10 thoughts on “Nelson Appears on Joel Richardson’s “the Underground””

  1. Nelson,
    Great interview. Tremendous book. The one thing that is not touched on is that your book is an excellent guide for those believers who are struggling to become the elect. It truly is a type of treasure map which believers can dig into, mind, and find a golden nugget, which becomes an incentive to dig deeper for the truth. To become part of the Elect is to place God first in all things. The first commandment is very specific….have no gods before me. Taking the mark of the beast is branding oneself as a worshipper of Satan. It is also insulting God by giving credit of the creation of his own image and likeness to Satan, rather than the Creator.
    Extremely happy to have found your website. You are blessed.

    1. Your statement actually is the definition of “elect” Johan. It is a difficult concept, though, far beyond the scope of this comment section. Christians have debated back and forth about how personal choice figures into election. When Ken said “become the elect,” I took it to mean become the type of person worthy of God’s election. To live a life controlled by the Spirit of God.

    1. To God’s elect, exiles scattered throughout the provinces of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia, who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, TO BE OBEDIENT TO CHRIST (emphasis mine) and sprinkled with his blood: 1 Peter

  2. Nelson, what is the difference between the ‘Leaders Edition’ and the version we will be able to buy this October ‘ish. I feel the reason the bible is being unlocked nowdays is because individual people are reading it in large groups via the internet instead of ‘Leaders’ doing it for us. The RCC has been teaching their interpretation of the bible for centuries and look where it’s gotten them & many followers – so many unbiblical beliefs, traditions & practices to count. I no longer trust any of the so called enlightened teachers & leaders to instruct me about the bible anymore – I just need great researchers/guides like you to point me in the right direction or open my eyes to prophecy I haven’t noticed yet.

    1. My current plan is to make both editions available so that if you want to buy an edition to give away to a pastor, you’ll choose the leadership edition and if you want one for yourself you’ll choose the mass market edition. The leadership edition discusses the responsibility of leaders, the mass market will discuss those same issues from the perspective of someone in the pews. The mass market edition will also have a bonus chapter not included in the leadership edition which will examine a case study on the possibility of the Rapture occurring on Yom Teruah. I have chosen to not include this chapter in the leadership edition because it is enough for them to digest the material in the main section of the book.

      As far as leaders go, Jesus calls us to be servant leaders; to serve those we lead. This is the attitude of Christ. Some of our current leaders are this way, some are not and are self centered. It is like any other facet of life. Perhaps this book will reveal who falls into each category and maybe we can pray, some will change to be more Christ-like. God is in charge of these things.

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