliphates (especially historic caliphates) the crowns would probably still be on the heads. Rather, the kingship has moved to the horns (yet the heads are still there marking the historic land masses of the Beast empire). IMO, the Beast has one crown that is passed down from caliph to caliph and that is the crown on Satan’s seventh head. The crowns on the ten horns is the coming Antichrist empire showing where the kingship lies there. Just my opinion.

      1. Perry and Nelson:

        I was entertaining Perry’s theory and then started wandering, if there has been any historical writings done by Christian theologians between A.D. 600 up to 1922, where Mohammad, and/or even his successors up to the peak of Ottomon Empire, were ever described as the “Man of Lawlessness”, described by Paul in Thessolonians?

        Have you come across any such writings from history?

        1. Afo, there are enormous numbers of documents about Islam and Mohammed. Whether any refer to a Muslim leader with that specific title, I don’t know. Have you tried to research it yourself?

      2. Hi Nelson,

        Thanks for the reply. I believe that the view that I presented, and it is only a fraction to my view, is very much helpful to strengthen the arguments for an Islamic End-Time Paradigm. Although the end result that I achieve at is mostly the same as many other Bible Prophecy Teachers that adhere to such paradigm, I believe that there are some difficulties in presenting the view by some, which helps to arise some valid objections, specifically from the Book of Revelation. Two simple examples:

        1 – It is much said by defenders of the Islamic End-Time Paradigm that the 7th head or king that will come but remain a little while is the Ottoman Empire. The problem is that the Ottoman Empire lasted for little over 6 centuries, far surpassing the criteria to “remain a little while”. For sure, the Ottoman Empire lasted longer than the Babylonian Empire, as well as the Persian and Grecian Empires. I do not think Ottoman Empire qualifies for the 7th king that proceeds the 5 fallen ones and the one that is.

        2 – Some teach that in Revelation 17:8 where it states that the Beast that was, and is not and will come up from the abyss or bottomless pit is a reference to the Ottoman Empire. Now, how does a geo-political entity come up from the abyss or bottomless pit that is reserved for spiritual entities such as demons and evil spirits? I just does not fit.

        Another point is that as presenting the case for the Islamic End-time Paradigm, most use some of the same framework as the Roman End-Time Paradigm. An example is the one related to the conception that the present tense grammar usage in Revelation 17:10 for the king that “is” refers to the generation of John the Apostle (late 1st century BC). This is the concept strongly developed by adherents to the Roman End-Time Paradigm, especially from those living the first 3 centuries BC, which is very comprehensible, since they were inserted in to a Roman dominion world view.

        I like your idea regarding the 7 crowns of the dragon, representing movements of kingship (world authority or domain) from one kingdom to another kingdom until it land on the seventh, that instead of 1 crown on the head, it is 10 crowns on the 10 horns of the Beast. But again, what makes up the Beast then? A conglomeration of historical world empires that have not much in common (social, political, religious ideologies). Remember that on the heads of the Beast are names of blasphemies (Rev 13:1; Rev 17:3). These blasphemies should be understood as in sync with each other and with the blasphemies coming out of the Beast’s (Antichrist) mouth (Rev 13:5-6; Dan 7:8, 11, 20, 25). All these blasphemies are under the same religious ideology. How are the Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Roman or Islamic are even related to each other?

        My objective of commenting is to help strengthen the arguments for an Islamic End-Time Paradigm.



        1. Perry, thanks for continuing to engage on this discussion; iron does sharpen iron. At one time I went along with the crowd regarding the Ottoman Caliphate as being the seventh head of Satan. I no longer believe that. I believe that the Islamic Caliphate (AD 600 till 1924 and future to come) is the Beast, not a specific dynasty of the caliphate.

          1. “must remain a little while.” I have heard that interpretation before. These commentators stress the word “little.” I stress the word “must” as in “must remain,” stressing the longevity of the Kingdom. In God’s scheme of time even 14 centuries is a “little” while. We are not told any other kingdom “must remain.” So what does the word “little” mean here? The Greek word OLIGON is used in many ways. Interestingly when used in terms of time it appears in 1 Pet. 1:6 and 1 Pet. 5:10 both in terms of suffering; that we must endure suffering, now “a little while.” Interestingly, the Church endures suffering from the Beast “a little while.” In other words the suffering seems long but it will end and end in glory. In perspective it is only a “little while” though it seems long. So to me this use of OLIGON is reference to these verses and not a reference to short time at all, rather to longevity. “must remain” and “little” make no sense in a sentence about a short time. You’d say “only a little time” not “must remain a little while.”

