Is the Church Disobeying the Great Commission?

Is the church disobeying the Great Commission by not teaching the commands in Matt. 24, or is that chapter just for unsaved Jews?

The attached video is the sixth episode of the new FREE, online DVD, Dawn of a New Day: The Timing of Christ’s Return and Why it Matters The DVD is a series of eight 10 min. + videos and 10 supplemental BONUS videos about all aspects of the Return of Jesus, what our culture calls the Rapture. I truly believe you can’t watch all the episodes and not come away changed. If you want to view links to all the episodes, you can find them here. CLICK LINK

In this sixth episode, we examine the common disagreement about whether Matt. 24 is meant solely for unsaved Jews or for the Church as well. This is not a mute point. If the Church is to obey the commands in Matt. 24, well …, then the Church will face the events in that Chapter which include the Great Tribulation. If the chapter is only for unsaved Jews, then the Church won’t face those days. A lot rides on the outcome of this discussion.

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