The Rapture Question Made Easy

This video explores a super important question, “Should we prepare to face Antichrist even if one is pretrib?”

It also examines a simple proof based on the timing of the Wrath of God to show proper rapture timing. So can we actually make the rapture question easy?

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9 thoughts on “The Rapture Question Made Easy”

  1. Hi Nelson,
    very nicely done, thanks.
    I have some other thoughts on the timing of the wrath. I’m a reformed pre-trib guy and now see the rapture somewhere in the middle.
    I agree with your thought about the sixth seal looking like the possible rapture timing but the comments about the wrath of God “is come,” are spoken by the fearful people on earth.

    they see the trouble coming and are rightfully afraid.

    I lean toward the passages further into the tribulation period. At the end of the seven trumpets, chapter eleven, the bowls of wrath are about to be poured out.

    As these scenes play out, the proclamation comes from Heaven, not from the earth. It seems the 24 elders declare the wrath is about to begin.

    None of us look forward to enduring the seven trumpets, but I think that fits a little better.

    Not looking forward to that possibility but it takes us to the end of the witness of the two prophets and then the full empowerment of the A.C.

    I think it fits the warning given by Jesus in Matthew 24 also. Now it’s time to run (paraphrase)

    just some thoughts.

    1. Clay, thanks for your thoughts. They are interesting thoughts, but I don’t agree with them.

      First, because God’s Word is not deceptive, it will not say a certain time is the beginning of God’s wrath and it not be so! God desires us to “dig” into his word, but he does not deceive. And that would be deception on a grand scale.

      Second, Rev. 15:1 states, “Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and marvelous, seven angels who had seven plagues, which are THE LAST, because in them the wrath of God is FINISHED.” If the bowls are the last, something else was the first. If the wrath of God is finished with them, it started earlier.

      These are both pretty simple concepts. And the best proofs are simple because God wants everyone to understand his word who reads it.

      I also found it interesting that you mentioned the elders claim the bowls start God’s Wrath. I don’t know this scripture. I am assuming you mean Rev. 11:16-18 “And the twenty-four elders, who sit on their thrones before God, fell on their faces and worshiped God, saying, “We give You thanks, O Lord God, the Almighty, who are and who were, because You have taken Your great power and have begun to reign. And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath came, and the time came for the dead to be judged, and the time to reward Your bond-servants the prophets and the saints and those who fear Your name.”

      This passage from the NASB seems to be translated correctly, “your wrath came.” This passage primarily uses aorist verbs which are in the most difficult tense for English speakers to translate. I recommend Mathewson, “Intermediate Greek Grammar.” He claims there are 8 possible meanings of the aorist tense depending on context. On page 123-4 you’ll see use #7 which is for a series of actions that occur over a period of time. This is exactly what we see in Rev. 11:16-18. The KJV and NKJV do an especially poor job translating this passage (IMO) and this is source of many errors about the timing of the Wrath of God. If the KJV were correct, I’d agree with you immediately.

      I have found Mathewson an amazing help and he is my “go to” Greek grammar source.

      1. Hi Nelson,
        thanks for the tip about the Mathewson resource.

        sorry for the long response. We both have lots to do, so I will make this a one time thing.

        God bless you in your efforts to instruct and inform, by the way.

        I agree that the NASB is a very good translation.

        Of course the Lord desires we dig into his word. I have and will continue to do so until the Lord comes or I take my last breath.

        His Word is not deceptive in any way. I would never suggest that it is nor would I take a position that suggests that.

        God’s Word requires careful study. There are many passages which do appear confusing. Hard work is often needed to dig, compare, and study context.

        Deception is never God’s work, that is the work of the enemy. I don’t promote any deception on a grand scale as you imply.

        The kings of the earth say the wrath is come. Can you remember any times in scripture in which any person, being, or group said something that wasn’t true? things recorded in scripture can be false if they are spoken by the wrong character.

        A snake in the garden was the first to do so…Eve also quoted incorrectly…there are numerous occasions of false statements in the scriptures. God’s Word records what happened or what will happen. That’s not deception, its recording the facts.

        In Chapter six, the kings of the earth will claim the wrath has come. Should we believe them? I guess we can if we want.

        Your preferred translation, a good one, of Rev. 15:1 makes the point I was bringing up.
        A lot transpires in the seven years. I believe the seals and trumpets are successive. I think you believe they overlap. I may be remembering incorrectly.

        At the time of 15:1, the bowls have not been poured out.

        They are being announced. They are the completion of the wrath of God. Can the first bowl be the start and the last bowl be the completion?
        I think that is possible. I don’t see that as deceptive, it’s an interpretation I am studying but have not settled upon.

        I know you don’t agree with that, but I am not choosing a deceptive position.

        In chapter 14 we have an angel preaching the gospel to world…I believe many more will receive Christ when the announcement comes.

        The world also receives another warning against taking the mark of the beast. If all have received and thus are unable to be saved, why give the warning. That might be seen as deceptive.

