Jan Markell Calls Out Prewrath as “Satanic”

After receiving her copy of Rapture: Case Closed? Jan Markell calls out prewrath as “Satanic.”


In Jan Markell’s recent interview with Amir Tsarfati and J. D. Farag, all three categorized attacks on the pretrib. rapture as “Satanic” and mentioned the prewrath rapture by name. All of this occurring less than two weeks after Markel received her copy of Rapture: Case Closed? Did the book strike a nerve?

Interestingly, of course, Rapture: Case Closed? is not an attack on the pretrib. rapture, per se, but rather a comprehensive exegesis of 147 separate proofs of rapture timing.

J. D. Farag classified all attacks on the pretrib. rapture as “Satanic” because he claims these attacks cause confusion among the followers of that theory. Farag then claimed confusion comes the the author of confusion and lies. Personally, I wonder what Farag would have classified the 95 Theses which certainly caused confusion and debate during the Reformation? Or perhaps he classifies the teaching of the Apostle Paul as “Satanic” because they caused confusion among the Jewish leaders of his day?

It is also interesting that the “proofs” for a pretrib. rapture mentioned by Farag and Tsarfati in the interview are thoroughly discounted in Rapture: Case Closed? Perhaps a little more “confusion” on their parts would help open their eyes to what the Bible teaches.

Imminence                            See RCC? pp. 153-161

Rev. 3:10                                See RCC? pp. 113-116

Wrath of God                      See RCC? pp. 116-127

Matt. 24 for Jews only   See RCC? pp. 135-140

I recommend we all lift up these teachers and the followers of these teachers in prayer, that the truth of God’s Word open their eyes to His truth. Not my interpretation of it or yours, but the truth of God’s Word.

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  1. The issue is to whom You chose to serve and to whom You command Your soul- to God or to Satan. And when You decide then you will know for sure…

  2. John 16:1-4(NKJV) “These things I have spoken to you, that you should not be made to stumble. They will put you out of the synagogues; yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service. And these things they will do to you because they have not known the Father nor Me. But these things I have told you, that when the time comes, you may remember that I told you of them.

    We may never get to know fully on this side, but we do have the responsibility to at least be aware of what the Bible says – so that when the time does come, we will recognize things by remembering what was said. The blessing of Revelation 1:3 may just be the enhanced ability to resist the apostasy by recognizing things as they happen and to be comforted because we were forewarned. Confirmation that, despite appearing to be losing, we are on the winning side.

    Nelson – great work again. Humble and fresh insights. Whether people want to agree or disagree is fine, this is a very important book that everyone should read even if just to be aware. Thank you for your work. God bless you.

  3. I may disagree with this or that, but satanic? Ridiculous. The elites have never had the foggiest clue what the scriptures are about. Not in Jesus’ day, and certainly not today. Wisdom is deliberately withheld from the elite and given to babes. This is God’s will so we should rejoice in being babes. A prophecy of our Lord:

    Matthew 11:25 At that time Jesus answered and said, “I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them to babes.

  4. I ordered your book and went to my brothers&sisters on FB True Believers and End Times News and told them I would be posting things from your study for us to go over. Ignorance is a killer. Our FATHER said, My people die all the day long from lack of knowledge. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but far from the dullest. Be like the Bereans, search the scriptures to see if it is so. I was pretrib, but I will look into what you have written. I advise others to also do the same. Read the book, if it is wrong, then go to scripture and show it is wrong. Just have an open mind to learn from GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT. If you seek me with an open and true heart, you will find me. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    1. Awesome. That is what is it made for. You have signed up for quite an assignment, however, as it is very comprehensive. There are 147 proofs in it! If you have questions please contact me as I will be happy to answer them.

  5. C’mon people.

    Marv Rosenthal called pretrib a “satanically planned sneak attack.” See The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church pages 281-282. Heck, Schimmel, Richardson and Prasch produced a 4 plus hour video trying to pin the heresy label on Darby and consequently demonize pretribulationism.

