Rev. 3:10 and Rapture Timing

Lately, I have seen almost daily arguments on the internet about Rev.  3:10 and Rapture timing. After reading dozens of brief online opinions from every side of this disagreement,  I decided to do an analysis of the CONTEXT of this verse. Hopefully this will be eye-opening and may clear up some confusion.

Context is usually ignored in this discussion, but context is the determining factor in what any BIble verse means. If we look at it out of context, we can generally make it mean anything we want to – and that is exactly what has happened with Rev. 3:10 and rapture timing. Why else would both pretrib. and post-trib. supporters quote the same verse in defense of their positions?

Now although this video demonstrates that the context of Rev. 3:10 actually strongly supports a Prewrath Rapture (as all Rapture proofs do), I don’t believe it PROVES a Prewrath position.  I don’t think Rev. 3:10 proves any position.

HOW TO USE THIS VIDEO: Therefore, I don’t suggest any of us use this analysis to try and “offensively” prove any rapture position. Rather I suggest using it “defensively.” If someone else says Rev. 3:10 supports a pretrib. or post-trib. position, kindly share this video and show them why this might not be so.

I also wanted to publish a new analysis because my own personal opinion of this verse has changed over the last five years. I have written blogs on this topic before, and I wanted to give our readers my most current understanding.

So I recorded this brief video below. I’ve found videos are a wonderful way to visualize a passage of scripture. (And videos force me to be succinct!) This video is also available on my YouTube channel. (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS). Be sure to subscribe to this channel as well. I sometimes don’t do a blog about every video, so subscribing allows you to see things not always found on this site.

If you agree with the videos conclusions, feel free to copy its YouTube link into any discussion you may have on the internet about this topic. IMO, the context of Rev. 3:10 is WAY too complex to discuss on Facebook without a video .


2 thoughts on “Rev. 3:10 and Rapture Timing”

  1. Do you have insight how the historical Philadelphia was delivered?

    As to the video, I am in agreement to the patient waiting and persecution and the taking before the day of wrath but my question is that this seems to be a reward for obedience to the overcomers in Philadelphia but don’t all saints experience the resurrection before the day of wrath? Or is it blessed is he that has part in the first resurrection as opposed to the second resurrection at the white throne judgement where it seems we find those saints who were not worthy to reign with Him the 1000 years as well as the unbelievers. It says, “If any one was not found written in the book of life he was cast into the lake of fire”. This seems to say many present will be found in book of life and not cast into lake of fire.

    1. Thanks for the comment Alan. First, I don’t have knowledge about how the historic Philadelphia was delivered. However, as I wrote in Revelation Deciphered, the primary purpose of this letter is prophetic not an historic epistle. Ignatius wrote a scathing letter condemning Philadelphia, but Revelation’s letter finds them blameless. Rather, as I think you know Alan, I believe each of the letters correspond to each of the 7 seals. Which means Philadelphia is the church of the sixth seal – right before the resurrection/rapture. So for me, what happened to the historic city (unbelievers) probably isn’t all that relevant. However, I have an open mind. Feel free to share what you know about this aspect with our readers.

      Second, you ask a very good question about the “reward” aspect (‘because you have kept my word of patient endurance’). Because there is no puncuation in the passage, this conditional passage could refer to the verse before it or after it! And many scholars believe it relates the the previous phrase, that Jesus will cause those of the synagogue of satan to bow before the saints because of their patient endurance. However, if you read this carefully, however, this would cause it to say ‘I have loved you because you have kept my word of patient endurance.’ IMO this isn’t likely because Jesus’s love is non-conditional. However, this phrase is hotly debated and isn’t clearly understood, so I chose to avoid it in this short video.

      Third, you do bring up the point about why only overcomers in Philadelphia are rescued. IMO, only Revelation Deciphered provides a logical answer to this question. If each of the letters to the churches reprsent THE Church as she endures and overcomes each of the seals, well then this makes perfect sense. This places the rescue right after the sixth seal which is exactly where it will happen as per the prewrath theory. I highly recommend you pick up the book or re-read the sections about the seven churches as it is a 100 page section. I think once you read it, you’ll agree with the prophetic parallels with the seals.

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