          2. I have indicated in the article that the Abyss is proof that the Beast is primarily an ARCHON, a demon ruler. He has heads and those heads are kingdoms and kings but he is primarily an ARCHON.

          3. I’m not sure I made myself clear in regard to crowns on heads verses crowns on horns. Satan’s 7 heads have 7 crowns on them. These seven world kingdoms had one crown each that passed on from the first king to all the others represented by this head. Thus in terms of the Islamic Caliphate it went from Mohammed to Abu Bakr. etc. on down the line until 1924. The Beast does not have crowns on the heads. This is because they are not the seat of authority. This is why I don’t agree that the heads of the Beast are 7 dynasties (caliphates). If the dynasties were the heads, the heads would wear the crowns just as they did on Satan’s heads. Rather the crowns are on the horns because its the horns that are the seat of authority in the coming Beast NOT the heads. IMO this is a picture of the 8th kingdom/king that is to come. The heads on the beast signifies the “land mass” of the previous kingdoms that is contained within the Beast Empire.

          4.The heads of the Beast are no longer empires! They represent the “land mass” of these empires. The empires are long gone and passed into history, but land remains. That is why the crowns are no longer on the heads. The Blasphemies extend from one end of the land mass kingdom to the other. Agreed, so this is consistent with your thought of a consistent religious ideology just expressed differently.

          Hope that explains my idea about the Beast. Blessings to you as well.

  13. All Glory to God


    Interesting article. I will make a few observations. I favour the historic empire approach as well. However, I look at it from a different perspective.

    All 6 heads/empires have one thing in common, they all dominated Israel. The Romans destroyed Israel as a nation (the land was made desolate and the name changed to Palestine) and as a people (they were driven into the four corners of the earth). The end-time clock stopped when Rome did this IMO. Hence the Lord’s comment in Matthew 24 v 32-33

    “Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:

    So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors”.(KJV)

    It is necessary for Israel to come back for the end-time clock to restart. This means that the 7th (and 8th) head must dominate Israel as well.

    I see you have discounted Daniel 7 v 23
    “Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from ALL kingdoms, AND SHALL DEVOUR the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces”.(KJV)

    We must understand that the ten horns/ kingdoms (which collectively make up the 4th kingdom) are political entities and like all political entities are set up, for one purpose and one purpose alone, to exercise authority over people in defined territory/space. So when the scripture says they “devour the whole earth” it means they (collectively) rule over the entire globe. There is simply no other logical interpretation IMO.

    I believe the EU may be one of the 10 horns/kingdoms as ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations), AU (African Union) and the proposed NAU (North American Union) etc. These 10 kingdoms, I believe to be regional organizations based the on the EU concept of shared sovereignty (kingdoms without kings). This is not some day-dream, this is reality, it is happening right now. The proposals are being drawn up as we write.

    Consider Revelations 17 v 12
    “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour WITH the beast”.(KJV)

    The Beast is clearly not part of the ten kingdoms. This means that it is not a country or an empire because if it were it would be either under the authority of the ten or one of them. So what is it?

    We know from Daniel 11 v 23
    “…for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people”. (KJV)

    …that the beast is composed of a small number of people (and it is not a country/empire) so I humbly submit that the “beast” must be some sort of global body (I used the UN as an example). I have taken scriptures and arrived (by the grace of God) at an interpretation that incorporates all the pieces of puzzle.

    God Bless

    1. All Glory to God



      “Following the example of the European Union, they are pursuing a twin path of “broadening and deepening.” Broadening refers to the process of adding new member nations; deepening refers to the process of greater and greater “integration” and “harmonization,” the progressive convergence and intertwining of economic, political, and social sectors of the individual countries into a regional government, over which the citizens and their elected officials would have less and less control and accountability. Eventually, the various supranational regional governments would be merged into a world government under the United Nations, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, and other UN-related agencies”.

      I have added this so we all can understand what is happening around us right now and how it relates to prophecy.

