Is the Blessed Hope the Rapture?

The term “blessed hope” has become synonymous with a Pretrib. Rapture. So is the blessed hope the rapture … or something else?

[Facing the Antichrist isn’t] good news, that’s not a blessed hope, that’s bad news – Billy Crone

It becomes a blasted hope not a blessed one – Michael Pfeil

In fact, this verse, Titus 2:13 has become almost a “proof text” for the pretrib. rapture. Brothers and sisters in Christ claim our hope can only be “blessed” if we are spared from the 70th Week of Daniel. Is this correct?

Watch this short video for a complete explanation. Bookmark this video and share it with anyone who wishes to better understand the truth of the “blessed hope.”

So the main points here are:

  • The blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of Jesus are ONE event, not two
  • The word appearing is not one of the Greek words for rapture, but rather a word that means “appearing above or upon,” such as the appearing upon the clouds; and it always means appearance of a god
  • This word is also used in 2 Thess. 2:8 where it says Jesus will diminish the power of the Antichrist upon his appearance. This can only mean that the Antichrist is already in power prior to the appearing of Jesus
  • Our hope is in Jesus no matter what persecution may intervene. We have a blessed hope even if we must endure the Tribulation period.

So rather than being a proof text for the pretrib. rapture, Titus 2:13 and the accompanying word study are actually a proof text disproving the pretrib. rapture. How can the hope of Christians be the appearing on the clouds and the diminishing of Antichrist’s power if there is a pretrib. rapture? Both cannot be true. I choose to believe the Bible and Titus 2:13.

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13 thoughts on “Is the Blessed Hope the Rapture?”

  1. goodness – watching your video at work – volume set high in order to hear your voice clearly – ending music came on at 180+ decibels…. scared the crap out of me

      1. I am half way thru your latest book, but one thing bothers me greatly. What name am I supposed to call out on the day of the lord – is it Jesus, Jehovah, GOD, Yeshua, Buhda, Yahweh, Allah, etc. If the name ‘jesus’ is only about 400-500 years old, then why would I use it ?? Does it matter if I call out the wrong name because “he will know what you mean in your heart” ?? I really want to hear your thoughts on this…….

        1. Weed wacker,
          Roberto Clemente was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. When I was young, a man gave me a box of old baseball cards and there was a Roberto card in there. Except it called him “Bob” Clemente, it gave him an Americanized name. I didn’t like that (I have a bi-racial Latino family) and I’m sure he wasn’t thrilled about it either. It wasn’t his name. But if an adoring fan cried out “Bob, Bob!” all smiles. He’d smile back. The love of that fan would cut thru the mistaken name.

          I’m sure what Yeshua sees is the love as well. He is going to get a new name in the Kingdom ANYWAY.

          But calling him Jesus reduces his “Jewishness.”So I don’t recommend you use it. I use it on this site for familiarity reasons. We have 950,000 individual people who have read this site. It requires that level of familiarity. The same is true for my book. It requires a level of familiarity so the message gets thru and it doesn’t get clouded by issues of what name we call our savior. Keep the main thing the main thing.

  2. Excellent video Nelson, spot on. And good timing! I walked up yesterday morning to hear my wife and kids around the breakfast table working on memorizing the last few verses of Titus 2. Just as I walked up they were reciting v13! It certainly is a blessed hope in my heart even though I think the resurrection/rapture won’t happen until the end of the tribulation. Two lingering thoughts from the video:

    First, regarding 2 Thes 2:8. At the appearing of Jesus, the Antichrist will be put down, abolished, or done away with! How do you reconcile 2 Thes 2:8 with AC’s 42-month term of power? Does the pre-wrath framework teach that after Jesus appears in power and glory, the AC will continue to wreak havoc for another year until the climax at the “great day of God” at Armageddon (Rev 16:14)? I guess this is what I’m trying to figure out about the pre-wrath position. How can AC go on for another year if he is “made inactive” or “completely brought down” at the brightness of Jesus’ coming? Do you think AC’s power begins 42 months prior to the appearing? Just trying to sort out the pre-wrath position on this. To me, it seems that when Jesus is revealed with his mighty angels in power and glory (I Thes 1:7-10) he will both glorify the saints (i.e. resurrection/rapture) and destroy the ungodly on that day. It is difficult for me to see a continuance of AC’s power after the appearing of Jesus’ power. Make sense?

    Second, it is a little off-topic from the point you were making in the video, but I do wish that you would have included the tail end of 2 Tim 4:1 in the slide since the kingdom of God is also tightly connected to Jesus’ appearing in power and glory. It seems the “kingdom” and the “appearing” are closely connected much like you described the connection between the “blessed hope” and the “appearing”. Luke 21:28, 31 says when you see these things come to pass, look up and lift up your heads. Why? Because both your redemption (deliverance/resurrection/rapture) and the kingdom of God is near.

    Take care,
    Brandon Emch

    1. I’m trying to sort this out as well Brandon. Right now I have serious questions about three things. First, this issue you bring up. Second, the career of the Witnesses. Third the 70 Weeks (partially thanks to you my friend). So I don’t have a completely worked out answer to your question. I’ve had the 42 months on my schedule to work on for some time. However, I am so busy with the interviews, I haven’t had time to really focus and study. It is possible the 42 months begin prior to the midpoint of the Tribulation. Notice that in Rev. 16 that you mention, the Antichrist must send out evil spirits to gather the kings of the earth. Would a powerful AC have to do this? Wouldn’t he just command most of them to do so? Many questions yet to answer. Sorry I don’t have them all yet.

      1. When Jesus appears: the AC trib is ended, the celestial disturbance neutralizes the power of man & the AC, the 1st resurrection transpires, the rapture of the living takes place, the 144k are sealed, the Wrath of God (Day of the Lord) begins. The deed to the earth is taken back by Jesus, from Satan. All divine power is removed from Satan. He is left without divine wings, pathetic. He still has the remainder of his 1260 days as “king” of the earth, but it is at this point farcical. This is why Jesus destroys the AC army at Armageddon by the breath of his mouth. The AC and Satan are stripped of any divine power that Satan at one time had the privilege to be given by God. Satan is reduced to the same status he enticed Adam to choose. Before sin, Adam had the body that Jesus gained at Resurrection. Sinless with everlasting life worshipping God. Satan at the Second Coming of Jesus will realize what life is without the gifts from God. He will experience eternal powerlessness. He gets a another chance near the end of the 1k reign of Jesus. But without divine power.

  3. Great video Nelson. The use of slides with your voice over is excellent. Not that we don’t like your handsome face but slides with Scriptures more powerful. Keep them coming brother.

  4. Your video without comments says that we go through the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments of Revelation and then are raptured at the appearing of Jesus at Armageddon.

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