    Besides which if you listen carefully to Jan’s video, the word satanic was used regarding the attacks on pretrib. Now you might deduce that, given, that the attacks often come from the prewrath community then PW is satanic.

    I don’t see it that way. I’ve seen some of the comments leveled at these pretrib ministries and many of them are mean-spirited. Ministries such as Jan’s, Gary Stearman’s and Dave Reagan’s have been getting hate mail (I’ve seen some of it) from this community and others for years. I’m sure that’s what they referring to.

    No rapture timing view is satanic. We should all take a big breath and focus on Christ.

    1. Alf, I agree with you that none of us should attack another based on their rapture belief. Satanic is not a word to toss around causally IMO.

      What the average listener doesn’t discern from Jan’s video, however, is that a major project distributing 1000 copies of “Rapture: Cased Closed?” to the 1000 most influential church leaders in America had just taken place. Jan had received her book two weeks prior to her filming the video. So when she spoke of a “another challenge to the pretib”, she was referring to this distribution by our ministry; a distribution that many who follow this site sacrificially gave to make happen. So when Jan and J.D. said “satanic” they were talking about me and those followers personally. That is why the prewrath rapture is mentioned later in the video, because Rapture: Case Closed? pretty much solves the rapture case in favor of the prewrath; you should pick up a copy.

      Also Rapture: Case Closed? is not a challenge to the pretrib. per se. It is a call to a national discussion of the question of whether the church will face the Antichrist and whether or not it needs to begin to prepare to do so. I envision this book as the centerpiece of that that discussion. It examines nearly every proof of every theory in the light of scripture. As such it presents a wonderful outline for any rapture timing discussion.

      Now Alf, you tell me why anyone who is confident in their rapture position would not look forward to such a national discussion? A chance for biblical clarity across all denominations and churches? Only someone NOT confident in their own position would oppose such a conversation. Am I right? Only someone not confident in their own position would term a call for a national conversation “satanic.”

    2. Just following up a second time Alf.

      Although no rapture timing view is satanic, the forces of darkness do enjoy the division among believers, don’t they. This is another reason why a national conversation needs to happen. I strongly believe that a meeting and prayer of the leadership of the Church would result in unity on this issue if they leaders were willing to lay down their “kingdoms” before Jesus and take his Word for what it teaches.

      This is a primary reason I am saddened by Ms. Markell and Pastor Farag. To term a call for a national conversation “satanic” is the exact opposite of the truth. Unity is Christ-like. Division is satanic. We must strive for unity, but that unity needs to be centered on the truth of the Word.

      So Alf, I ask that you join me in this call for a national conversation. Speak to any leader with whom you have influence. Ask them if they are willing to lay down their kingdom before Jesus and join the call for unity. Then we will see what they truly value, their own kingdoms or Jesus.

    3. I see that you’ve reached out to Jan. Good. Hopefully we now have a better picture of what she meant. As a former admin I can vouch for some mean-spirited comments which are continuously mailed to pretrib ministries.

      I get that you’re promoting your materials, Nelson. I read some of your stuff and I’ve read my share of prewrath books. Many of us have. As for me, the conversation has been happening since my interest in prophecy. I moved from posttrib towards the pretrib view, largely because of my prewrath friends who goaded me into studying their view.

      A national conversation on the rapture? I take the view that rapture timing is deductive at best. It shouldn’t be our main focus. I can think of a more urgent topic. Like how to reach the lost.

      1. Alf, thanks for your comments. It would have been so much simpler if Jan and J.D. had personalized the attacks (“we are under attack”, not “the pretrib. is under attack”) and then the media and social media wouldn’t have jumped all over them. However, all is well that ends well.

        Hopefully, you will like the new series we are beginning “Why the Rapture Debate is important.” We started with an introductory article/video on the Mark of the Beast and the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (posted 11-5). The article after that is the one I think you should read. (Probably will post 11/11) If you think rapture timing is deductive at best, I think you would then agree with my position that all churches should begin to prepare their flock for Antichrist (Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.) Be sure to give your thoughts after that article.