      God Bless

    2. Curtis, I find it interesting that you do not attempt to answer the interpretations of the verses found in the article but rather in your own words, “have taken scriptures and arrived at an interpretation that incorporates all the pieces of the puzzle.” Curtis, if you can’t discount the verses in the article, the main pieces, then you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle.

      First Islam has built the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount and it has stood 1350 years. No previous empire has dominated the most sacred land in the world for so long. The coming 8th Antichrist Kingdom will have him sit in the newly built temple and display himself as if he is God. This only ups the ante. Additionally as we have seen in a previous answer to a comment, Islam has killed 270 Million in its jihads. This dwarfs all other persecutions.

      Second, I answered you about Dan. 7:23 in a previous answer to a comment. The Greek word for “devour” is KATESTHEO and is found in Luke 8:5 from the Parable of the Sower states that the birds “devour” the seed that falls on the hardened path. This represents Satan stealing the Word. In Luke 15:30 from the Parable of the Prodigal Son, the younger son was accused of “devouring” his inheritance on loose living. In John 2:17, Jesus claimed that zeal for the Temple “devoured” him. In Rev. 12:4, the dragon attempted to “devour” the man child. As can be seen from these numerous examples, this is NOT just a political or military word. It’s primary meaning is spiritual.

      The battle between Satan and God is a spiritual one for the souls of men. Political considerations are of a minimal purpose. This is a huge mistake that most make about end times.

      Go back to Dan. 7 and look at the heads of Satan as outlined in this article. Look at the nations punished by God as found in Isaiah. Go back to Genesis and look at those that lost inheritance (Ishmael and Esau). Ask yourself why it’s always Islamic Fathers, Islamic countries, Islamic lands that keep presenting themselves as the enemies of God. Ask yourself where is Europe, where is North America, where is the UN???? Nowhere to be found.

      1. Nelson,
        good article. My only problem with your commentary is that you ask readers to clear their preconcieved ideas of the beast kingdom/ Antichrist and look solely to scripture.
        I will have to call you out as being a hypocrite in this regard. You clearly have made up your mind that Islam is going to create a kingdom and the Antichrist himself will be a Muslim.
        What are your objections to the United Nations being the coming global government? Did you know the U.N has divided the world into ten regions?
        Have you ever studied Jewish eschatology? I believe it espouses the coming Antichrist kingdom more than Islamic eschatology.
        Islam is divided against itself: Sunni vs Shiite
        I don’t cite scripture much in discussing these issues because I know you are fully aware of the verses. The main discussion is can we openly share our opinions about these scriptures and arrive at a better understanding of the competing views.

        1. The meaning of that phrase in my article was to ask readers to suspend judgement until AFTER reading the article. Obviously I’m not calling for “thought police”. I’m saying that when learning a new concept it is always best to suspend old ideas until after reading; then re=introduce your previous ideas and test the new thesis by using your old ideas. There was a time 6 or 7 years ago when I beleived in a European Antichrist and a UN dominated world government. When I looked at what our scriptures (not Jewish or Muslim eschatology) I changed my mind. So I’m only inviting readers to do what I did. When I read a recent book titled “Islamic Antichrist Debunked”, I used this same technique, cleared my mind of my preconcieved notions and saw what the author had to say. Then when I was done, I looked at the book through the lens of what I knew and debunked the debunker. So sometimes I change my mind (when proven by scripture) and sometimes I don’t. I bet you are the same.

          Do I think the UN will be involved in the end times? Yes I do. The OIC (the Muslim voting block) already dominates 25% of the votes in the UN right now. Exactly how the UN will be involved I don’t know. Will they be part of the Covenant with the “Many”? I don’t know. No one knows. However, let me ask you what scriptures (not observations) lead you to believe the UN becomes a global government? What scriptures lead you to believe there will be a global government? I tested many of these in THIS ARTICLE . But this doesn’t mean the UN will not exist or be important. It means it isn’t the Beast. Of that I’m pretty sure because of what scripture tells us.

          Have you read Joel Richardson’s Mideast Beast in regard to an Islamic Beast Empire? That is a very good place to start. It’s very hard to build a case for or against a comprehensive end time theory is an article, let alone in comment to an article. But a book can do it.

