Will God Allow Christians to Enter the Great Tribulation?

One of the most important questions facing the church is will God allow Christians to enter the Great Tribulation.

Why is this important? Jesus gave about two dozen specific commandments for the generation that does enter the Great Tribulation. If that turns out to be this generation currently attending our churches, it is probably the most important question facing the Church. We discussed this at length in the previous article and video. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it CLICK HERE.

Will God allow Christians to suffer? Of course. One walk thru a cancer ward tells us God doesn’t exempt us from all suffering. But will God allow the type of suffering that will take place during the Great Tribulation?

The following short video from the FREE DVD Dawn of a New Day answers this question and gives an easy to understand explanation of the what Tribulation is and what God’s Wrath is. Most important of all it explains when the Wrath of God begins according to the Bible.

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