        BTW, if you haven’t read the book Rapture: Case Closed? you might pick up a copy. It is doubtful you’ll think Rapture timing is deductive after reading it. After all, doesn’t it make sense that Jesus would not leave us hanging about such an important topic as whether or not we will face Antichrist.

  6. Is there a way that we can get you to research other beliefs & practices that contradict the scriptures besides the rapture – there are many. Your method of study is very precise & logical – all based on scripture alone – not traditions or church doctrine. I have a list that seems to grow the more I learn…..

    1. thanks weed wacker. The reason I focus on what I do is the importance of that doctrine. For instance, Jesus warns in his parables that up to 50% of the church may fall away during the time it faces Antichrist. That makes it super important. So feel free to request an article, but if you choose something that is important as well as interesting, then it gets my attention.

  7. Your headline is a lie. None of the three said that the prewrath position is satanic. What they said was the attack against their position is satanic, because it causes confusion in the body. The author of the book is guilty of throwing the first punch. That’s what started this. Christians should not be attacking others for holding a different position on the 2nd Coming. It is not a salvation issue.

    1. Bonnie, I can tell from your comments you want to defend teachers you respect. Good for you, but your choice of words is just as inappropriate as Jan’s and J.D.’s. “Lie” is a very strong word, J.D. used the same word in the video, except he said lies from the Father of Lies.

      Considering both you and J.D. are aiming that word at me personally, I need to respond. You see Jan’s comments are most likely aimed at me and the Rapture: Case Closed? Project. She and 999 of the other most influential leaders in the church received the prewrath book and video. The purpose of the book is encourage a nation-wide conversation of our leaders to try and resolve the question of whether or not we will face the Antichrist – Baptists, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Seminary Professors, sitting down together and discussing what scripture really says.

      The reason is that the question is of incredible importance. In Matt. 24 -25 Jesus told 4 parables as applications of his end time teaching. All four are specifically about his followers (not unbelievers) and in every one 33% to 50% of his followers fall away and are cast into Hell. THIS IS A SALVATION ISSUE and within the church. Our rapture theories are not a salvation issue but not preparing for Antichrist is. One can hope for the best (pretrib.) and prepare for the worst. I hear this all the time but no one is doing this. This is what Jan is opposing by calling the effort for a national conversation “Satanic.”

      Satan would never encourage believers to come together as one and study what the Bible truly says – to become “one” as Jesus prayed for in John 17:21. Unfortunately, it would be laughable what Jan has suggested if it wasn’t so sad.

      Bonnie, why not pick up a copy of the book for yourself. Read it and see what it says before judging.

      1. I have ready plenty on both positions and I follow prophecy teachers from both sides, so I will pass on your book. I went from pre-trib to post-trib and back again because there are too many inconsistencies in the mid- and post-trib views.

        This controversy came to the forefront after Joe Schimmel’s feeble attempt to disprove it in his production, which is full of errors. I lost a lot of respect for Joe, Jacob Prasch, and John Haller (although I still like and follow Haller) after they came out in full attack mode against the rebuttal to it. Their hostility was revealing.

        This was never a “conversation”, although they can claim it until they are blue in the face. Having watched and listened to both sides of this “conversation”, I can tell you it’s not hard to see what is happening here. We all know who stirred up this hornet’s nest, and when the rebuttals to Schimmel’s anti-trib production started coming, the attacks from the post-tribbers have become more vicious and insulting. It’s become so bad it’s actually embarrassing.

        As far as the tired argument that the Christians who believe in the pre-trib rapture won’t be prepared to face the antichrist and persecution, that is ridiculous. Gos doesn’t abandon His children, and those who love the truth do not abandon the Savior. Fear has nothing to do with my conclusions.

        I strongly disagree this is a “salvation issue”. Salvation is based on the gospel, not on your eschatology.

        If anything needs to happen here, the leaders in the post-trib camp need to show some humility and check their attitudes towards Christian brothers who differ with them on this issue.

        1. Rapture: Case Closed? may be the most comprehensive rapture book yet published. It looks at 147 proofs, most likely all the proofs of all the theories. One can suggest a book but not make one read it. BTW, it disproves the post-trib. rapture theory as well which you might find interesting.