          So can people voice differing opinions? Of course, there are almost 2000 comments to articles on this site and 50% of them disagree with the articles. But please don’t just say “I believe the UN will be the Beast” without arguing with the interpretation of scripture in the article one is commenting on. Now I don’t agree with the interpretations in the book “The Islamic Antichrist Debunked,” and I don’t like some of the comments in it inferring Joel Richardson intentionally lied, however, the approach is right because it agrues from scripture.

          You see when one says the UN has ten zones, it means nothing by itself. The ten horns of the Beast can be anything, nations, zones, provinces, etc. But when we look at the Bible, we learn the horns are kings associated with the Beast, but the areas of their control is not specified in the Bible as far as I know. So we know we are to watch for ten Kings. We also know they will be “iron and clay,” we know the horns are “on” the heads of the Beast so they are associated with the Kingdoms that made up those heads, and we know they give their authority to the Beast. These clues should help get as close an identification of them as we can. Based on those clues what do you think they are?

      2. All Glory to God


        I believe I have addressed those verses before. I picked on the 7 heads of the beast because I had not addressed that.

        Jesus Christ was not a political figure so the words He used at time were in the context of His position. The kingdoms exist to rule over people (that’s why they’re called kingdoms)…that’s all they do. The 10 kingdoms are not spiritual, they are physical . My point is when the Bible talks about these kingdoms “devouring the whole Earth”, I think it’s pretty clear that in the context of kingdoms it means ruling over the whole Earth. It’s about context my friend, just as we know that the dragon (satan) attempting to “devour the man-child” is evil…why? because satan is evil and everything he does is evil, we cannot expect anything else from him.

        We also know that Islamic kingdoms must have kings but these 10 kingdoms exist for a while without kings. Indeed when the kings come, they come for a short time.

        Islam may play role in the larger scheme of things. I believe the main reason AC stops “the continual sacrifice” is to protect the mosque. I just don’t think that the beast itself is Islamic until I see scriptural evidence that thoroughly backs this idea.

        God Bless

        1. Happy secular New Year Curtis. You said, “I just don’t think that the Beast itself is Islamic until I see scriptural evidence.” Yet you haven’t read Mideast Beast by Joel Richardson. I suggest you do. It presents a huge amount of scriptural evidence. Check it out.

          Second “devour” is a word, words have meaning both in context AND throughout the rest of scripture. Both must be taken into consideration. Of particular importance when looking at OT words is to look at the Greek because that allows us to examine OT and NT passages for use of that word. Now Dan. 7 is also a special case because it was originally written in Aramaic not Hebrew, so the Aramaic word needs to be considered as well.

          Let’s look at that Aramaic: “The fourth creature is the fourth kingdom that will rule* (lit. “be on”) the earth, which shall exceed all the kingdoms, and it shall devour all the earth (Arm: KOL ARA, meaning a large, but limited area, ie. the Middle East), trample on it and crush it to bits” (Dan. 7:23 AB). Notice the bias of translators! The verse actually says the fourth kingdom will the fourth to “be on” on the earth but the translator said “rule.” We always need to be alert to actual word meanings. Now let’s look at the words “all the earth.” In Mideast Beast, Joel Richardson interviewed Aramaic scholar Gleason Archer, Jr. about the meaining of this word. Mr. Archer claims it didn’t mean entire earth but rather a large, but limited area. Using English only translations leave us with a very sketchy version of what the Bible is truly saying.

          Other aspects to look at are where the words “crush” and “trample” are used in other prophetic passages, but I’ll leave that to you.

          1. All Glory to God


            Thanks for that. I will read Joel’s book for sure. Unfortunately the translation you describe does not help much and leaves a lot of room for speculation. A “large and limited area” could mean anything frankly.

            Consider also Revelations 13 v 7
            ” And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over ALL KINDREDS, AND TONGUES AND NATIONS”.(KJV)

            There is also the issue of kingdoms without kings. Islamic kingdoms must by rule have a king/caliph. Revelations 17 makes it clear that the 10 kingdoms exist for a while without kings and when the kings do come they remain for a short space.

            God Bless

          2. Curtis, I used to think the Beast Empire was a world-wide kingdom as well at one point. You have now seen Dan. 7:23 is not clear on this issue. I recommend you continue your investigation of the words I suggested in the last comment. In regard to Rev. 13:7, this verse was discussed in extensive detail in THIS RECENT POST. You might want to re-read it.

