Will Jesus return after “TWO DAYS?”

There is a verse in Hosea that may seem to indicate that Jesus could return 2000 years after his resurrection in the first century. Is this date setting or biblically sound prophecy? We present all the evidence here so you can be the judge. Will Jesus return after “two days”? It is something every Christian should be aware of and consider.

I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on this.



The video recommends an additional link to the Great Creation Prophecy which is  http://www.thegospelintheendtimes.com/pictures-of-end-times-in-the-bible/creation-narrative-prophecy/


16 thoughts on “Will Jesus return after “TWO DAYS?””

  1. Luke 13:32 And He said to them, “Go, tell that fox, ‘Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I shall be perfected.’

    This was a good week before His crucifixion, yet many still think that is what He was talking about. Not so. He was telling us when He will return. God is master at hiding treasures in plain sight.

    Jubilee 4:30 And he [Adam] lacked seventy years of one thousand years; for one thousand years are as one day in the testimony of the heavens and therefore was it written concerning the tree of knowledge: ‘On the day that you eat thereof you shall die.’ For this reason he did not complete the years of this day; for he died during it.

    Luke 17:22 Then He said to the disciples, “The days will come when you will desire to SEE one of the DAYS of the Son of Man, and you will not see it.

  2. Joshua might contain another clue. Joshua 3:3-4, KJV:

    “And they commanded the people, saying, When ye see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God, and the priests the Levites bearing it, then ye shall remove from your place, and go after it. Yet there shall be a space between you and it, about two thousand cubits by measure: come not near unto it, that ye may know the way by which ye must go: for ye have not passed this way heretofore.”

    In context: When Israel was to finally enter Canaan after forty years in the desert, the Ark of the Covenant had to go first – symbol of God going first, before them, showing them the way. Then the people had to follow at a distance – exactly two thousand cubits. All the way until the Ark and the carrying priests were standing in the dried up Jordan, so God having opened & prepared the way for them into the promised land.

    I heard this in a sermon long ago. The preacher explained that converting cubits to meters was not good exegesis; it was about the number two thousand – signifying Christ was to enter first (ascension), prepare the way for us and showing it to us, during two thousand “somethings”, before we were to follow him (rapture). With the somethings being identified as years, this would make two thousand years between ascension and rapture.

    This is in good accordance with the two-days texts above, when combined with “a day is a thousand years”. Maybe other readers can dig up more of these two-thousand references, if there are any.

    Nelson, please check out Joshua 3 in the Septuagint. I am curious to hear whether that is in accordance with the above.

    I heard all this way before AD 2000, which is why I never took seriously all the claims that the rapture would be that year. It made much more sense to me that it would be two thousand years after Jesus’ ascension, hence around 2033, than two thousand years after his coming into this world, which would have been around AD 1995.

    I would never bet my life on this though, I am aware of all the dangers of date setting! Even if you would try that: there is some uncertainty and difference of opinion on the exact birth and death years of Jesus, let alone dates. So we cannot be totally exact either. It is even within the limits of uncertainty of these years that Jesus could have been forty years of age at his death & ascension. This would fit neatly to the forty years of Israel in the desert between the exodus and their crossing the Jordan. But I might be stretching things here – both literally and figuratively…

    1. Adamant, Numbers in scripture could be random, but I doubt it. It seems they always carry a symbolic purpose of one sort of the other. I like what you uncovered here, this is something I’ve not noticed before. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. The pastor’s interpretation seems likely.

  3. I’ve wondered about this for a while. 🙂 I think I asked a question about this two-day concept a while back on one of your entries.

  4. nelson I saw your interview with Rabbi Walker about your book rapture case closed
    and you showed a new book simplifying the rapture when it goes on sale

    1. THanks Isaias. I enjoy speaking with Rabbi Walker, he’s a learned man. Simplifying the Rapture will go on sale in the fall. The next new book will be “70 TIMES 7” about the 70 Weeks Prophecy in Daniel. It will be available in a month or so.

  5. Great stuff, Nelson! I will be praying for this blog, that the cyber attacks would stop. Good to know yours is one of the top Christian blogs. I’m not surprised it is under attack since it is concerned with a very important subject, the return of Jesus, and Satan does not want us to be prepared.

    Blessings to you,

  6. Hey Nelson, Howard Bass emailed me and asked if I would post his following comment for him because he was blocked for some reason….could still be the same issue from earlier? Anyway, this is from Howard:

    “Hello Nelson. Thanks for bringing up another prophetic outlook to the Scriptural evidence and clues. I agree with you, too, that Jesus’s death and resurrection was in 30AD, but I would say in April, since it was during Passover.

    Yeshua/Jesus also gave the sign of the fig tree as a ‘time-marker’ in His outline of the sequence of events leading up to His return in the Olivet Discourse. The figtree which He cursed is the same Israel that is the sign near to the end and fulfilment of those things He spoke of, when He comes again at the end of the age! He says that the generation that sees the fig tree blossom will see the fulfillment of all of the signs.

    Israel is about to celebrate its 70th year; there can not be too many more — 10? 12? — till His return, with all of the other things in between. This also connects with Ps 90, the psalm of Moses, which mentions the day as 1000 years, when he writes about the length of a man’s life! Israel, like the Church, is a corporate entity to YHVH, made up of individuals.”

    1. Sam, thanks for posting Howard’s comment, YES we continue to struggle under cyber attack. After we were named a top 25 Christian blog, we became a target. Prayer for protection would be helpful.

      Howard, in reply, yes, it is interesting that 80 years after the leaves first appear on the fig tree, is approximately the same date as given in this article. I don’t think its good to date set, HOWEVER, being alert and prepared is a great idea. BTW, congratulations to your nation. We are praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

      1. Ah, I thought it was my phone, just to say Nelson, but very often on my mobile the comment section doesn’t appear, and I have to go to a pc.
        Its actually working today, will finish watching the programme now.

  7. Great video Nelson and something I’ve thought of before although not from the Hosea passage.
    Instead I’ve thought of it from Luke 10:30-36, the parable of the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan promises to return, but pays the innkeeper 2 denarii (2 days wages). All this after he cared for the man, providing bandages, oil, and wine.
    I’m probably making quite a stretch with this parable, but it’s fun to speculate and you make a much more convincing argument than I do. Thanks for all and shalom!

  8. Great video Nelson! I believe you are really onto something with the Hosea reference. I brought this up with a convinced pre-trib blog brother, and he did not offer an explanation for the clear use of harpazo in Hosea. I would stick to this point and continue to drive it home, many thanks, and email sent!

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