        In 14:12 we see an encouragement to the patient saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus…

        All this and more is taking place after chapter six. If the wrath is already poured out and the angels are still preaching the Gospel and people are warned not to take the mark and the saints are encouraged to hang on a little longer…maybe the wrath of God hasn’t started yet.

        That’s what I’m leaning toward but I haven’t settled there yet.

        I’m not deceived nor do I promote deception. I’m studying and preparing as you are.

        I hope you are right and we leave this place before the trumpets begin…but if you are wrong, I promise I won’t call you deceptive on a grand scale 🙂

        Your fellow servant in the Lord, to Him be the Glory, not to any of us.

        1. Yes, a long comment. I will try to answer each in turn.

          1) Rev. 6:16-17; first notice Jesus is seen coming (on the clouds) on his throne. If you read Rapture Case Closed, you’ll see that Rev. 6:12-17 is an exact 6 for 6 match of events with Matt. 24:29-30. This is an incredibly key point. Matt 24:29-31 does not equal Rev. 19:11-15; they are not the same events.

          2) God has chosen two sets of witnesses to tell of the timing of his wrath. First the martyrs say when it isn’t (“when will you begin to judge and avenge”); and then everyone on earth asks to be hidden from the face of Jesus and then the inhabitants announce the Great Day (Day of the Lord) of their wrath “has come.” This is aorist indicative signaling the beginning of an action. Notice it isn’t the kings but everyone who cries this out.

          3) Understanding this is the same events as Matt. 24:29-30 is key because of course that is the day of the Lord. So even if you don’t trust the inhabitants of the whole earth, you can trust Matt. 24.

          4) You miss the grammatical points of Rev. 15:1. If they (the bowls as a unit) are the last, something else had to be the first! It can’t be the first bowl is first because the entire group is said to be the last. The second half of the verse is similar it says “in them (as a unit)” the wrath of God is finished. Obviously then if something is finished with them as a unit, something else started the wrath.

          5) I believe the seals precede the trumpets precede the bowls (they are consecutive) just as scripture indicates.

          6) Chapters 10-14 are a separate vision section of Revelation and not part of the chronological storyline. Obviously Jesus’s birth in Rev. 12:1-5 isn’t part of the chronological story. Chapter 10 is the seven thunders, Chapter 11 is the Witnesses, Chapter 12 is the Dragon and the Woman, Chapter 13 is the Two Beasts. And Chapter 14 is the rapture section all of which takes place on the Day of the Lord. First the 144k Jewish first fruits are raptured, then the 3 angel witnesses, then the rapture, then the pouring out of the Wrath of God.

          The perfect match of Matt 24 with Rev. 6 (all six seals) is a key to understanding Rev. Notice Matt. 24 doesn’t include any trumpet or bowl judgments, a further sign that the rapture is prior to the Trumpets. Matt. 24’s wrath is seen in “Noah Section” Matt 24:36-42.

  2. Great report today about how your book has been received Nelson, an answer to many prayers! I am keeping lines of communication with pre-tribbers open, to gently steer them to your book. My brother in Alabama just got his today…his comment was “Nelson nailed it in Matthew 24”

    Right now, many pre-tribbers I talk with are shell shocked……I believe God will use this to open hearts and minds to a different paradigm than what they have been taught and are comfortable with as believers. I would love to hear more from those former pre-tribbers who have opened eyes….Shalom!

  3. You’re right Nelson, the whole church should be preparing for the antichrists persecution, sadly where i am, its not mentioned at all.

    In my friends denomination you have to ‘Pledge Allegiance’ to the pretrib to be able to minister in the pulpit. Its very frustrating.

    I don’t think any one can gainsay that verse from Job i mentioned a while back as to when the rapture is:

    So man lies down, and rises not TILL THE HEAVENS BE NO MORE, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep. 12v14

    Its clear that the heavens depart at the end of the tribulation, as Math 24 and Rev 6 bear witness to. Clearly pointing to the day of the Lord, that Peter tells the saints to look forward to and live for in 2 Pet ch3.

    I think that many of us ordinary Christians are very open to the things that God is revealing, the tuffy is our leadership, its good that folk like yourself will swim against the tide. I’m sure the Lord will open many doors for you.

  4. Another verse of great witness is Matt 24, which reveals a line of demarcation, indicating the last day of the tribulation has been completed and the first day of the Wrath of God has begun. Matt 37 then clarifies that the day of the coming of the Son of Man is also the day which begins the Wrath of the Lamb/God..the great flood analogy.

    On that very same day, the first resurrection and gathering of the elect occurs. This is the most important day in the consummation of redemption. It is three fold; AC tribulation ends, Jesus returns and gathers the elect, both dead and alive; the wrath of God begins.
    If people would just ponder the words spoken by Jesus over all scripture, the Truth becomes obvious.

  5. Good follow up Nelson to use Social Media to keep the Rapture Timing Question front and centre. Keep the video’s coming but with more focus on the Rapture Case Closed? project. It would be good to do interviews with pastors who have been impacted by receiving a free copy of your book. Don’t give up on praying and trying to get Christian media coverage. Ron

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