Rapture Civil War

The Church is fighting a Rapture Civil War. In this article, we explain why each side acts the way it does and suggest a possible solution.

One look at the internet today will reveal dozens of posts where brothers and sisters are “fighting” and “arguing” about the return of Jesus – specifically about the timing of that return. How can the event we call the Blessed Hope be the cause of such conflict?

This ministry wanted to understand that issue in a deeper way. So we undertook informal surveys of six different websites dedicated to discussion of the Rapture. Some were dedicated to discussing only one Rapture theory (Pretrib., Prewrath, or Post-Trib.) and some were sites where followers of all the theories debate back and forth about this topic.

The results of this survey were eye-opening to me and led me to a conclusion as to how we might end this civil war. Watch the following video to find out.

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7 thoughts on “Rapture Civil War”

    1. donal, we disagree on most things. 1 Thess. 4:16-17 is pretty clear that the saints meet Jesus in the clouds in the air. Hard to do that from the ground. However you are correct that the Israelites who are not raptured return to the Holy land by foot, camel and boat. Also, in order to determine the Hebrew equivalent, check out the Septuagint Greek OT and look at the equivalent word in the Hebrew OT. In Hos. 5:15 the Hebrew equivalent to harpazo is taraph. Look it up.

  1. Thank you for your thought provoking message. I, too, live in North Carolina. I know all about the storms you are talking about.
    Please tell more about this “preparing” for what’s coming…pre-wrath, or the post rapture. How do we prepare? All I know is that I must be prepared spiritually, day by day. How else can we prepare ourselves to face pure evil? I truly would like to know…is it by hoarding food, guns, or perhaps, moving to the desert? How does one prepare for facing evil, other than being prepared spiritually?
    The Scripture teaches us to trust in the Lord…completely. It also tells us to take no thought of tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. Jesus…simply trusting in Him, is taught throughout the pages of the Bible. So, again…respectfully, I ask you…how else does one “prepare” for the evil that’s coming?
    You are correct in your observation of the rapture debate. I hear a lot of hateful, “teachers of God’s Word” spewing disrespectful comments back and forth. There is one in particular that I refuse to listen to any longer. His attack on the pre-triber’s is out-right hateful. It’s a shame. As you can probably surmise, I lean toward a pre-trib rapture. I am open about a pre-wrath rapture. I honestly see both sides of this debate, however, I cannot erase the fact that throughout the Scriptures we are taught to trust…completely! All throughout the Word we are admonished to trust in Jesus. We are taught not to worry. We are taught He cares for us. We are taught He will never leave or forsake us. We are always encouraged to trust, not worry…in everything!!! Perhaps, Pastor J.D. Farag is correct in his assumption that it’s a satanic attack. I did not hear him calling out any specific names, rather, he said that pre-triber’s are under satanic attack. The divisiveness is real. I do understand why so many believe in the pre-trib rapture of the church.
    So, I am asking respectfully…how else does one prepare? I know Jesus as my Lord and Master. I seek Him daily. I find He’s always been faithful and I trust Him…so, what else is there to do in order to prepare?



    1. Kathy, I love your attitude. Let me give you a short answer and then a longer answer. The short answer is a chapter in my latest book Simplifying the Rapture is all about preparation and I am convinced that I need to do a video series on exactly this subject. So keep an eye open. If you subscribe to the YouTube channel, you’ll see the videos when they are eventually produced. I’m in the process of writing them now.

      In terms of a longer, more immediate answer, Loving Jesus and loving your neighbor is always the basis for all preparation. So it looks like you’re on your way. Now there are three methods of preparation, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical. All three stem first out of an understanding that Christians might face the Tribulation period, and even if they don’t, the birth pangs before that period may be nearly as severe where you and I are. Certainly those in the Middle East under ISIS have experienced Great Tribulation like events. In fact, Megas, the word for Great means big or widespread, so the Great Trib. will be like what we saw but nearly world-wide. Knowing that you will likely face that type of oppression and accepting it as God’s good and perfect will for your life is a crucial step. Anyone who doesn’t believe that God could call them to suffer or die doesn’t really trust or love Jesus, do they?