          Second a national discussion is just that: representatives from denominations, seminaries, prophecy teachers, etc. all sitting around a single table and opening the scriptures and looking at them together. The only persons unwilling to do something like that are those who are afraid to test their beliefs against the Word of God.

          I believe in “once saved, always saved,” but who is saved? What if Jesus’s parables are correct and 50% of those attending our churches are unsaved? This is the greatest mission field – our own churches. So it is a salvation issue. People aren’t saved by their eschatology, but as Jesus teaches in the Parable of the Ten Virgins, all ten will light their torches (Gk: lampas) but half will let them go out. It is for this very reason they do not enter the wedding feast. Jesus says he did not know them. In 1 Cor 8:3 we learn this means they do not love God. Now is the time to prepare the church for this time when their love will be tested. Even if the chances of this were only 5%, don’t we need to do whatever we can? It isn’t who is right or wrong, but the safety of the flock which is at stake. And for that I’m called satanic.

  8. Nelson,

    Condemning the pre wrath position as satanic is out of fear of facing the reality of having to be alive during the AC tribulation. It’s really not the pre wrath position per say, it is the potential suffering, persecution, even martyrdom that may result of having to chose between living status quo through the mark of the beast, or struggling in faith for the gift of eternal life. Only through the Spirit of Truth can we be intrepid believers. Your book is analogous to a letter from Paul to the churches.

    1. Thanks Ken, but the Apostle Paul had holy inspiration. I’m just a guy interpreting as I can, right about some things, wrong about others. There is a HUGE difference between true heroes like Paul and little ol’ me.

      You are spot on however about those who fear the coming trial instead of embracing what God causes to work together for our good.

  9. Nelson: If Jesus’s works and words were considered to be santanic by religious leaders of his days, then You should not expect anything less from your teachings.

  10. Thank you Nelson for your work. I am enjoying your new book now. I too was once a pre trib rapture believer. My mind was changed through your and others help in searching the scriptures to determine what is correct. Is there a way to obtain some of the very helpful charts in your latest book in a larger format? I would like to use them to help explain the concept of the rapture timing to some of my family who are asking questions about the signs of the times and the timing of the rapture.
    Your knowledge and expertise is greatly appreciated.

  11. This is so sad Nelson. I will speak only from my experience of how I changed my view from being pretrib to a prewrath. It was only the prayers of my wife to cause me to keep seeking truth about this when I was 90% sure of a pretrib view. As she kept praying for me, I kept searching which led me to this website as well as Joel Richardson’s. That 10% doubt I had, kept me searching without telling my wife because I did not want to have to admit I MIGHT BE WRONG. Following this site and Joel’s and rereading the bible dealing with this topic, the scriptures were aligning with the prewrath view. It was a humbling experience to finally admit to her that I WAS WRONG. I thanked her for her unceasing prayers and am so thankful we are in agreement on this. All of this said to reiterate your last comment: “I recommend we all lift up these teachers and the followers of these teachers in prayer, that the truth of God’s Word open their eyes to His truth. Not my interpretation of it or yours, but the truth of God’s Word.” It worked for me. God is right there waiting for us to receive the truth, but we have to be willing to hear it and humble enough to accept and admit we were wrong.

    1. Thanks Tom. At one time I was pretrib. as well, not even knowing there were other options. Now one’s eschatology in and of itself doesn’t save or condemn. But Jesus clearly teaches us to be prepared for his coming. But which coming is one preparing for? If you’re preparing for the wrong one, it can make an eternal difference.

  12. I haven’t seen the video. Where do you find it?
    If not explain how they say it is ‘satanic’.
    How is the resurrection, ‘satanic’?
    That’s the problem. They confuse and parse the words, rapture and the resurrection. It is the same thing. And people that are taught that there are 2 events have a very hard time getting over the teaching. I did.
    And it is because no one likes the thought of going through intense persecution and that we would be whisked away from it in a such a grand way. Explain that one to the disciples.
    Blessings, L.

