Nelson Walters on Joel’s Trumpet

You can now buy the book Are We Ready For Jesus as a part of a “bundle” of products on the website Joel’s Trumpet, the web home of Bible teacher Joel Richardson. The bundle is called “The Rapture and the Return of Jesus Bundle.” (BUY HERE) and includes:

In my opinion these are all great resources. I did a movie review of Endtimes Eyewitness earlier in the  year.  You can click on the link above to view it.

Joel and I also taped a discussion he and I had for his TV show “The Underground.” We discussed the immigrant crisis and other topics you may find interesting. This interview will appear on Joel’s site before the end of the year. I will alert you when the interview is available.

2 thoughts on “Nelson Walters on Joel’s Trumpet”

  1. Nelson, is the promo code for the book still valid, or is it only a one-time offer? I purchased one book initially with the promo code, but it appears to be invalid now. Thanks – Jeanne

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