            In regard to kings without a kingdom, here is what Rev. actually says, “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour. These have one purpose, and they give their power and authority to the beast. (Rev. 17:12-13 NASB)” This is not some strange mystery verse, it is very straight forward. The angel is telling John the 10 horns he sees are ten kings and that their time to come upon the world stage and reign has not yet come. The verse further clarifies that they will receive their authority along with the Beast for a short time. This is so John didn’t look for the 10 kings until the time of the end. The verse absolutely doesn’t say the Kingdom exists before there is a king.

            I am not certain what the Empire of the ten kings will look like but here is my best guess. We know from Dan. 8 that a Sunni-Shia war is coming. Iran first invades the middle east, then Turkey counter-attacks and crushes Iran. (see THIS ARTICLE FROM LAST YEAR) After Turkey crushes Iran, we are told that the leader of Turkey becomes exceeding great. This prominent horn is “broken off” and the kingdom divided into 4 sub-nations, four horns. Are these 4 part of the 10 horns? I believe they are. After this we see the “little horn” (AC) arise. We are not told everything that happens during this time period. This is my guess: After Turkey crushes Iran it forms a Caliphate of most of the middle east. This is scary to most western powers and possibly the UN. However they do it, these powers remove the Caliph from power and break his empire up into pieces. The Islamic nations of the Middle East then form a confederacy or cooperative(ten kings) but not a kingdom. Everntually the AC rises in power and the ten kings give their power to the AC and he becomes Caliph of this region and probably Mahdi. This is a scenario based on scripture (Dan. 8) but its only a scenario.

  14. You mentioned the empire or caliphate to be the beast, but also the Antichrist. The caliphate in 1922 received a fatal wound then will be resurrected.Could there not be a death and ressurection of Antichrist as well? Duel prophecy? reading through Alan kurschner,book he seems to suggest a ressurection by AC.

    1. I didn’t discuss this Mike, because I don’t know the answer. Many, many believe this to be the case and it very well may be. In my book Are We Ready For Jesus, I discuss this possibility as well. However, it is not a resurrection, it may look like one to the outside world, but only God can resurrect. That said, it might not be a fatal head wound to the man Antichrist at all, but the claimed return of Mohammed: the “head” of Islam. For these reasons I didn’t discuss the head wound, because I don’t know the answer.

  15. Nelson,
    I don’t understand how Hitler’s Empire can be ignored as irrelevant in modern interpretations of scripture. All of the 6 kingdoms you listed have the common link of genocide or the conquering of the Jewish people. No one did more toward genocide or extinction of the Jews than Hitler. He was even raised a christian…catholic, altar boy no less. No one since Alexander tried to the conquer the world, until Hitler. Food for thought, what nation spear headed the overthrow of Hitler with the allies at it’s back? And has muslim states within its territory during its apex?

    Who said “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. So how can the shia and sunni unite to form this 8th empire? I don’t see the saudis, iran, iraq, turkey huckling up.

    Another curious point ignored by current analytics, Hitlers’s death is alleged, speculative, even unproven, lacking evidence? If Satan is mimicking God, which he is, then which bible figure is this fact about Hitler likened to? Enoch maybe? The book of Enoch is a curiosity in itself.

    And if Satan is the father of lies, which Jesus said he is, then why do current prophesy intellectuals place so much truth in the text of the Quran? The teachings of Muhammad are all lies. Then why believe that these Mohammadin prophecies are guiding them to usher in the 70th week of Daniel, prophecy from God?

    Jesus said watch, so you are not surprised as prophecy unfold. At the start of the Great Tribulation, all believers will witness the beast reveal himself. Until then all analysis is rhetoric.

    1. My original draft of this article had Germany and Hitler in it Ken and why I don’t think Germany fits the model. I took it out because I considered it distracting from the main points of the article, but I’m glad you brought it up. Germany doesn’t fit the model because 1. It is not included in the 7 heads from Daniel 7 and 2. Because it doesn’t fit the historic model of each empire conquering the next. Germany was certainly a horrific short lived empire but not a head of Satan. Here is a little graphic about the ten worst regimes of all time in terms of innocent deaths. http://popten.net/2010/05/top-ten-most-evil-dictators-of-all-time-in-order-of-kill-count/ Hitler is given credit for 17 M. It is estimated Islam has killed 270 M in jihads or more than 15x Nazi Germany.