    1. The video is on Jan Markell’s site, Olive Tree Ministries. I wasn’t able to link directly to it. Laurel. Pastor Farag claimed eschatology other than pretrib. was demonic because it causes “confusion” among the pretrib. faithful.

    2. And how do they reason the devout Christians in foreign countries that are being tortured then killed. Aren’t they good enough to be included in the pre-trib rapture? How do they explain that fact?

        1. No, “out of sight, out of mind” is not the issue. There has always been persecution. Jesus said His followers would be persecuted. Have we been in the Tribulation for 2 thousand years? The Tribulation period is a time when God removes His protective hand from His creation and men feel the wrath of God. The church is taken out of the way. Right now Israel still has the support of true believers. When the church is gone, the world will turn against Israel so that they will seek God and the faithful remnant of Jews will repent and be saved. One of the biggest errors in the post-trib camp has been a lack of distinction between the spiritual (church) and natural (nation of) Israel. I know not all of them are in this error, but much of the teaching has evolved on that basis.

          1. BTW, I’m prewrath not post-trib. Big difference.

            We have two eye witnesses that testify to the the timing of Wrath of God. In Rev. 6:10, the martyrs under the altar WILL cry out that God has not yet begun to judge (how can there be wrath without judging?) and he has not yet begun to avenge (pour out wrath) as of the Fifth Seal. At the Sixth Seal, the inhabitants of the earth WILL cry out that only at that point will the Day of the Lord and the Wrath of God begin (Rev. 6;16-17) In this passage they claim the Wrath “has come” (aorist indicative ingressive usage indicating the beginning of something just like Mark 14:41). These are eye-witnesses, not theories of when it should start. God has provided these eye witness testimonies for exactly that reason so that in the future one could not make up theories on when the wrath starts but know it with certainty. Unfortunately people have “made up” theories despite the clear Word of God. The Wrath of God starts after the Sixth Seal.

  13. The truth is Nelson, speaking as a non Ministerial person, its the pre trib that actually causes the confusion. For over 30 yrs I and my friends believed the pre trib theory, although not one of us could actually explain where the bible stated that millions would disappear without trace, leaving behind mayhem.

    Personally I just thought that It was such a deep subject that only bible scholars could get to grips with it, although it always niggled me that Paul said we should not be ignorant. But then at a friends Bible school, she was simply told to “Go study” the three views and make her own mind up! He wasn’t allowed to influence them apparently.

    Then one day after having a devastating blow, I decided to study the subject, without any books, thinking it would distract my mind from hurt for a long time, after all people had constantly told me that after studying it all their lives, they still didn’t get it.

    With Bible, concordance, paper and pencil, I set out. First I wrote down the meaning of the word rapture(I did cheat for that , and got an explanation from the net)

    THEN I went to the obvious first scripture 2Thes 2. All I can say is when I read “Let no man deceive you, for that day shall not come……..” I just knew that I had been wrong all these years and we would see the tribulation period. Have no idea why I hadn’t seen it before. I was stunned. Absolutely in shock. I actually felt afraid at first, that I was being self deceived, I personally didn’t know a single person outside of the pretrib belief.

    The thing that stunned and grieved me the most was the fact that as I studied around the Day of the Lord, it was actually very simple.
    I actually felt bereaved, I could have understood it all along, were it not for the wild goose chase id been sent on looking for something that didn’t exist. when I shared with my friend who went to bible school, she saw it, and wanted to know why her teacher couldn’t have explained it to her.

    Its not your book that’s satanic. But it would be very helpful to us pew sheep if some ministers would be a bit more graceful and open.

    Sorry this was long Nelson. Just thought it was worth sharing.

  14. From what I have heard, Amir did not go so far as JD and Markell. He just didn’t want to engage in teaching the other aspects of the Timing of the rapture. This is in no way meant to be an argumentative comment to your post. I truly believe all three need to thoroughly study the scriptures for a better understanding, and I also think Farag and Markell should just go away, much damage has been done by both prior to this incident.

