The Rapture Question Made Easy

This video explores a super important question, “Should we prepare to face Antichrist even if one is pretrib?”

It also examines a simple proof based on the timing of the Wrath of God to show proper rapture timing. So can we actually make the rapture question easy?

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5 thoughts on “The Rapture Question Made Easy”

  1. Great report today about how your book has been received Nelson, an answer to many prayers! I am keeping lines of communication with pre-tribbers open, to gently steer them to your book. My brother in Alabama just got his today…his comment was “Nelson nailed it in Matthew 24”

    Right now, many pre-tribbers I talk with are shell shocked……I believe God will use this to open hearts and minds to a different paradigm than what they have been taught and are comfortable with as believers. I would love to hear more from those former pre-tribbers who have opened eyes….Shalom!

  2. You’re right Nelson, the whole church should be preparing for the antichrists persecution, sadly where i am, its not mentioned at all.

    In my friends denomination you have to ‘Pledge Allegiance’ to the pretrib to be able to minister in the pulpit. Its very frustrating.

    I don’t think any one can gainsay that verse from Job i mentioned a while back as to when the rapture is:

    So man lies down, and rises not TILL THE HEAVENS BE NO MORE, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep. 12v14

    Its clear that the heavens depart at the end of the tribulation, as Math 24 and Rev 6 bear witness to. Clearly pointing to the day of the Lord, that Peter tells the saints to look forward to and live for in 2 Pet ch3.

    I think that many of us ordinary Christians are very open to the things that God is revealing, the tuffy is our leadership, its good that folk like yourself will swim against the tide. I’m sure the Lord will open many doors for you.

  3. Another verse of great witness is Matt 24, which reveals a line of demarcation, indicating the last day of the tribulation has been completed and the first day of the Wrath of God has begun. Matt 37 then clarifies that the day of the coming of the Son of Man is also the day which begins the Wrath of the Lamb/God..the great flood analogy.

    On that very same day, the first resurrection and gathering of the elect occurs. This is the most important day in the consummation of redemption. It is three fold; AC tribulation ends, Jesus returns and gathers the elect, both dead and alive; the wrath of God begins.
    If people would just ponder the words spoken by Jesus over all scripture, the Truth becomes obvious.

  4. Good follow up Nelson to use Social Media to keep the Rapture Timing Question front and centre. Keep the video’s coming but with more focus on the Rapture Case Closed? project. It would be good to do interviews with pastors who have been impacted by receiving a free copy of your book. Don’t give up on praying and trying to get Christian media coverage. Ron

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