      Daniel claims the Beast or 4th Kingdom will be a divided kingdom (a house divided) so Shia/Sunni fits right into that prophecy.

      You are absolutely correct that all Muslim prophecies are heretical and false. However, if 1.6 billion people believe in them and try to make them come true, they become dangerous. Why are these prophecies guiding them to usher in the 70th Week? God permitted it and Satan is using them.

      You say that all analysis is rhetoric until the Great Tribulation. If this were true, then why does God give us all of the prophecies that concern the Beginning of Birth Pangs period (the first 3.5 years of the 70th Week) and the period right before it (as found in Dan. 8)? He does so to equip his Church.

  16. I recently read this quote in a book: “Apart from the biblical interpretation that the seven heads of the beast are Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, and Islam, Islam itself has had seven caliphates and is a seven-headed beast of its own, the last being the Ottoman Caliphate.” What do you think of this? I also recently read that the “city on seven hills” which most people think refers to Rome, could be Istanbul, Turkey, since Istanbul was built on seven hills. Could there be any truth to this, or is it surely false, since hills/mountains most often refer to kingdoms in the Bible? Also, you mentioned that Turkey was part of the Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire. How much of the Middle East did the Byzantine Empire control, and did it “conquer and crush” parts of the middle eastern empires? One more thing. Do you believe that Daniel 8 has dual fulfillment (both historical and future) or only future fulfillment?

    1. As always Janae, you have great, great questions. You answered your own question regarding the 7 hills. Mountains are a symbol of a kingdom. Heads are a symbol of authority. In no way can these be 7 hills in Istanbul or Rome IMO. I see you think the same way.

      In terms of the 7 heads of Satan, it cannot be coincidence that the beasts in Dan. 7 have 7 heads between them AND that the land mass of these heads are equivalent to the 7 empires that Satan has used to attempt to thwart God’s plan. It is overwhelming evidence. Were there 7 caliphates? It depends on how you count them in my mind. These are certainly not the heads of Satan. Could they be the 7 heads of the Beast? Perhaps, but I prefer the logic and thinking in the article. The idea of 7 caliphates is pretty insignificant to the overall idea. Either way the end result of how we apply the prophecy is the same.

      In terms of the Byzantine Empire its greatest extent existed prior to the rise of Islam (no surprise) in the 500’s AD. Here is a link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byzantine_Empire

      In terms of Daniel 8, I believe it has only future fulfillment but has deep historic foreshadows. There are several things about the historic foreshadow that doesn’t match the Bible. For instance, Greece was originally split into a couple dozen sub-nations and only eventually settled into 4. Antiochus IV never cast down the stars of heaven. And he never expanded his empire to the east. Other than those 3, the foreshadow is very close and gives us a “Picture” of what is to come, at least IMO.

  17. If in the time of the writing of Revelations by John one head “was, and is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss” this could imply that the archon of Mohammed / the Caliphate was not currently in power, but had been so before John’s time.

    If this is correct, Assyria comes to mind. Before the Caliphate, Assyria in its last centuries was the most cruel, murderous and terroristic empire of all.

    1. Adamant, thanks for commenting. The difficulty here is that the seven heads are on both Satan and the Beast. The Beast’s heads are just a reflection of Satan’s. We know from Daniel 7 that the Fourth Terrifying Beast only arises sometime after the Hellenistic (Greek) Kingdom, the Leopard. Thus the Beast cannot be Assyria. The Beast will occupy the Assyrian Empire’s land mass but the ARCHON wasn’t Assyria based on this logic.

  18. I certainly do not claim to be a Bible scholar, but over the past year I have been studying prophecy , especially how Islam plays a part in the end times. Since then, all the things I once struggled with makes perfect sense. God Bless you for your work, you have been a great asset in my studies. My church is doing a study on Revelation at this time, sadly most are still stuck in the western mindset of a revived Roman empire. I tell them they are looking at the wrong leg. I pray they will give ear to my thoughts and consider them at least. Prayers for you and your ministry,
    In His Service , Alva McElwain

    1. Alva, thanks for your kind words. Hopefully you will be able to give them my new unpublished book Revelation Deciphered. I plan to have it out in late summer, early fall. I also plan to do a video teaching series on the new book (for free) and accessible here on the website with a leader’s book and small group study questions. PRAY for this to happen as God wills.

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