    1. Thom, thanks for your comment. Tsarfati did not comment on the satanic aspect, but did not disagree with it either when it was brought up. He responded by presenting all the “sound-byte” pretrib proofs, which in itself is harmless, but in context, was giving his affirmation.

    1. Bob, both Amir Tsarfati and JD Farag are Christian brothers of Middle Eastern descent. Tsarfati is an Israeli Christian who served in a higher rank in the IDF. He is good Bible teacher. Farag is an immigrant to the US, a pastor and Bible teacher. Both men study and teach prophecy intently. I just so happen to follow prophecy teachers from different eschatalogical positions. I also like to listen to John Haller. This problem came about when teachers from the prewrath camp started attacking the pre-trib position. It used to be that people these positions respected each other and didn’t make a big issue out of these things. They just stayed out of each others hair. But somebody just couldn’t leave it alone.

      1. J.D., Amir, and Jan are all Christian brothers and sisters. It is a poor witness when national teachers speak out against a brother who is attempting to do the work of our Lord. Sad. Know that I have reached out to Jan personally to try and have her repair the breach. We shall see.

        John Haller has the book and supports the idea of a national conversation just like the book calls for BTW.

        You mention prewrath followers “attacking” the pretrib. position. Suggesting someone is mistaken is one thing, obviously both positions can’t be correct at the same time. One or both have to be wrong. Calling someone’s efforts “satanic” is something else entirely. It is wrong for anyone to do this.

        “Staying out of each others hair” is not an option. Frankly I don’t care what rapture position someone professes, but I do care whether someone is prepared to face Antichrist. The risk of facing him is so great, that even if the odds are only 5-10% we cannot take that chance. As my last comment indicated, by means of his parables, Jesus indicates that up to 50% of his followers are at risk of falling away during the end times. This makes this the most important question facing Christians today. Period. How can we not encourage our leaders to discuss this issue? In the first century when the church had disagreements, they would meet, pray, and decide the issue. What is wrong with that?

        1. There is nothing wrong with discussing these issues. The problem I have is that there is a lack of grace and humilty. It is one thing to have confidence in your position, and quite another to be hostile towards each other. Schimmel came right out and denounced the pre-trib position as deceptive, bringing this issue to the forefront, which I see as important because it shows how important His position is to him. He has an air of superiority. He has taken people’s comments out of context and used interviews and endorsements without their consent and refused to apologize. By virtue of these actions and the inaccuracies in his production he loses a lot of credibility and virtue, as does his position. Calling this a “conversation” is highly disingenuous. It looks and sounds like an attack on the ore-trib position. If it looks like a duck…just sayin’

          The falling away started in the early church age. And the bridesmaids are not the Bride of Christ.

          1. I am sorry when people are treated badly regardless of what side of an issue they support. However in THIS ISSUE, this brother was called satanic by people to whom he did no wrong except send them a free book and video and suggest a national discussion. Only people who are afraid of a national discussion act that way.

            BTW, Paul calls it “The” apostasy in 2 Thess. 2:3, it is “the” falling away, all others are not. And the virgins are those keeping themselves pure for the return of the UNMARRIED bridegroom are the church. Just like the slaves of the master in the Parable of Head of the House, the Thief and the Master and the slaves of the master in the Parable of the Talents and the Goats who call Jesus Lord in the Sheep and Goats.

            You would think with so many warnings against falling away, the American Church would prepare. But it is asleep. Just like the wise and foolish virgins. Consider picking up a copy of the book before you criticize.

  15. I do not think these hers will change their mind.
    They have already made up their mind.
    In my experience it is a non-productive exercise to argue the Biblical truths with them. Their minds are fixed.

    1. Unfortunately you may be correct Gavin. Calling out a brother as “satanic” for presenting a different biblical interpretation than yours is pretty radical. Interestingly, Satan has nothing to gain by supporting a view that causes one to prepare for the return of Jesus, to ready oneself to face persecution, and to strengthen one’s love of the Lord.