      Preparation is not about “us” but about others. Jesus is coming back! If we see those days, we will be less than 3.5 years from the return of the king. We want as many “weaker” brothers and sisters to be saved prior to that date as well. So everything we do during that period needs to be focused on bringing as many into the Kingdom as possible (just as it is now).

      Let me give you an example. We know Satan is going to persecute the Jews horribly and he is going to do that first before he turns his attention on Christians (see Rev. 12:11-17). What should we be doing about that “then?” and in contrast, what should we be doing about that “now” so we’re ready to react “then?” Should we be planning places were we could hide Jews in our homes like in WWII? Should we be making friends of Jews now so we are networked with them for then. (Obviously we should be reaching out to them anyway!). Etc.

      The same thing goes for famine, war, deception, martyrdom – all the things that will mark the endtimes. How can we prepare now, spiritually, emotionally, and physically to serve the world who has not prepared. Jesus has given us wonderful instructions for that period in the Bible, but because the majority of the church acts like a “safe space,” it never gets talked about.

      The fact you are asking this question, a person who obviously loves the Lord, pinpoints the weakness of our church leadership. We are all “sleeping” virgins as it says in Matt. 25:5. The saved and unsaved. Our leadership is not preparing us. And that is the call of Him on my life.

    2. Kathy, I do want to bring up J.D. Farag, because you did and there is a personal connection to this. And you are mistaken. Listen carefully to J.D.’s comments. He does not say pretribbers are under attack, he said “The Pretrib.” (the doctrine) is under attack.

      J.D.’s comments came 10 days after my ministry raised money to print and send copies of my book Rapture: Case Closed? to the 1000 most influential leaders of the Christian church. Accompanying my book was a call for all denominations and seminaries to come together in an academic forum on the rapture issue much as the first century church met to solve the issue of letting gentiles in. Not to accept the proofs in my book, but to answer the Rapture question as a church. Although a hundred of these leaders responded in thanks for the book, none accepted the challenge to work together to solve the issue once and for all. Not one – zero out of a thousand. I think that is telling, don’t you?

      So J.D.’s comments came in the context of my book being received. Now that doesn’t make my book the impetus for J.D.’s comments (and Jan Markell told me it wasn’t), however, if you listen to J.D. again, you’ll see what he was saying was horrible. He said, in essence, that it is Satanic to even question the Pretrib. Rapture theory because it causes confusion among those that believe this – as if it is heresy to question it. He didn’t discuss the manner of the questioning, just the very act of questioning it as if it’s dogma like the divinity of Jesus. Those are very strong words. After his statement, J.D. and Jan were personally challenged by Alan Kurschner to an public discussion of Prewrath and Pretrib. which J.D. and Jan declined to do. Alan, then suggested that Mark Hitchcock (noted pretrib. teacher) join them and he declined as well.

      So in combination, these three things: 1) not preparing your flock for what might happen, 2) calling out those who even question your doctrine (not dogma) to insulate your flock, and 3) then refusing to defend it publicly does not make Jesus smile.

      What makes this worse is that it is a salvation issue, not for those who are already saved, but the vast number of unsaved in every church (who only think they’re Christians) and the unsaved outside the church who the saved could reach if they were prepared. If J.D. is wrong, he is putting all those folks’ eternal destiny in jeopardy. And for what purpose? Only he can answer why he doesn’t want a free, open and respectful discussion.

      And it’s not just J.D. He had nothing to do with the removal of the radio host from the air. Individuals who are even more well known than J.D. were behind that – and all because it caused questions to be asked about what God’s Word truly says. I believe if you really believed the Pretrib. was the truth, you’d defend it till the cows came home and put the questions to rest. Their not defending it and even trying to silence it’s opponents (even respectful ones) makes me wonder about their actual motives.

      Neither side of the Rapture Civil War are beyond reproach, that’s because it is an unrighteous war. What we need is a coming together. I bet you’d agree.

      1. Dear Brother Nelson Walters…

        Kind Sir…

        First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I sincerely appreciate it. Truly, I do.
        I enjoy your many articles that arrive to me by way of e-mail. I watched you with Joel Richardson and thoroughly enjoyed your input. As far as I’m concerned, the fact that you live in North Carolina gives you some extra brownie points…lol.

