The Matt. 13:33 Plan

Jesus taught that his Kingdom will advance WITHIN the Church like yeast through dough. How can you and I impact the Church in a “Matt. 13:33” way?

In the previous article,  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW ARTICLE), we announced a brand new FREE DVD project, “Dawn of New Day: The Timing of Christ’s Return and Why It Matters,” a series of 8 short videos and 9 short bonus videos about the event our church calls the Rapture.

It’s our hope and prayer that this video project will be a means that we can use to leaven the church. If you want to view this FREE series in it’s entirety, CLICK HERE

WHY Hide the Leaven?

The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three pecks of flour until it was all leavened (Matt. 13:33)

This short parable is specifically about how The Kingdom advances within individuals and within the Church. It is not about external growth like many of Jesus’s other parables, but about change from within.

In the previous  article, we discussed what may be the greatest problem in the church today: not knowing whether or not Christians will face the Tribulation and the Antichrist, and not knowing whether we need to prepare. Let’s examine this issue by watching the first video in the DVD, Dawn of a New Day: The Timing of Christ’s Return and Why it Matters.

As this video points out,  everything won’t just “pan out” if today’s Christians have to face the persecution and deception of the Antichrist.

This is a critical message that is poorly understood and needs to be communicated. Please take 15 seconds and do just that by hitting the “share” button on the video and share this across all your social media platforms.

HOW Can We Hide Leaven?

If you hit “share,” you have already hidden some leaven.  “Leaven” is the Word of God  in the form of Bible passages featured in the video that invisibly break down the “sugary” beliefs within our churches, just as yeast breaks down sugar in bread dough. This transforms those beliefs by aligning them with the Word.

This DVD series has been designed to simply and visually do just that with literally hundreds of Bible passages buried within the 17 videos of the series.  However, just as the woman in Jesus’s parable, we need to “hide” the leaven in the “loaf.”

We can hide the leaven but only God’s Spirit can activate it and make it spread throughout the loaf. If you hit “share,” please take another moment to pray that God’s Spirit saves the unsaved who view it and opens of the eyes of those blind to what is true within the video.


All of our human efforts are worthless without the Holy Spirit. If we do not abide in the vine, which is Jesus, we can accomplish nothing.

The internet is a vast loaf and God’s Word is the leaven we hide. But to reach all the corners of the loaf, we may need to hide leaven more than once.  If you think this message is crucial enough to share once, plan to share this video one more time this week.

Those Most Important to You

Second, who is important to you that needs to hear this message? A link may not be sufficient to guarantee these people (pastors, family members, friends) hear the message. It is easy to ignore a link. It is much more difficult to ignore a physical gift.

That’s why we made a physical DVD available at our cost ($12) on Amazon. If there is someone who needs to experience this DVD, order a few copies to give away.  And follow-up with them. Everyone has questions. If you can’t answer them yourself, ask us, we will be happy to provide answers.


Church Leadership

Finally, you are probably wondering about the leadership of the Church in America. How are we planning to reach them? I’m sure it is as disturbing to you as it is to us to hear radio preachers consistently present a false narrative of end time events as if it is biblical.

We learned from the distribution of the book Rapture: Case Closed? that Church leadership is resistant to considering new ideas from the Word that contradict their traditions.

So the leadership of The Gospel in the End Times are reaching out to influential leaders on a one-on-one basis. This allows all conversations to be personal and private, and it also permits follow-up.

Don’t expect wild announcements from this ministry even if a prominent radio host or ministry leader changes their position on the Rapture. This will be private and personal. How any of these leaders choose to react will be between them and our Lord. We are only “leaven hiders.”

The Next Installment

In the next installment, we will we will examine one of the most controversial and seminal questions in the Rapture debate: “Did God promise to keep Christians from the Tribulation period?”

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