      1. Really? After Schimmel and his friends said that the pre-trib rapture doctrine is demonic and occultic in his inaccurate anti-pre-trib production? Look in the mirror, brothers. Who is inflaming the issue, and who caused this divisive debacle, and who is keeping it alive?

        Teachers on both sides used to show each other respect even if they differed on this issue. This is now being kept alive by those adamant to continue to defend what those on this camp are doing. When someone calls them out on their divisive tactics, now they are all of a sudden the apostates? The rebuttals could eventually stop when the misrepresentations of the historical facts and the attacks do (which I don’t see realistically happening).

        The “Good Fight” is about persevering through the trials and tribulations brought about by living within a sin-stained world, not about demeaning your brothers on an issue that is not clearly laid out in Scripture; I’m not saying we can’t come to conclusions, but there is no verse or passage that clearly lays out the exact timing of the “parousia”, which is what post-tribbers claim they are able to, either. Your brother is not your enemy, so which side of the actual good fight are you really on?

        Even the disciples, in the presence of the fulfillment of prophecies about Christ, did not understand everything He was saying. He had to explain it to them, so what makes so many in the post-trib camp so sure they have it everything right? It is the lack of humility and grace that is being shown that is particularly problematic. I’m not accusing you personally of this, Nelson; however, you are adding further fuel to the fire. I would like to see your reaction to someone sending out literature to all the people in the post-trib ministries and churches to oppose your camp. I wonder how you would take such an overt mass opposition to your views? I think it’s very arrogant and demeaning to the body of Christ.

        Most pre-tribbers are fairly well educated about other eschataological positions. The only thing this all changes is how believers view each other and how the world views us – there is now a very strong polarization happening between the camps and the division will only now widen. I hold the post-trib camp responsible for opening this door. It was only considered a minor diference in the past. You just don’t come out punching in the home of a guest and family member and expect them to condone such behavior. Have you called out those in your own camp for acting like this?

        It is the pre-tribbers who caused this division in the body and it is they who are keeping it alive now. How about holding your brothers to account for their own bad behavior?

        1. Bonita, I am glad you have engaged in this conversation and I appreciate your passion for some of the teachers you admire. This will have to be the last comment about this article from you that I will answer so we can give space to other readers. Feel free however to comment on other articles.

          First, we all need to acknowledge there is a division among the protestant church on this issue. And it is THE most significant division of our time. It is significant because, even if you chose not to believe it, if the church faces the Antichrist, millions or hundreds of millions of church goers will fall away in apostasy. Just like we must engage the unsaved outside our churches to get souls into the lifeboat of Jesus, we must engage those within our churches to keep them from jumping out of the lifeboat. This is not an issue anyone with a heart for salvation should ignore. It is an eternal life or death issue which Jesus himself makes abundantly clear.

          So you can believe any rapture theory you want, but all of us must “hope for the best, prepare for the worst (prepare for antichrist),” something almost no church is doing. My calling is the awaken the church to this understanding. In your comment you say the rapture is “an issue that is not clearly laid out in Scripture.” If you aren’t sure of your own position then this makes the need to prepare EVEN GREATER. Can you see the enormous risk we are all facing if the pretrib. is wrong?

          As far as these other individuals in the body who have offended you and others who believe in the pretrib. rapture, 1) they aren’t me and 2) that doesn’t excuse bad behavior by those teachers you respect.

          The answer is let’s solve the rapture question. It is within our grasp. You think the rapture is not clearly defined in scripture. That is because you have not read and worked through Rapture: Case Closed? Read it and see if you still believe what you believe now. I have faith that if a national discussion takes place with RCC? as the centerpiece of discussion, we can move beyond this division and come to the unity that Jesus prayed for in John 17:21.

  16. Nelson, I seem to recall you have a list of the pastors/teachers to whom you have sent the book. If so, can you post it? Thanks

    It will be interesting to see if any of the recipients mentions it. I wonder if these three read the book.

    1. Jeanne, if you wonder if specific pastors/leaders are on the list, I’d be happy to let you know. Just email me. Jan Markell received the book, the other two were not on the list of the 1000 most influential leaders in America.

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