        When it comes to the big debate regarding the rapture…at times the bickering back and forth becomes shameful. I agree…neither side of the Rapture Civil War are beyond reproach.

        Because we are living in the last days, we find this on-going debate regarding the timing of the rapture. I find it exciting to be living in the last days, and I know you do also. I’d like to think that most people today want to know the truth written in Scripture, rather than assuming that what they’ve been taught all of their lives is truth. Me, included. With all that’s been unfolding around the world, I definitely want to make sure my eschatology is in line with what the Bible teaches.

        With regards to the Church of 2018…the church has dropped the ball dealing with many important issue’s that we face today. Many of our churches never mention the soon return of Jesus. I have difficulty understanding why sin is no longer called sin, as it’s now called, a “mistake”…the church today is found wanting. Many believers and unbelievers know that something is going on in the world. People are searching as they know something is not right in our world today. We certainly cannot pretend things are going to get any better. About 5-6 years ago, I had to ask myself some serious questions regarding persecution…if I am indeed ready to have my neck cut off for Jesus. I believe with all my heart I am ready. With that being said, I have prepared myself as much as I know how. We are called to be salt and light, and to share the Good News of the Gospel. We are called to love one another. Through my quest to re-evaluate what I know regarding Pre-Trib/Pre-Wrath rapture, I keep returning to the truth I find written throughout every page of His Word. Woven graciously throughout Scripture is one important truth that our Heavenly Father continually requires from each one of us…TRUST. I am not called to live one day ahead in the future. I am admonished in Scripture not to worry about the future. I believe “complete trust” is a fundamental key issue in the factoring in of the doctrine of the Pre-Trib rapture. What is perceived as passivity or just “asleep” is not always the case. Perhaps, it’s a “secure rest” mistaken for apathy. Secure rest is something Jesus promised to those who would follow Him. In Scripture we are admonished over and over about trust, rest, peace and where to find it. We are also warned over and over about fretting, and worrying about tomorrow.
        I cannot get any more prepared than I am today. I’ve been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. He is my Savior. I am eagerly waiting and watching for His return. We are living in the days that Jesus talked about. If anything it ought to spur us onto loving one another, uniting together as we view the finish line just up ahead. It appears the opposite is happening. Why? Well, Jesus warned us about such division creeping into our churches, and our homes. For many of us, we are witnessing our loved ones grow cold and cynical. It’s truly heartbreaking, yet, it’s exactly what Jesus said would happen. We are all called to fulfill the Great Commission. The preparation you mention is the same as it was 2000 years ago. He wants us to be “fishers of men”…this is how we prepare people for the future.
        As far as debating goes, if we’re not careful, debating can pivot one against another. It can easily divide us if it’s not done with a desire to understand and learn with a listening heart. Otherwise, it’s just an organized argument with an audience.

        These are just some of my thoughts. North Carolina is a beautiful state and we blessed to live here. I apologize if I’ve rambled on and on. Thank you once again for taking the time to respond to my questions. I respect your work and I certainly enjoy reading your articles. One thing is for certain…Jesus is coming and we will be in reverent AWE whenever we meet Him. We must press on with the Good News of the Gospel. In Jesus name, press on!


        1. Kathy, Nice comment. And you are 90% correct that the preparation for the End Times is the same as preparation for Christians everyday – with just a couple exceptions. If you follow Joel, you probably have most of this down pat, but your church, friends and neighbors probably don’t. The status quo will likely change and we need to prepare as a church. 1) we need know how to identify the Antichrist in order to resist him, 2) we need to prepare in advance for the coming famines like Joseph, 3) we need to plan to assist the unsaved Jews when persecution hits them first, 4) we need to recognize that the Letters to the Churches of Revelation are End Time instructions associated with each seal, 5) the church is made up of wheat and tares, but there is still time for those we think are tares to be discipled into wheat! I could list more, but preparation means knowing what could take place in our lifetimes and being ready for it. I trust Jesus completely. But trusting him means doing everything we can and and trusting him for those things that are beyond our ability to do. I trust Jesus but I put up my hurricane shutters for Florence.

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